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Great system they have going, with ease of operating and following instructions. Easy access for help with teacher or tutor. I attended other online college and i found that AIU was a great fit for me. I have a year to graduate my program, short of money to finish the last year.
So far I am happy with Aiu they make sure you are on time with your assignments and if you need help they are there to help you out
American InterContinental University, has been a lifetime opportunity for me. I have felt welcomed since the beginning! I love how the courses are flexibles, it adapts with my busy life. Everyone whom I have contact with in AIU have have been very polite, professional and very educated. I can wait to graduate, it has been a lovely experience. I have grown a lot from this experience and like all good experiences; they are difficult. I would recommend this school to everyone who is up for a challenge to further his/her career.
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Overall, I am pleased with all faculty and advisors! They are really there whenever you need assistance! The coursework is challenging but it’s college, it isn’t supposed to be easy, the online schooling software is understanding thorough. I enjoy being a part of AIU and looking forward to my graduation day!
This college is amazing because the class is hard but very enjoyable. The enrollment staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They helped me to pick my college plan based on what I want to get done. The teachers are very skilled and know what they are doing and the student advisor calls me every week to check my progress and feedback on the classes. The payments with the help of financial aid I can make it possible to attend AIU Online. I looked at many other online colleges but they didn't measure up to my ideals but AIU fit the billed.
I love everything about the school. It is different from most school out there. The online experience is so different. If, you like not wasting time or money you will love AIU, because they assess you on what you already know. Then create a learning path just right for you. It is pretty awesome in my opinion.
I started my AIU journey 01/04/16. By 07/2017 I had completed the Associate Degree and started the Bachelor's. It is a great online school. Professors are engaging, classes are easy to access, and challenging. I highly recommend it to people who need an online environment, who have the discipline, and determination to further your education.
Very understandable and very patient with helping understand every process. Student advisors are knowledgeable also financial advisors are good at making sure have everything in order and correct.
AIU has been amazing experience for me. This is my first year in college and the faculity have been so amazing and helpful. The virtual campus is very easier to use and you can find anything on there from groups to join to finding a tutor. I would tell anyone that if they were wanting to do online schooling this is the school. I have never been so confident in myself
This is one of the best schools. The student advisors are really intuned. All the staff are available and if they are not they will find someone avaliable. The academics are excellent. The amount of time they give you yo complete assignments is perfect, not to much and not to little . The cost is the best I've seen this far. Go AIU
Overall American Intercontinental University Online is excellent for someone who has the lifestyle that does not accommodate sitting in a classroom. You would need the discipline to study and submit work independently. This is probably the hardest part is making sure you find the time to commit to your studies. I love almost all of the professors at AIU, they informative and more than willing to help you. I have five children and there is no way I would ever be able to find the extra time to attend class and complete my degree. I am excited to attend graduation.
I love the resources available to complete every assignment. The school portal is available to me twenty-four hours a day. The live chats are amazing; this is where all questions and concerns are addressed. I also like my school because I am learning to communicate virtually; if the need arise I can send correspondence through different mediums.
I like how easy my advisor makes it on me I love the advice that is givin to me and the extra time of listening to my questions and answering everyone of them.. I'm not too much about the financial aid
This school has taught me a lot about being an officer. How to maintain professionalism at all times while on a job. The work is easy to do and whenever I need help the adviser or teach give quick response. I also, learned that criminal justice is not just learning the law. It teaches you how to communicate and speak with others and making ethical decisions.
I like that the class are five weeks long. Also like that the advisors, teacher and other staff checkup and you especially when you have not submitted an assignment or updated attendance.
The staff was avaliable when I needed them. The system is setup in a way that is easy to navigate. The information is organized and the insturctors information and expectations are very clear.
American InterContinental has not only provided a wonderful classroom and virtual campus but the professors,librarians, and fellow students all also help being a great support system! AIU offers a variety of courses. I have been enrolled in their accelerated courses to earn my first degree!
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Fit my schedule. Can be comfortable at home doing my coursework. Easy access to instructor and learning material. Financial Aid i easy to apply for.
You learn a lot and they give you plenty of time to learn the unit. Each unit is learned through the library, videos and discussion boards. The discussion boards are the best because you can talk to your other classmates about that certain unit you are learning.
I loved how at the start of program the core elements of technology were incorporated in homework assignments to apply to the work field. I had the opportunity to work with people from around the world on business plans which taught great project management skills. The career advisers did an excellent job at helping to prepare resume and prep for interview.
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