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Small college with lots of diversity and very good professors and advisers who care about your education, but poor housing.
I love the professors, the atmosphere and the diversity however I don't like how expensive it is. The party scene is great. It's located right in downtown Springfield. I feel safe on campus and I think the food is pretty good.
The school has great courses and professors. Wonderful programs and many tools offered to you to help you succeed such as tutoring & writing center.
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The professors are very helpful in preparing their students with the knowledge and skills to be succesful professionally an socially. The psychology department involves a working team of professionals who collaborate to enhance indepenence and confidence.
I Love The Fact That AIU Truly Cares For Their Students. They Know That Most Students Have Full Time Jobs, Children & Personal Lives. They Make It Manageable For Students To Achieve Academic Success While Having To Tend To Their Personal Lives. The Instructors Truly Help You With What You Don't Understand & Give You Easier Ways To Understand & Complete Assignments.
I love how close the AIC community is. At AIC. We are like a family. There are so many different opportunities for students as well.
It's been almost two years since I graduated now and I don't regret going to AIC. Sure, it was located in a terrible location (so many shootings in nearby neighborhoods my senior year) but don't let that stop you. As a Communication student, I was at home with my department and became very involved with not only Comm activities but student life as well. During my time at AIC, I maintained a 3.7 GPA while being involved in the newspaper and student government and working as an RA and library assistant. If you're looking to be involved in school and will stay committed to your studies, AIC is the place for you.
The school is obviously not located in the greatest area, but do not let that fool you. American International has wonderful professors and staff. The college is a great place to study. It's student population is small, yet diverse as well.
Noise and banging long into the night. Be assaulted and campus police does nothing, ended up in hospital about once a month, got robbed, outcasted. Lies told and I was blamed. Any bad thing happen I was blamed. Students to much power in student jobs can feel like they can fire you for anything. Ra never around. No one believes you.
Very friendly admissions will walk you through the whole process and they have app to use as well as software if you do not have it for free. Easy to get help if needed
Everyone is friendly and it is a well educated environment. Professors are very intellectual, and helpful. Advisors are always there with you to help. So many opportunities to do fun things.
Having this being my second year at my school my freshmen year was not so bad. My professors were helpful, understanding and as well as supportive. The school had very great resources for me when it had to do with my academic work . The food at my school is very pricy as well as the books however overall the campus is not so bad however outside of campus is very dangerous and surrounded by locals who are not so friendly. Over i give my experience at my school a 3 out of 5.
I don't party, no time
I like my program and most of my professors
more conservative but not judgemental
no drugs or peer pressure
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I am very excited to start at AIC and am glad to be done with SFSU which only deserves 3 stars.
The only good housing at SFSU is the STTC or the apartment like dorms in the adjacent building., Regular dorms I hear sucked to live in. The dinning hall food sucks too.
Was not and am not into the Greek life.
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