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American Film Institute Conservatory Reviews

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The professors I have learned with are all working professionals in the film and television industry. We have a small class size in my discipline and feel that my learning needs are met.
During the next semester we will be able to pursue internship opportunities. The school has a great reputation in the film industry.
We have security during school hours, and they are responsive when called upon. Their presence is known, and the guards make an effort to get to know each and every student.
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The guest speakers who come to speak to our class are experts in their field, and offer inspiring information. For example, James L. Brooks spoke to us during the first week of school. The collaborative process that is encouraged at the American Film Institute Conservatory is what I find to be unique.
It's a non issue for me I'm not here to party, I'm here to learn.
Health and safety at AFI are the most important thing.
There are no athletic facilities on campus it's a film conservatory.
Parking can be a hassle but it's easy to work around.
Diversity at AFI is one of the things that makes it so amazing.
I'm honored and amazed every day I love it.
Off campus housing is the only option but there is plenty of it close by.
You are in Los Angeles you want it you can find it.
There is no campus housing so there is nothing to rate.
Drugs are not really an issue, there is too much to do.
The weather in Los Angeles is incredible I love it here.
It's very easy to follow the campus rules the biggest problem is parking
AFI is an amazing experience, totally imersive in your desired discipline
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Less than half of the students are international fellows. There is a good sense of acceptance but more of people's socio-cultural backgrounds could reflect in the stories told through films.
There are a few scholarships. I hear there will be more scholarships from 2014.
Los Angeles – Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the night life doesn't get much better than that.
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