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It's very good University. Everything is good over there. The staff are very friendly. The location is great. The parking lot is great. The professors are great. It's small university so you will get more attention.
Hi Folks, This AIU will lie to You and steal your money. Faculty blocked my posts when I warned other students. Never do they pick up when you call and they jacked up my FASFA Loan/Grant . Run from this place as fast as You can ! They are crooked crooks!!!
I like the professors, they are very knowledgeable about their subject matter. I think that the administration needs to work on the diversity of there staff members. There is a great Business program. There are some very arrogant professor, for example, I got mine you got to get yours.
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Class sizes are very reasonable
In my way to success
I originally was attending the online campus through AIU, but have since decided to finish up my bachelor's degree at theit Houston campus. If I could go back, four years, I most likely would have chosen to attend a traditional college all along, versus online.
Online classes are always unique way to learn the course. One of the advantageous is the time management, not everyone can attend regular classes on campus, therefore online classes would be better choice. Student professor interaction is quite frustrating since to get an answer for some questions might take a day. Peer to peer interaction is easier due to discussion boards, where students can ask questions and discuss. Workload might be a bit harsh since you have a deadlines for certain homework, quiz, and test.
Very diversified students. Students all around the world, Africa, Asia, Europe. It is interesting to interact with students from other countries. I've learned a lot of traditions, religion, and political views of students from other countries. University faculty is very helpful in introducing the student from other part of the world, and tries to engage them in community activities.
Very friendly faculty staff. Haven't been at career center but I'm sure they will be able to help me out. Alumni network is average, since not many activities offered to alumni. Job prospects needs to be improved there is not many options of internships and potential job offers distributed by university.
I love the professors. They care and are very fair.
The workload is unbearable. It is simply hard to keep up and the fees are more for online classes.
My financial aid counselor is great. The financial aid people on campus are not so great. I think I am getting what I pay for as far as the value of my education. The tips I can offer is be sure to call the financial office first before you accept refunds from the office on campus.
We have multiple computer labs which I love because I never have to wait for a computer. The school's portal seems to work slow sometimes because of so many people on there at once.
We do not have much since it's a small university. We do have a library. We do not have much campus activities.
The campus life is almost non-existent. It prides itself on a non party school. So most of the events we have has to do with academics or getting jobs. We are very focused on getting careers not so much into having fun.
Well we are all hard working individuals who are trying to juggle our work life with our school life. Most of us have families. We are older than the usual college crowd.
Most of the time I was able to get my schedule the way I want it. Lately, it seems as I am having a hard time getting my schedule the way I need it to be.
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To be a Criminal Justice Major is great. There are ton of activities for us. We have a Criminal Justice club. We visit local police stations and fire departments. The professors are great as well. All of them work in the field of Criminal Justice. Whether attorneys, police, or judges- we have them all. The workload is fair. It's a small university for working people. So they try not to overload us since they know we work full time.
Our professors are great. They all experience in the Criminal Justice field. We have attorneys, police, and judges. I love that they teach subjects that they are knowledgeable about. The curriculum is extensive. It requires 180 units to obtain the degree. The registration process is easy because counselors do it for you.
They are convenient especially if you already have a full schedule.
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