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My program was taught through an online platform. I found the instructors very helpful and quick to reply to any questions or issues. My classmates were also helpful, friendly, and supportive.
I am so glad I picked this college for my BS in Healthcare Administration. This is a great college. I continue to recommend it to all of my colleagues and students. I am happy that several made the same decision and are now students.
No surprises, well organized, knowledgable teachers, good costumer services, fair assignments, clear in everything, affordable.
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No surprises, well organized, knowledgable teachers, good costumer services, fair assignments, clear in everything, affordable.
I am in grad school and it is all online. They run it well. The professors are willing to help and there are a lot of supports for students.
ACE has good discussion prompts that lets the students get to know each other. The work is quite rigorous, but because of that I am learning a lot! Some assignments are a bit long, so I think that is something that could be changed. I would recommend ACE to others because the tuition is much less expensive than some other schools, and the programs are 5 weeks, which I like a lot. Some of their presentations are dated, from 2010 and need to be updated.
I just completed the first course of my Master's degree program at ACE and I was thoroughly impressed.

Over the past four or five years I have started programs at a few other institutions (that shall remain nameless) and dropped because I felt the programs were of poor quality and that the instruction was completely lacking. I understand that the courses are online, but that is no excuse to let students teach themselves.

ACE is different. The reading selections are applicable, and the instructional media and assignments support the learning 100%. I have taken online courses at 7 different institutions of higher education and so far the course I just finished at ACE was hands-down the best. I am very happy with my decision so far and I can only hope that the remainder of the classes are equally good!
The Educational Administration program on the doctorate level is terrible. The purpose of the program is to drain as much money from students as possible while blocking them from ever graduating.
I got my Masters in Literacy Education here. It was easy in terms of working with a payment plan. I always had a good experience with my teachers.
I completed the Masters of Education program with ACE in 2017, and have completed roughly 60 hours toward my Doctorate. I regret wasting so much time and money with this rinky-dink outfit. The quality of education is poor; communication with faculty takes days; and they honestly seem to be just making it up as they go along. I will find a more established, reputable online school and start my EdD program all over before I waste another minute with ACE.
Terrible experience. During my ninth course the professor was on vacation during the first week of the course. My questions were not answered to the first extremely confusing application. When I tried to drop the class, I was told I was two days late and would not be refunded. This university is a money making machine and could care less about student welfare. You certainly get what you pay for and I recommend going elsewhere.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure so far at the American College of Education. All of my classes are online but I still feel connected to the students and staff. This is a great opportunity to work with teachers and fellow educators from all over the United States as well as work with professors from many different backgrounds. Different experiences, and expertise aid in different classes more. I have learned so much already and I cannot wait to continue the journey.
American College of Education (ACE) has an excellent curriculum (unique USABLE degrees, with specialties needed in today's market) and they are significantly better priced than any program / degree I've researched (i.e. $23K for an Ed.D.). They are accredited and use the Canvas online LMS which makes for an easy-to-adapt online classroom, and I have thus far been quite impressed with their online courses (not too fancy, not too boring … juuuuust right!). Only drawback is that they don't accept Federal money (i.e. many scholarships...), but the affordable pricing helps make up for this gap significantly.
I love that the college is designed to support students. It is built for the adult learner. They make it doable for adults to go back to school and balance their lives.
Contrary to what others say that there’s a huge workload, it is actually manageable for a full-time teacher and mother like me. The work is fast-paced and you’re expected to know APA style upon entering, but there are many resources online that can help with that if you’re not not familiar. It’s all about time management. I just finished my 9th course out of 12 and it is very fulfilling. The courses are hard-yes. But what do you expect from a Master’s program? That it is going to be easy? Let’s be realistic now. Love ACE!
Convenient, fast-paced classes with affordability and quality!

I am able to juggle my personal life, professional life, and my academic life in a way that really helps me to build a brighter future for myself.
American College of Education is great for students with a career! You do not have to visit the campus, the due dates are the same for all classes and it’s extremely affordable. I looked at numerous universities for a graduate program and ACE was by far the cheapest!
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So far my experience with the American College of Education has been a great one. The teacher's have been very responsive and easy to work with. When I had trouble using the online submission tool, my teacher gave me her home phone number and began working through the problem immediately. My student support coach has been very helpful in getting me set up with my classes and helping me with financial assistance. Each course is laid out clearly, so I can make my way through it without hesitation. All of my classmates have been wonderful and we have very beneficial online discussions about what we are studying and practicing in the classroom. Classes are reasonably priced and you admission is a breeze. I definitely recommend ACE to anyone pursuing a degree.
I think ACE is an amazing school that lets you study and take classes at your own rate. There are professors that push you to think outside of your box and be beyond what you expect of yourself. I love it!
American College of Education is an affordable solution for graduate degrees. Completely online courses make it extremely easy for students who also work full-time. Loved my experience.
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