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I believe the education I'm receiving we'll be worth it in the end but as of now I struggle. I'm currently unemployed and my husband is on disability and my son is a senior in high school which gets pricey. My finiacial aid department has been helpful with trying to help me get some aid/ scholarships( that's how I heard about fastweb) they are very helpful and doing there best to help me succeed!
We have a computer lab and also laptops that we are able to "check out" and use for our studies even if we don't own our own computer. We have full access to printers also.
The teachers, instructors are very involved in the students studies. The class rooms are at the most 20 students so the instructors are able to help us on studies where we struggle. The registration process was super easy and a very friendly staff. It's almost like we ( the students) are family. Everyone on staff here are terrific.
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The teachers all have 20 years plus in the medical field. We have modern up to date equipment and books and they have a list every week on the board of places hiring. Love the hands on and the one on one attention you can get as a student if your struggling with something.
So far so good! From the moment I walked into this school for course information, I felt confident this is where I wanted to go. The entire staff is great. They make you feel comfortable and actually know all the students names' . It's awesome!
I'm giving The American Health Institute a C because while the teachers and staff are great I feel the school itself could use a little more student interactive and socializing areas. For example we do not have a student library, we don't really have a comfortable place for socializing on breaks, and I think it would be nice if the school would give a little more back to the students in a way such as offering different medical awareness days. Which could be days we dress in the color of the ribbon for a specific disease. On another note things I do really enjoy about The American Health Institute include smaller classes, which in my program is a life saver because it allows for more hands on attention from our instructors. After class access to Ultrasound Equipment for extra practice. Also, I appreciate the availability of financial aid staff to be able to take the time to sit down and explain different things and answer any questions we as students may have.
classes are a little flexible but they are a set schedule once you start the program
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