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I did not take any classes online, I was mostly on campus. I believe that it would be very beneficial for the school to invest in more undergraduate online classes.
I loved the fact that it was a small school with intimate classroom sizes. I think the campus could have invested more in building strong employer relationships.
I took all my classes online and my professors were very accommodating. They had meetings every week and would talk with us after the lesson to see how we were holding up.
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I'd like to see better improvement on the dorms, they are rather bland brick buildings that are hot or cold depending on the time of the year.
It was a 10 above average on my scale an I think it’s a great school an any one should because the teachers are great an it’s just so amazing I love everything about it.
It was ver my helpful to me an I loved it. Thank to everyone it was wonderful I love the school the teacher an Counsling an helpful things online was amazing an at your own pace.
I love that the campus is small and the teachers are very attentive to their students. One thing I would change would be to increase the number of teachers per class, not every student can learn with the same teacher.
This school is great because its small, bad cause the area. the library is peaceful. and it is very diverse. The cafeteria food is good some days and some days it not good at all. The events on campus is really fun just no one goes to them.
I love the school so far. The environment and aura while living on campus is great. The students always show positive energy and there’s usually always an event to go to if students have nowhere to go on a day off.
AIC is a very good school. The majority of the students are athletes and we all go along very well. The counselors are very helpful and professors are very good.
What I like about American International College is that it is a relatively small campus where it is easy to find each recourse being offered. Also the size of the classroom is small where each person is noticed and able to learn and interact in the class. The college can improve on safety around its campus, a more intensive relationship between professor and student via email or in person.
The school is great. The online classroom works great. I have never had technical issues. It seems to run without issues.
So far, I have learned lots of interesting information in all my classes, and they've rekindled my love for learning. I feel as though I will be ready to enter the workforce as soon as I graduate and I will be able to make a solid living.
American International College has been great to me. The experience in engaging with students, gathering different cultures and ethnicity and bringing them together is awesome! They care about the students. They reach out throughout the semester. The offer many resources to help every student.
The experience was very well, my experience was a bit up and down. I wasn't very social so I had always been alone. But have manage to find some places to stay alone. it's very hard to focus in the school but that is my opinion.
This is my first semester as a transfer student in the RN-BSN program. I am a commuter and a sophomore.The Health Science building is brand new with comfy chairs and desks . I love that there is a Starbucks on Campus and my professors are very involved in my academic journey of becoming a Registered Nurse. There is a Student Nurse Association on campus which is great to meet new people, community service, and an extracurricular activity available for Nursing students to get involved.
Great experience. You really have to make your time at AIC worth living for and to get a great education.
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First and foremost, I'm a first time online student. Since being here at American Intercontinental University, I've experienced nothing but the best from staff. The entire faculty is willing to help you in any area you may need it. You learn based off your personal way of learning. So pretty much it is up to you how you learn the information. They also allow us to go back in and revise our grades. Not only to get some extra practice, but also to improve our grade. Everyone that I've met so far is friendly and very timely. I truly enjoy being a student here at American Intercontinental University. And I would truly recommend it to those whom are unsure where to attend college. This is a wonderful place to be.
They are friendly and very helpful. The staff works with you through out your college life. They do not treat you like a number. They want to make sure that you are you understand all you course work.
I think this school is an excellent choice and has high standards for its students. I do think campus, however, could be a little bigger. Parking is very hard as well, because the lots are very small. The school isn't in a very good area, but it's nice to always see security walking around and checking things. Although, we definitely need more blue safety lights around campus.
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