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Great so far! The director of nursing is very interested in our classes and what we are learning. Admission advisors are willing to help whenever I need anything. The campus president is always willing to help. He even helped a student change a tire in his suit. They go above and beyond to help us with any problems we are having. Great place to get a degree from!
Horrible business ettiquette. This school, if you can call it that, is about making money and not about turning out excellent nurses. Their instructors are not skilled in teaching and seems that they are coached to help students fail rather than pass. The statement "Nurses eat their young" is true at this school. Please consider an alternative and reprutable college. Their pass rates are extremely low. And their hire rates; if you graduate are even lower, due to the reputation of "C"s earn degree mentality.
It's difficult schedules with kids and work.
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Horrible teaching for foundational nursing classes. Do not go to this school if you want to kmow what you're doing on the floor when you graduate.
Have never seen any recruiters on campus. At clinical sites the nursing staff and DON never approach students with job opportunities. To be honest, most clinical site staff don't even like us students. They even tell us due to the VERY LOW PASS RATES on NCLEX no one wants to hire students from this school. Horrible to be spending our hard earned money for mediocre teaching.
It is one off the most wanted jobs in US. Nursing program is hard and beautiful. We learn a lot of very ingesting things about everything in health care. The program is based in lecture, lab, and clinical. Lecture updates yes with a lot of information about all disease, pathologies of disease, and how they can be treated. On the lab we learn about values of the chemical and physical that happen in our body. In clinical we learn a lot by doing assessments on real people and learn about their problems and practising all knowledge that we get in lecture in the class and labs.
It is one off the fastest and no waiting to enter to the program. Teachers are professional and understand our problems. They try to teach what is important about the materials. To enter to the school is easy and TEAS test requirement are in low grade. It is very easy to transfer credits from another school. I was able to transfer all my credits from my previous college. When you have a problem you more likely will not find it difficult to talk to somebody to find a solution for your problem. It is a good school, and I suggested to the other students.
LPN-RN program is somewhat redundant, but it will help in the 'real world' of nursing.
Great instructors. Labs have some updates supplies. I feel as though the instructors really want to help us learn. Thwy make time outside of class for further questions.
Instructors Are Great! I love all of my instructors here. They are very accessible and genuinely care about the students. I feel comfortable in all of my classes and I am appreciative of the effort all of my instructors put into teaching us!
No-Wait RN Program – The school is great because there is currently no wait for entrance into the RN program. I also really like the small class sizes and the quality of the faculty. However, because it is still a fairly new program, they have quite a few issues they are still working out.
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