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This school's administrative staff are full of very deceptive people. Manny Arias, the owner, is the most deceptive of them all. He is currently attempting to take money from myself and many other students that have already graduated, in a way that is unlawful (Court date is coming up soon). The worst decision I have ever made in my life was going to this school. I am trying to help anyone that may fall into their deceptive behavior. Don't let them take advantage of you and your money. They are very sneaky and will try their best to get their way. Even if it is against the law. Go to an accredited school, they got theirs taken away from them in the middle of my program. They are so unorganized and non compliant that every single one of my classmates' student loans never went through correctly; but does that give the right for the school to send every student to collections before notifying them of this change? It actually doesn't give them the right to do that, and that's why Manny Arias, the owner/director, will be seen in court on august 5th 2015.
The thing I like about this school academically is the hands on training.
To be doing echocardiography is great, I really love it because I get to help people and I learn so much everyday!
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The financial aid staff did not know anything about working with students and actually helping them. Everyone in my class had at least more than 1 mistake on their financing paperwork, there was missing documents, mistakes made in their applications, faulty loans, etc..We now have new financial aid staff and they seem to be doing a better job.
I don't really have idea on what their process is, we haven't received any information on any job prospects. I don't believe the school has a career center and/or alumni network.
Since day one attending my school I realized the school was unorganized and did not keep track with anything such as student files and records. I do like the professors though, they are very helpful and are always available to give a hand to any student who needs it. I also like the fact that we do a lot of hands on training and we have the opportunity to work with people who volunteer to come in and get checked out. Although the school is does not seem to be fully established and lacks several things that it would definitely improve it, overall my experience attending there it good.
There is a variety of all ethnic backgrounds such as Hispanics, Asians, and Americans.
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