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I love aiu so far I’m looking forward to the upcoming class on the 30 of this month all the people I spoke with was very nice and helpful explained everything that I needed them to explain so maybe I will get to meet different people from all over the country so class of
2021 here I come this will be the best two years I can’t wait to start my classes
Great team from the advisor to your instructor everyone is just so helpful. I chose the right school to attend
I like the staffs professional attitude in regards to helping each student as much as possible. The staff loves to educate their students on the enrollment process and how to apply for scholarships, grants and loans.
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I am enrolled there right now and they help me when i need it most. They check in with me often to see how things are going and see if i have any questions or concerns. They have been amazing to me. I just lost my dad and they gave me some extra time to complete my assignments. They are also very insincere when they talk to you. All the problems that i was having was fixed in less than 24 hours. All of my professors have been awesome. The professors give you pointers to help you better your grades or give you a different perspective in the writting.
American intercontinental is one of the best university online. the stuff there are so nice. they always want to help you out . i enjoy going there.
I am new to the school and doing it online ..all the staff I've talked to have been so helpful. And nice they have made it so easy to enroll they take the time to make sure you understand ..all and all ..a great team
I was easy for me to enroll and start my classes, all within a month! My advisors have been amazing in guiding me on the right path for a better future.
I have had positive experience with the school, the staff like student advisor is very helpful. The cost to attend is a little on the higher side, but the education is helpful. The work is not too much most of the time. The lessons are helpful along with the reading material.
Really good with if you need help incoming and returning students. The online classes are very easy to understand and if you don’t understand they have tutors that are able to help you step by step.
so far i like it .. its better than just watching seminars and doing discussion boards i'm learning something even from my intellipath.
I love my advisors and instructors, they are great people and warm hearted. The curriculum is really good, and i love the quick quiz that are in each lesson to help reinforce what the lesson is going over. Another great thing about AIU is their Intellipath system. when you enter a new course you can take a test to mark off what you already know and not have to repeat material, reducing your total work load for the weeks to come. the one thing that i would love to see changed in the school, is their mobile app. it is 2019 and needs to be updated to be more user friendly and responsive.
The Advisors at AIU are awesome. If a problem arises there is always someone that you can reach out to that will help you.
The faculty and staff are excellent. They make sure that you're on top of assignments and stay on top of your classes
I really enjoy attending American Intercontinental University online because they really love their students and they have passion. The instructors and all of the staff are very professional and very outstanding. I graduated from high school 30 years ago and I decided to attend American intercontinental University online I can say if it wasn't for them especially the motivational tips I wouldn't have never made it.
Smooth transitions into a vast amount of knowledge with great and intellectual
advisors. knowledgeable with materials and financial aid while also understanding the programs involved.
A very challenging atmosphere with the advantages and resources of a ground campus. It's an opportunity to work, live, and further your education at the same time . They aid with job search, placement while your still in school and externship if needed. Worth every penny
Awesome Professor's and they really go out of their way to teach you everything you need to know about the courses. They also offer tutoring for free if you need the extra help.
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They have been so helpful trying to get me ready to go and not have any worries about the financial aspect of it. They are working with me every step of the way.
AIU makes the admission process easy. The student advisors and financial aid department are extremely helpful. The 24/7 online classroom is wonderful.
I like the availability of enrolling when I want to start classes. I like the classes being offered online. I would like to see the campus some day. My experience with American Intercontinental University has been positive and has given me the opportunity to finish my schooling and complete my degree in Health Care Management.
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