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ACTCM does not have "Campus-Police" as it were, but the local neighborhood is generally safe.
Although, there are plenty of car break-ins, so keep a keen eye, and carry valuables with you!
ACTCM Campuses are located in mostly city-residential neighborhoods, so the parking is mostly really convenient.
Monday and Wednesday AM classes are the most difficult time to park, as there is street cleaning. Come very early on these days!!
The financial aid process was very easy and the Financial Aid office at ACTCM is super helpful and makes sure you get everything you need.
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There are only 3 computers for student use (in the library), but most people bring laptops and take advantage of the wireless network. Printers are available on the wireless, so students can print at any time.
Except for occasional rain and wind, the weather here is very nice and rarely impacts classes.
People Come Here to Learn. there may be hammers hidden away to beat you down if you misbehave but they are not needed. The school expects you to behave like an adult and odd as it may seem, everyone does.
Be Prepared to Study! This school is serious about trying to turn out the best, so be prepared to study, and study some more when you come here.
While you can generally find an open terminal, the library computers get busy at crunch time so it is best to have your own laptop available.
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