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AJU is a great small school for those who really want to focus on what they're studying. Professors actually take the time to talk to you and you feel like you develop a relationship with them and this, in turn, helps you with what you're learning.
I have been at AJU for almost two years and can honestly say I love that I chose this college out of all the other school's I was looking at. AJU is a small arts and science college but that is one of the perks of attending this college. Being at a small college like AJU allows students to be able to have a real relationship with your advisor, professors, and create so many close friendships.
There are so many class choices and for your major as well
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I wish we had better security guards that were actually armed in case of emergency
You can apply for work study
I have made a lot of friends that I will stay friends with forever
Some issues take a long time to get resolved but once they do its great
We don't have Greek Life at AJU
Class sizes are small and easier to learn in.
I have not had any internships yet, although I know there are a lot of opportunities for them.
Business program. I definitely enjoy it, however, I am mostly taking intro level classes right now.
I had an amazing experience with the admissions process. The admissions team was very invested in the ease with which I was able to navigate through this process. I was treated as a person not a collection of numbers.
I am a freshmen so I have not really reached this level yet. However, many of the professors are still leaders in their respective fields, so I can imagine that would provide much assistance during the job application process.
My professors are for the most part amazing and passionate about teaching and very available to answer questions and deal with concerns.
The campus is really small, and although it is not gated and there is not really security to get in, it feels pretty safe.
LA has some of the best and most diverse food. You can find almost anything.
Not very many selections, there's only a few places on campus and off-campus food is pretty far away.
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There is no nightlife here. All the parties are in Hollywood or somewhere in the city
I have a few federal scholarships, but not nearly enough to cover my schools tuition
I live with my mom and I feel like I live with a room mate because we never seen each other.
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