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Its free! But some programs have a lottery system where only half the people accepted into the program will get the scholarship and the other half have to pay.
The teachers at this school are amazing! They want you to succeed and will do everything they can to make sure you succeed. Class registration is easy since classes are only offered at one time throughout the day. They set their programs up where you start and finish the program with the same people. You go through the classes together and its really helpful to have the support of the other students in your "cohort" but we call each other family.
The school offers a fairly secure network but not all the computers are loaded with the same programs. The number of labs and availability of the labs is tough because other students cannot use the lab they need when they have the time due to a class being in there.
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I give this grade because the school is unique in the fact that it is free to students. They offer a limited number of trade programs that are popular in todays workforce. They also work with you during your time with the school to find an internship to get your foot in the door and as well after your time at the school is done to help you find a job.
The school does not provide many facilities. The library is used half of the day for classes and there isn't much material in there that is useful to students. Along with that, the computer labs are not available when needed and class schedules overlap so students do not have time to get from one to the other.
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