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American River College is a great community college. The counselors and staffs are very helpful. Nothing I can suggest for a change.
I have not taken any courses online yet. However, I will start my online course this semester due to COVID-19.
First, AIC wasn't bad. However, just a handful of the staff really went out of their way for students. Also, the school only cared about the money they were getting from the students. The food wasn't good most of the time and the neighborhood was very sketchy.
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have housing, help with daycare, and let people talk more them 2 class a day
they only have one place to print off anything and you have to ask something and if they have time to print it. if not then you have to want
theres really not a lot to eat off-campus around my school. but then again I'm only there for 1/2 day and i bring my own food
we don't have on campus housing and if we do no one told me
i didn't know we had sports or teams at our school
its small to pick from and at times there nothing there to eat
havent here or see anything for this and i think its safe at school
room are cold and theres ice on the side walks
Great Profs – Many of them work at University level and have PHD's. Always available when you need them and are really quick at responding to emails.
Everyone Is Ok – There are alot of loud people and ALOT of smokers and I personally dont dind that particularly attractive in a man or a woman.
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