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Unique things about my major is with getting that major I'm able to excel and keep moving up in the medical field.
I love the school so far, I'm really excited and cannot wait to start in January. I'm looking forward to excelling to become a medical assistant and hopefully keep moving up in the medical field. I'm extremely anxious. American Institute has really outgoing and fun teachers who care for their students and want the best for them and the students careers.
My school includes a laptop with our books for our online courses. There is wireless access but sometimes it's a little slow when a lot of people are trying to use it that's why we mainly do our course work at home.
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This is my first experience taking an online course and it's a very different experience for me. I'm not that computer literate, I know enough to perform well at my job but other than that I've had to ask for help finding things and I missed a deadline for an assignment because I didn't know where to look but all in all I'm doing fine.
My school is a business school, it's not really a campus like your typical college campus, it has everything we need for our majors.
My school places 59% of their graduates and they are very helpful in placing students in an externship which sometimes leads to a full time job.
My instructors are very knowledgeable because they currently work in the field that they teach and my online course instructor has 30 years of nursing experience so I feel I'm getting the best education I possibly can because we're learning what actually happens in a medical office which will be very helpful when we get out in our field.
The internship/ job opportunities for my specific major are very good, there are lots of available jobs in my field but I need the certification because I already have several years experience.
I didn't have any problem receiving financial aid the only problem was that I didn't qualify for a Pell Grant because I file taxes jointly with my husband and we make too much with our combined incomes.
My class is very small, 12 students, and they're mostly of Puerto Rican or African American descent. I am the oldest in my class, I'm even older than my instructor.
There's no athletic center at my school because it's not necessary.
We went on a "field trip" to our instructor's place of employment to see how a medical office works and that was very informative and interesting.
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