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ACE is a completely online school for completing a graduate program for education. Every week courses provide you the same types of assignments so you know what to expect for each class. If you ever have any questions, you can e-mail the instructor and they usually get back with you the same day. Great online school to attend for the busy educator.
The staff has been very welcoming. The staff and advisors are always available to assist and answer any questions you might have. There is a wide variety of course options.
All they care about is taking your money. I dropped a day too late. The teacher had not done any grading by then, but they did not care. They kept my $800 and didn't care that it would stop me from coming back later in the year. It is more work than they say, as APA formatting is required and the discussion posts require 2 outside resources in APA, and that is just what is due in the first couple days of each week. The teacher didn't reply to a question I asked about the assignment in the Q & A board. It's a lot of work for a working professional. Horrible customer service. You are not treated like a human being.
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Soo flexible. Students must be self-disciplined to make sure they are able to meet the deadlines. Everything in online and it is the responsibility of the students to get their work done.
I love the online courses for their flexibility. I work and have a daughter. I am able to take care of my assignments when I am able to make the time.peer-to-peer interaction is strictly through discussion boards. The college offers a hang out type discussion board, but I doubt many people use it. The workload is usually the same. I have had one course that I though the required readings were way too many. The professors participate in the discussion boards and make comments on assignments to further our education.
The professors have different personalities and passions. They are able to connect with their students. All courses include lectures in the form of presentations or videos. All course have required readings. All courses have well outlined expectations for each assignment. All courses require discussion boards each week.
It is more for Masters and Doctorate studies in education. I am already applying what I learned in previous classes. Some of the class requirements are to write lessons and use them with a class of students. You then write a reflection paper based on the guidelines they are looking for.
I have the flexibility to do the work when it is convenient in my schedule. Each module is five weeks long. Each week students are given a list of deadlines that they must meet. The classes vary in workload. Some seem a bit overwhelming with the amount of reading they require. Others have a more comfortable pace. The academic expectations are high no matter what course you are taking. All readings are online articles from professional journals. They are located in the online library. All professors and librarians are easily accessible by email, and they reply within a day or two.
American College of Education is a completely online school. It requires students to be self disciplined and has high expectations. There is a lot or reading and a lot of writing. Online research skills are taught along with a strict adherence to APA citations and references. There is an emphasis on using technology to learn as well as using technology to teach. Its curriculum is based on peer reviewed, scholarly articles instead of text books. This means the readings are moe up to date and applicable to current trends and concerns in education.
The courses are well organized and clearly laid out. There are no surprises about what is expected and I am capable of planning ahead to suit my busy schedule.
A masters degree will improve my job prospects and salary increases
The school is affordable, and the degree accelerated. Just what I needed.
Some courses are more coherently designed than others. One course I had, felt like the readings and the weekly writing assignment didn't quite line up, while other courses are perfectly designed and cohesive. It varies, but if you do the work, you receive the appropriate grade.
So far, my experience has been smooth. Most students who attend this program are already educators working in a school environment, which means we are already all hard workers and professionals. The discussion boards are particularly engaging. I enjoy hearing from my fellow classmates.

Self-discipline and strong writing skills are two qualities that will help you move through the programs with ease.
like the LMS Canvas the university is using, very easy to navigate
no fed financial aid offered
did not try them yet
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All academics related to education major
Classes are preset for me, so I do not have to continually go through a graduate catalog...I receive a notice that payment is due for the next class...and I get online to sign up. The entire program is done in less than a year and a half and it is very affordable.
I am currently enrolled in the Elementary Education program, and I am able to collaborate with many other teachers that have a lot to offer. We are able to share projects and discussions to give each other tips and to motivate each other to become better teachers.
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