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AIU has been so supportive. Admissions was so easy, patient and informative when helping me decide a degree plan. The online classes are virtual with real live video streaming of the classes. I love AIU@
American Intercontinental university is a great school . It give hands on learning and is an amazing learning enviroment
I love AIU because of the hands on training. From the first day I was in class I was trained on equipment and software that I have never used before or can afford. The teachers are very educated and offer a lot of real world knowledge based on the history in the field. The studios are very nice and the lab rooms have every piece of equipment a film or audio student could ever want.
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I have a blast going to school each week, each professor provides all resources needed to be successful. The atmosphere is very laid back but extremely professional. Also in my profession I found that if one is wanting a huge return on their investment, then this is the place to be. Each week I have been given many opportunities to grow and meet other students that have the same interest as myself. The Campus is very up to date in all aspects, in this day and age that it's self is a big part of owning the experience and getting all one can out of an educational institution. Thus, this campus deserves five out of five stars. I hope my feedback provides vital information to any person willing to take their education to the next level.
My classes were flexible and the staff are too but the financial Aid could change a few things I did not go over my coast but they made me think so they are the ones who should be more helpful
American intercontinental University is a little expensive but I have no other complaints this far. The staff is polite and the instructors are knowledgeable.
This school consists of poor leadership. Iinstructors are not involved in the student development. There is great content in the online courses, but with the terms being short there is not enough time to actually grasps the information. Instructors do not put in time with their students. I learn little to nothing on campus. I learned mostly online in my business courses by researching. Even then, I still feel short changed,
American InterContinental University is a good school. I have really excelled in my academics. Since there are no extracurricular activities you can focus. The student to teacher/professor ratio is perfect, the teachers/professors are able to be more hands on. Things that can change are: more fields of study, be able to take a major and a minor. For the few fields of study that they do have they should be more involved and hands on outside of the school. There are a few clubs but they do not get students involved. When I was an undergraduate I did participate in the different clubs they had. I am still involved. My overall experience was nice.
It's a good school, very friendly and helpful staff. The are always willing to give a listening ear to your problems. The academics are on par with real world situations.
AIU is very expensive. It's not your average college that you would attend. The students are diversity and more immature.
The process was easy and the advisors were very nice and thorough.
The overall experience at the school has been excellent thus far. The interactions have been amazing. Everyone is very respectful and nice.
I haven't explored this arena yet. So giving an opinion would be unjust.
So far my interactions with students have been pretty fair. It is still the beginning of my first term; however I can already see that I will gain some friendships while in school which is very important to me.
The professors are very knowledgeable and create discussion on every topic which allows for more student to teacher interaction during weekly lecture. The classes are enjoyable because of this structure. Its easy to feel comfortable about talking about an array of different topics and/or situations because the atmosphere is welcoming.
The workload that is administered by AIU is very basic and general not to overwhelm its students. Each professor offers tutoring and the computer lab always has a volunteer for additional help on all subject matter that is taught. Each faculty member has been very approachable and hands on about getting their jobs done. They each answer questions in a timely manner and they are very efficient overall. I've only been a student with AIU for two weeks so I am still learning out how the school operates however I am very happy with the results that I have obtained thus far.
I am a current transfer student. After Westwood College closed last month the student were forced to find other schools. AIU came to Westwood and spoke to the students. I was immediately impressed by there confidence, professionalism and the representatives were very knowledgeable about the variety of fields that are taught at the AIU Dunwoody campus. After meeting with my advisor Corey Barrett; I was registered for classes, my official transcripts were transferred and my financial aid package was complete before I left the school on my first visit. Since we are now in the 3rd week of class; I can honestly say that I am having a great time. I am learning new trends at an exponential rate and enjoying the learning process at AIU.
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The school is great throughout! No complaints.
I like this college but some of their classes are scheduled too late in the evening and some have to be online,and I actually desired everything to be in a timely fashion and on campus.
I've had the best experience at this school. All of the faculty and staff are great and very concerned.
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