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American Indian College of the Assemblies of God Reviews

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the school is a great school to start off as a freshman. the professors are always nice and are willing to help you 1 on 1.
American Indian College is very unique, I like how the professors are willing to do one on one meeting and helping me keep on task. The college has changed me in so many different ways, physically and mentally.
Love how we all are healthy we participate in many great activities and sports activities
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The altheletics here are very competitive and are good to get to know and be around.
This school shows a lot and every student is here for one another.
This College does not have any athletic or sports team at the College
The professors and Staff are very helpful and considerate to the students.
AIC has security patrolling the campus past curfew time. The campus is small that they make sure if someone is going to be late back to campus that they will get in to their dorms safely.
Professors are very accommodating when you have questions, and are willing to listen to your needs spiritually.
Alumni are very successful, and come back to the school to talk to us. Alumni cherish American Indian College because that's where they started there careers or beginning relationship with God.
American Indian College is a small campus where everyone knows your first name. Everyone knows each other and enjoy each others company.
I love American Indian College its full of diversity, and helps me grow a deeper relationship with Jesus. Growing closer to God is a dream come true at a college.
Roomy and clean from the rooms I've seen. I live off campus but I'm a leader and must be involved on campus with all the students and events regularly.
Professors are very involved with the students, the majority of the professors are paid, they are missionaries. They share their personal experiences. The Majority of professors all have doctorates.
Alumni often come to the school and offer internships to students.
Mostly all housing is on-campus. Majority of off-campus students live in the city.
Some classes focus on the Old and New Testament. Some classes focus on just one or two books of the Bible. The workload is heavy but manageable.
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Many pastor's all over the country are involved with the school. They offer internships over summer time and during the school year. The workload is heavy but very manageable. The curriculum is informative and the facilities make a very comfortable work place.
The program I am involved in is for a Ministry degree. Students must learn about the bible, by studying it and reading it daily.
More then enough computers for homework. A lot of the finals are on the computer.
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