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I have done my undergraduate schooling at AIC and am currently finishing up a graduate program. I have loved the past six years of living here and learning at this school. I have had the pleasure of meeting many different individuals as well as learn from many great professors. AIC has helped me grow into the person I am today and helped me also grow into a confident individual.
I love going to AIU it is a great school to study for any major it has a lot of options and allows you to go to school on campus and online.
i love the diversity! the classes are not over barring for the students such as myself that do not like the pressure of learning in big crowds and feeling less intelligent than others. i love that when your on campus you feel at home because everyone around you is super nice and open and full of information. plus the food is great! they have so many student activities to join and events to participate in.
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I really love the way intellipathis set up! I like all the professional staff! All the instructors are amazing! It's been an amazing experience!
Overall it’s a good school but I think it’s too expensive. Intellipath would probably be the hardest thing to do at times but once you get the hang of it.
I think this place is great! The staff is great, they are very friendly and helpful, dinning common is well equipped, everything is very clean and spacious, there is so much going around here. I really like it :)
My time at AIC so far has been unforgettable in all the best ways. The professors are amazing and are always there to help when needed. The classes are very well taught and organized in a way that everyone can be accommodated for. I am very honored to be apart of the college.
American International College is a small but very diverse school. The student teacher ratio in a classroom is about 14:1 in an average class which is very beneficial. The environment is very loving and even the staff treats the students as if they were family. Overall American International College is a great school to attend.
I came to American International College to play field hockey. I chose this school because I thought it was diverse and full of culture and I would find lots of friends. But I did not have the experience I was hoping for. I felt like this school is very segmented and divided.
I like how diverse AIC is. There are so many people here from all over the world my school has recruited. There are so many majors and minors my school has to offer, especially in the medical field which is what I am interested in.
They are hand a on college but my only concern is how high tuition for off campus is. I'm actually looking into transferring for next year.
My experience at the American International College was pretty good. I felt like I had 101 help with my professors and they were very helpful.If you're looking for a university that has small classes, then AIC is the right place for you. What I also liked about the school is the diversity because you're meeting people that are from different parts of the world
I am a freshman at American International College. My experience so far has been good. The education here is very good especially for my major which is accounting.
When I first got to AIC I loved how passionate the students were with their school spirit. They have a really good business program. I would like to see a change with in the staff such as residence life with the concerns of the student body.
The clubs here are very underdeveloped. There are little to no interesting on campus activities. The sports teams aren't that good. Many athletes do not receive their promised financial assistance. Poor dormitories. Very bad area, little security.
Smaller classrooms and great one on one communication. My experience from other Colleges, is that the classrooms are so big and overwhelming. AIC has a friendly atmosphere and that is why I have choosen this College as my number one.
i like the atmosphere and the admissions staff is very friendly and make the process very easy. they just take a while to receive and process stuff.
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I like how it is a small school. Professors learn your name quickly which creates a bond within the professor and student. The classes are small so that students can receive attention and guidance from the professor. Everyone knows everyone here since it is a small campus.
The Nursing program has phenomenal, educated, knowledgeable professors. It is preparing me to become a well versed and safe nurse. I cannot wait to graduate.
Attending college has been an overall learning experience, not just academically. The college grounds are maintained and welcoming. The buildings are clean but could use some updates. As in any system or business some alumni are approachable and encouraging while others are not.
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