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This is a terrible school, they tried to force me to take a drug test and later expelled me for refusing. I will be suing, filing a complaint with BPPE, and the Attorney General, and DOE Borrower's Defense Discharge.

I learned nothing while I was here, the software is from 2009 and so are the instructions, they're very poorly written and I was stressed trying to catch up all the work. The teachers are dumb and don't know anything about medical billing and coding.

Go to a non-profit community college like Saddleback, they offer healthcare programs 100% online for half the price of this college.
The classes are small, so lots of chances of interaction with the teacher. Instructors are very dedicated and make sure thet you understand the subject before going to next chapter.
This is an excellent school. They will make sure you understand the subject and give you lots of personal attention. I was scared of failing when I started the Massage and Physical Therapy program, but NMs. Lynn was very thorough and comprehensive covering every detail of human anatomy, so we know where to place our fingers to give a therapeutic massage. Alos, they are approved by the California Massage board and you can take your test upon completion and work in any city in California. Not every school is approved by them.
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Overall great school. Fast paced to employment. The staff and faculty are very friendly making sure you understand the subject. If you to a JC they do not care if you learn the subject and the instructor never tutor you. I went to riverside city college and all the popular courses have waiting list and there are so many students in each class that the instructor does not have time to give you individual attention.
I am currently attending the Veterinary Assisting program at American College of Healthcare and I'm not sure what that other reviewer is talking about, but my instructor and program are amazing. There is no Ms. Carrie here so that reviewer is probably talking about a different school. My admissions adviser, Sarah, has been a part of this process every step of the way. The school has events for students. For example, they had an outdoor movie night for all students and staff outside on the grass and our families and friends were welcome to participate. I brought my husband and kids and we had a great time. The school provided popcorn, hot dogs and soda free for all students and guests. For Halloween, the school had a huge barbeque and costume contest for students and their families. They had a Halloween makeup artist there for the kids. Great school, great experience. Super fun.
Super friendly and hard working
Professionals who actually want to help you
I'm in love with the look of the campus
We do not have post-grad services. School won't even answer phone for graduation date.
Class started with with 10 students then each month a new set would come in. Instructor excepted "O.G." students to teach the incoming students.
Workload was easy and not challenging at all. Instructor would give us busy work, for example crossword puzzles off the internet. I had to find my own internship site.
Very helpful staff and exceptional variety of major related holistic health degrees and certificates all around from a accredited school best of all!
Staff Is Exceptionable, Sweet and Sincere! They are learning...could use a little more communication on processing at time too.

However, everyone I've spoke or emailed with is fabulous and sweet and very sincere on helping you obtain your holistic health/career goals.
American College Healthcare Scince – I live in MD and my school is in Oragon. I go to school completely online and I love it. My professors and advisors are caring and kind. Everyones goal here is for the student to be successful and that common goal helps to keep me motivated---even when Im having hard times!