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American InterContinental is a very good online university to attend, they have an outstanding team that helps you on your educational journey, from the academic counselor, teachers, the financial aid counselors, and etc. I have been at AIU about 3 years and I have had a great experience.
My overall experience with AIU was wonderful. they were truly helpful with making sure things were taken care of. They showed the care and concern that I was looking for as a student and the willingness to go above and beyond to help them be able to achieve there degree.
They have a team that is amazing and they are willing to walk with you through your entire college career.
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AIU has been the best choice for me to pursue my BBA. I love the flexibility and the accelerated pace that will allow me to complete a 4-year degree in 3 years while working full time and being a busy single mom. The financial aid office has been fantastic in working with me to ensure everything is taken care of to achieve my goals without out-of-pocket expenses that I can't currently afford. Instructors are interactive and willing to help if you struggle. I can't imagine a better choice of colleges to help me earn my degree at my age!
It's dope. I like it. I thought that I'd never have an experience like this before. I agree with everything about the university. I can't wait to graduate. To any body out there that has been on this for a long time, don't give up.
I was very happy with this college when I first starting attending, my student adviser would contact me every once in awhile just to see how things were going. The longer you are in school the less you can get in contact with them, even when you have a question. So student adviser was switched and I have not heard from them at all. The kicker, being 5 months from graduating and all tuition was covered up until now. Now I have to find a means to cover the rest of my tuition on a monthly basis.
Everyone I have talked to has been really nice and very helpful, and if you need help they are there for you and they will call to check up on you to make sure your classes are going well. I love this school
I loved the ease of doing my classes online, however sometimes the advisors were not there for me when I needed something. The instructors were overall awesome and helpful and really care about you succeeding in your courses. This was a very great experience for me to get my degree while still having time for my children and to work.
My college experience so far has been awesome! The whole staff at AIU cares about you and they are with you every step of the way. If I ever need anything, they are always there to help. They understand when you are having personal issues and they actually talk to you and help in every way that they can. I would definitely recommend this school to any and everyone that wants to earn their degree online. This is the best school anyone could hope for. I feel like I just got out of high school and just started college and I am 40 years old an have a family and I have time to do my school work as well as have time to spend with my family. Thank you AIU for this experience. You'll are the best!
Online classroom is very easy to navigate, teachers and staff are in constant contact with you. 3 term years, 30 week terms, 9 classes. Great faculty n technical support, financial aid, test out of classes.
I completed an Associates degree in Business Administration with AIU and it was very expensive. It also had been absolutely useless. I have a Bachelors degree worth of debt for an Associates degree that I cannot even use.
Some of the professors are great, others really just don't care if you are successful or not. Disbursements are rare and you never get an answer if your financial aid/loans are going to come in so we can have the financial help we depend on!!!!
AIU has the best staff, they are always engaging with students in and out of the classroom. The interaction on the course portal is very easy to navigate. Study resources are available at the press of he button. I would recommend AIU to anyone that is looking for an opportunity to better their lives.
In my experience with AIU Online, I love the way my advisors are in frequently contact with me/making sure that I am successfully passing my classes/making sure I am getting my deadlines met/keeping me abreast of the status of my progress, etc...
The fact that they work with you and you have plenty of time to do assignments. The staff as a whole has been great help. If u miss an assignment they will call and check in on you, ask if you need any help with assignments. I have had many challenges but with they help of great staff i concurred them all.
Amazing help from academic advisor. Financial aid advisor not the best with keeping contact but is helpful when u can reach him
Great support structure from financial aid, student accounts/records, advising and education. Chris Negron is the best adviser that they have on the staff. The true John Madden of Student Advising.
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They were very helpful threw enrollment process. Student advisors are on top of things to let you know what you need to help successfully complete courses. I have been out of school a long time it was hard for me to get back in the swing of things they were there helpful the hole way. I would like to see them reach out maybe to local colleges for a place students can go to get someone to help when they are having trouble navigating through the website. It sometimes helps to have someone right next to you when your having trouble.
At AIU, they offer Intellipath Classes, which are my favorite, they are many lessons with multiple choice quizzes at the end of each section. You can go back and revise answers until you reach 100%. AIU is a college that wants you to succeed and they are constantly improving to make sure you do so.
Great system they have going, with ease of operating and following instructions. Easy access for help with teacher or tutor. I attended other online college and i found that AIU was a great fit for me. I have a year to graduate my program, short of money to finish the last year.
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