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AIU is a good school. I just think it is a bit much over priced. But, over all I did learn a lot of new tools on my career path goals. The only thing that I was disappointed in was when I graduated I was promised that the will help me find a job in my career path. I went to school for Business Administration/ Fashion Design and the job referral that I was given was Burlington Coat Factory. Like really... I could have done that myself. I give AIU a 3 star.
This is a phenomenal University. I loved it while I attended there. The Professors were GREAT! The staff were very helpful and I intend on returning after I pay off some student loans.
All the support comes from here. Everything you need is within this school, from resources to educational support.
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I am a Freshmen in College my very first semester and I am very much enjoying my time here in AIU. Everyone here is very friendly and supporting of everything that you do. No matter where you get lost or behind there is someone that you can go to and ask for help. Everything you need is at your reach it is honestly more than you could ask for in a university. I would very much recommend considering AIU for your online options.
I love the flexibility to attend classes. As a single mom working full time and attending college full time the flexibility allows me to be successful in my journey to earn my college degree. The professors and staff are always there to provide assistance and offer insight. It's been a very pleasant experience to date.
I really enjoy this online school they really give all the resources that you need to be successful.
AIU is a great online school for me because I do my work on my schedule to complete within the time allotted. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
I really enjoy going to AIU online. I like the way we go to each class for 5 weeks and we never have more than two classes at a time.
I attend AIU via online and love the support that is available. I have also heard from students who have attended the school in person and just love the support that was given to them to help complete their educational goals.
Attending AIU was one of the best decisions I ever made! I brag about this school so much because I am very grateful to receive my degrees here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. When I was homeless and couldn't afford to pay for my tuition this year, AIU worked with me to make sure I stayed in school. I am currently pursuing my master's degree and I'm so excited about the journey this far. It bring tears to my eyes just thinking about all the great things that I've experienced since enrolling in 2012. The teachers are awesome and the archived chats are really helpful considering my work schedule. Any student considered attending AIU will be one lucky graduate!
I like the environment that the school has. It is very diverse and the advisors are very helpful. I think that the school would be better if there was a wide range of class times because there are so many students all over the world attending. It was really hard to get projects done because of the time zone differences with my classmates and to only have one time for class made it difficult.
Started working on my degree at the age of 56. I nerve thought in all these years that I ever feel I was capable of going to college. In fact, after finishing high school with a C average over 30 years ago, now I am holding an A average; even to my surprise. After being passed over for a promotion 5 times, because I did not have a degree. My wife encouraged me to go to school after that and I did.
It would drive me up a wall to watch a student with horrible English, a lack of interest in really learning, and the poorest of communication skills (especially during group projects) get the same grade as well articulated, hardworking students.
My experience has been awesome. Excited working toward my bachelor degree in Business Administration with Management.
American InterContinental is an amazing college. The financial aid workers help you out and your student advisory helps out tremendously. I am doing the online degree because I am and active duty army Soldier so being on a campus would be challenging to me because of my work schedule but I guarantee that the campuses are just as amazing as attending online.
Since there are online classes you can pretty much complete the work whenever you have time as long as it was made before the deadline
The registration process was easy and no cost you are able to reach your professor at anytime and get quick responses you also can have peer to peer interaction and be able to discuss your assignments
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Career Services is always touching bases with me and let me know the opportunities that are open and become open and I can always check my grades online at any point in time
  • 6 months ago
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The class size is wonderful too 15 people I love how was easy to navigate online through the website and the deadlines for the assignments is fairly equal
I love the experience that I'm having so far everyone really cares about you and they make sure to check up on you and track your progress
  • 6 months ago
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