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SCAM !!! STAY VERY FAR!!! Never got my certificate and all they said was too bad. The ones who got certified said they were unable to get licensed because the school wasn't accredited! They manipulate you to pay more money and if you are naive or just young and don't know how to tell when people are manipulating you, you will be taken advantage of! Please don't waste your money here. They opened in Las Vegas before under American Institute of Medical Sonography, look it up, it was under the same owner.
The guy running this place is a fraud and changed his name many times in the past. He moves from different states and opens up these schools to scam people over and over. He got all of his other schools shut down and got in a lot of trouble. But he keeps getting away with it because the system doesn't have the right things in place to stop it. The teachers are not qualified and the structure of the school is like a play pen. People quit all the time and they just rehire new staff. Do not spend any money at this school, you WILL get scammed like I did and you won't be able to do anything about it. Do your due diligence and go to another school that is legit!
Starting this February, definitely a great place to start as a back to school going adult. A place for gainful employment opportunity upon graduation
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My School – I think this school is going to be very awesome. The class size isn't very large. So, therefore there can be alot of one on one time with the teacher which i is very helpful!
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