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My online experience has been awesome. I have taken a few courses online and the professors were able to leverage the online platforms like canvas appropriately to enhance the learning experience and communication for any class.
My experience has been amazing in ACHS. The college is an accredited holistic school. It is well structured and all information required is in details and very easy to understand. The website is and learning resources platform like canvas is easy to navigate. The staffs are very knowledgeable and can be reached when needed. I like that it is an online school, making it easy for me to further my education especially during the pandemic. I highly recommend the school for anyone interested in furthering their studies in holistic health.
This school has been very inconsistent. I am still waiting for my certification after completing the program over a year ago. Professors and administrators do not respond in a timely manor, nor do they offer much assistance.
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I am leaving ACHS. This school has been very inconsistent. I am still waiting for my certification after completing the program over a year ago.
Everyone is super friendly and helpful. Professors are strict but fair. Communication is key for involvement just like everything in life.
The online experience thus far has been fantastic. I am grateful to be a part of a school that is doing everything it can to be engaged with students online.
I'm a current student at ACHS pursuing my AAS in Complementary Alternative Medicine and I LOVE this school. I'm grateful everyday that I came across it online and did my research. The staff is incredible - knowledgeable, passionate about holistic health, understanding, and excellent communicators. The admissions and tech faculty are wonderful, as well, and the programs are very intensive but laid out in a way that helps you succeed and navigate through assignments with ease. There is A LOT of reading involved in my program but hey, it's a medical degree and you come out of each course feeling very confident. I can't say enough great things about ACHS - I planned on simply obtaining my AAS but I'm now interested in pursuing my master's in CAM because I love the school so much and look forward to furthering my education and knowledge through their thorough and outstanding programs.
I love the staff, they are so very helpful. The classes are an excellent challenge and the research one needs to do for the papers is exhilarating. I highly recommend this school and one of my friends actually enrolled based on my testimony. It really is a great school!
The labs, discussions, learning materials, instructors, and financial helps it be affordable. Getting to be able to have a circle that supports each in the fields and learning the sectors of the holistic health & wellness industry. The success rate is high and the flexibility gives students the ability to work and raise a family which long distance creates these opportunities for non colleges aged adults to get they're credentials. Looking forward to graduation and being apart of encouraging and sharing with future students about what helped us complete our studies.
I rolled my 4 4wheeler in September but my professor's really worked with me and helping me get through the rough patch.
Anytime you need help they are right there to help you. When I applied I got an email right from them. They are always willing to help in any problem you have.
This is a great on-line school! i took my Aromatherapy Certification classes and loved it! It offers great class structure, good professors and an easy to navigate website. I personally had some difficulty with the health classes but the teachers were great about working with me and trying to help tutor me so i could learn the information so I could pass my classes. I recommend this school highly for online learning!
This has been a phenomenal opportunity for me. I love the fact that it is online, and there is also a local office right near where I live! They have amazing programs and fantastic instructors and staff!
ACHS is such a wonderful college community with fantastic faculty and staff. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to continue my studies here.
I was very nervous about doing an online college but with my life schedule, I really did not have another option. To start off, the staff at ACHS is absolutely outstanding. They called me right away upon sending in an information request and answered every single question I had and made me really comfortable. They talked to me like we were friends and they have a genuine interest in what your goals are in this industry and want to help you in any way they can along the way. The classes and the online program they use is so easy to navigate and they show you how to use it before you start which was a huge help. I am very satisfied with my time at ACHS online and can't wait to see where it takes me and the knowledge it will give me!
I was apprehensive about returning to college after 45 years of being in the workforce - especially courses online and proctored exams! But, ACHS has made the transition from traditional face-to-face classroom time to web-based classroom, conferences, online assignments, and multiple ways to connect with my fellow classmates and faculty very easy! It was a much simpler transition than I thought it would be. The staff readily respond to questions - including the Student Services, IT Help, Faculty, and Library Services. They have been awesome to work with. I also receive timely updates, notifications regarding my assignments, grades and special deals through the school store for books and products specific to my program. I truly couldn't be happier with my learning experience through ACHS.
New student!! I'm doing everything online and they make it so easy. I never lack answers or contact with both financial aid or my advisor. In fact, they answer me before I have the question.
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I was concerned with the online program, but it's been a great experience!
There's a lot of interaction with fellow students. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and always willing to give assistance and help when needed. They encourage the learning process and always give a little extra!
I Love everything about my college! It is teaching me so much more than I expected. The professors are so quick to respond and so very helpful, they truly care and want to see u succeed. I wouldnt change a thing.
I think a lot of effort is made to create successful students.
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