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Fit my schedule. Can be comfortable at home doing my coursework. Easy access to instructor and learning material. Financial Aid i easy to apply for.
You learn a lot and they give you plenty of time to learn the unit. Each unit is learned through the library, videos and discussion boards. The discussion boards are the best because you can talk to your other classmates about that certain unit you are learning.
I loved how at the start of program the core elements of technology were incorporated in homework assignments to apply to the work field. I had the opportunity to work with people from around the world on business plans which taught great project management skills. The career advisers did an excellent job at helping to prepare resume and prep for interview.
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I am taking accelerated courses, meaning they're 5 weeks instead of 10. It was great for the classes that didnt really pertain to my degree, such as American history and biology, but other classes seem rushed and I wish I had more time. Also, the professors seem to grade based on the fact that you simply turned in the assignment, not the quality of the assignment which makes me wonder if I'm actually getting a decent education.
What i liked about AIU was the process they put me through while registering for classes. After i have completed the application, i had a call from admissions. She ask me questions about my future endeavors, and then i tested and then took classes for practice to see if i was able to do online classes, and i did well. Next, i met with financial aid and completed my fasfa and loan applications.
I am getting financial aid and loans for my tuition. The whole time i was in school i had a mentor all the time to help me through every semester. I thought that was exciting and gave me confidence in my self. The discussion boards are excellent! i learned how to connect and share my thoughts and feelings with other students. Watching the video of my teacher giving a lecture gives me more insight on what i need to know for my course. The intellipaths are very helpful in teaching me more about my course. The test give me more knowledge to take along with me during my career.
Love the space timing. Place online is great nice people and nice service. Nice professors and giving satisfaction. Work day by day and by having that is keeping me interested in that. I want to keep in mind there still hard work but keeping progress.
Please understand I love this college online experience, however it does have some issues. For instance I was allowed to enroll in the Criminal Justice /Forensic Science program to obtain my Bachelors degree and go on to a sister school of such to obtain a Masters degree in Law. This college admissions advisor did not tell me that an individual of my stature; who has a First degree felony record, would not be able to utilize any of this schools program due to the fact that the state of Texas accepts no felons of any type to be employed by any Criminal Justice fields therein. Again, might I say that this school has taught me so much and I enjoy all of the classes thus far, but I am in the middle of transferring to a different Bachelors program. I do question the fact that I am supposed to fill out another enrollment form to transfer programs within the same school?
I liked American Intercontinental University because of the short classes and easy to use online campus.
They are very hands on as far as communication if you need assistance with your academics and they also make sure you are doing well and constantly checking on your progress
My advisor teachers and classmates are awesome. They make sure I'm on top of my game and they understand my position/situation.
I like how they have an amazing support system set up from enrollment advisors, academic advisors, financial advisors to instructors. They all are willing to help you in any way they can, through email or phone calls.
My experience was alot easier than I expected it to be. The mobile app became my best friend. My advisor, admissions, and fininical aid advisor were all extremely helpful with the numerous amounts of times I called.
Overall experience with this school has been good stipends come on time my advisors always available teachers are there they answer emails or quickly the courses aren't too difficult it's been a very good experience.
I experience at AIU Online has been amazing. When I started I didn't expect to finish, but my experience and accomplishments with AIU Online keep me grounded and focused enough to see my way to the finish line. I am so excited about completing this milestone in my life and I look forward to furthering my education with AIU Online.
Kenneth Henderson graduated from Pennfoster Private highschool with 21st century skills such as the ability to use technology in Human Relations Skills,Reading Skills,Basic English Skills,General Math 1 Skills,Fitness and Nutrition Skills,American History Skills,Practical English Skills,Consumer Math Skills,Earth Science Skills,Civics Skills,Written Communication Skills,Biology Skills,General Math 2 Skills,World History Skills,Physical Science Skills,Literature Skills,Veterinary Assistant Skills,Music Appreciation Skills,Spanish Skills,Economics Skills and now I have been accepted and enrolled at the American InterContinental University to earn my Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration.
I am really pleased with the help, support, and encouragement from everyone at the virtual campus. Things are in place to make sure you succeed and achieve your academic goals.
It's a very great place to go, if your think about going online. You'll have all the support you need plus more. Everything comes to you once you get start. I'll say overall AIU is a pretty good school
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Very friendly and focused on you succeeding. Professors and advisors do anything within their power to help you succeed and don't hesitate to let you know when they see you slipping behind where they think you should be.
Enrolling in AIU has been one of the best choices I have made. They constantly cater to the needs of their students and puts their success at to priority.
Accessible to advisors and course room panel is user friendly and the courses are specific to the degree programs offered they offer options to skip ahead in the program if you score well enough on world and work experience
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