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This school is very easy to enroll in. the instructors are great and understanding class material is easy.
So far I’ve enjoyed every bit of time I’ve spent here and the online courses are so convenient for me and allowing me to work a full tile job and do other things while getting my degree! I am halfway done and I am for sure going to request to go to an actual graduation with stage and all and the people I am working with in school and look forward to meeting those who have been with me every step of the way!
I enjoy American Intercontinental University on line. The teachers are through in teaching the material for the courses. Many of them have worked successfully in the fields of the subject matter they teach.
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I love this college because the people are caring and willing to work with you and are there to help you with your success. American InterContinental University is the right type of college to attend and the professors know what they are talking about. They are helpful. They will never let you down and work hard to keep you on the right track.
Love this school! I am having such a fun time learning. I recommend this school for anyone who wants to make a change.
i love this college it has helped me alot. I no longer am trying to drive across town to get to classes that are making me fall asleep. all of my classes have interactive tasks to help me understand, along with short videos to walk you through while the reading is short and you can get things done on your lunch hour or in the evening. on your phone or laptop, it has helped me come a long way.
I like the class schedule and the fact each class is only 5 weeks long. The only change I would like to see is some form of exam to show you learned the material. Intellipath is a great tool however you are allowed an unlimited amount of time to work on the material .
I’ve been going to AIU online For a little over six months. I really have enjoyed the way the courses are provided and the fast pace nature of the curriculum. The teachers I’ve had so far have been very knowledgeable, and will round it in their areas of expertise.
Going back to college after 27 years was a bit scary but AIU was very welcoming and made the process as smooth as possible. The online campus fits my busy schedule with work and family time. The Professors and staff are invested in your journey to obtain your degree.
I like that they have individual learning paths in it's pretty simple user interface and I don't like is that it can be very difficult when trying to contact your financial aid advisor. But student advisor admissions your professors are all very caring and very courteous always available to help you understand they have loads of learning tools and access to a library anytime of the day you need it's wonderful it's a good bit expensive which is down full seems to be quite expensive but the classes go quick and you have the ability to take pre knowledge examinations so there's a lot of good and a little bit of negative as a stay-at-home mom with no income in the financial aid office being available to me is a big thing and that's where I find it lacking
I like how the virtual campus is organized and accessible however, I think that students who are struggling in certain areas should have a better way to directly reach their instructors in order to insure better communication as well as an increased chance of obtaining a passing grade.
I attended AIU for my AABA degree back in 2005 and graduated in 2006. The advisors and teachers were excellent and very knowledgeable and were also extremely helpful and supportive whenever I needed any help.

I am now attending AIU for my BSIT degree and am having an equally rewarding experience. This is an EXCELLENT online university with extraordinary staff!! I would certainly recommend it highly to anyone thinking about attending!

The schedule is perfect for those trying to work and raise a family but also wishing to further their education and earn a degree. Nothing can beat the convenience of being able to study at home or even on the go with the AIU smartphone / tablet app!!
So far everything has been wonderful. The people are really helpful and super enthusiastic about what they do and you can tell they really enjoy their job. I like their app that can be downloaded on your phone so you can do homework on the go. I also like the ungraded quizzes they do about a subject before you do it. If you’re a pro on the subject, there’s no need to take the class which saves time and money.
I think this University is wonderful I've been a student for 11 months now and the staff is incredibly helpful. Not only is a staff helpful but also the classmates which makes it so much easier going back to school.
When enrolling for another online college, I was pretty skeptical about it because of my previous experience with an online \campus based university(which I will not name). It was a pretty stressful experience but enrolling here at ANY has been smooth sailing. The advisory board is amazing and they help you achieve goals that may seem impossible to reach. They're friendly and always reaching out when there seems to be a downfall of missing assignments. I love my team.
AIU has allowed me to take care of my child and pursue my educational goals from the comfort of my own home
American InterContinental is a very good online university to attend, they have an outstanding team that helps you on your educational journey, from the academic counselor, teachers, the financial aid counselors, and etc. I have been at AIU about 3 years and I have had a great experience.
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My overall experience with AIU was wonderful. they were truly helpful with making sure things were taken care of. They showed the care and concern that I was looking for as a student and the willingness to go above and beyond to help them be able to achieve there degree.
They have a team that is amazing and they are willing to walk with you through your entire college career.
AIU has been the best choice for me to pursue my BBA. I love the flexibility and the accelerated pace that will allow me to complete a 4-year degree in 3 years while working full time and being a busy single mom. The financial aid office has been fantastic in working with me to ensure everything is taken care of to achieve my goals without out-of-pocket expenses that I can't currently afford. Instructors are interactive and willing to help if you struggle. I can't imagine a better choice of colleges to help me earn my degree at my age!
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