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I went into the LVN program with ACC during covid. It has been a challenge from being a student who learns best in a classroom setting versus online education. It's a fast past course and teaching yourself is expected. If you access all of your tools for this program you will do well. Studying everyday and doing homework is very important to pass the classes. Overall I wish I was on campus but due to covid we have adapted to learn in an online environment.
I personally do not classes online. It is not the same as learning in a classroom environment where you can be hands on and work with classmates. With being online its expected to have technical difficulties or internet problems. We take all our test online and 90 percent of our learning is online. Being on the computer all day is very draining, but Im fortunate to have continued this far in the program.
Staff has been amazing so far, just entering the program and want to say their very helpful and awesome
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American career college is a good program where it only takes 2 years to achieve your degree and try to aspire for a better life.
I think it would be great if they add a cafe. The advisors are very down to earth and wonderful. The teachers are pretty strict as well.
I started My course about 3 months ago and so far I am loving every second of it, yes classes tend to be a bit tough but the Teachers here help guide you through every step of the way always available to answer questions and for those who love hands on learning, this school is the best!
Ms. Munoz the Medical Assisting instructor is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had. She loves her students and her students love her. The advisors however need to more acurately portray how the classes will actually be, and be honest about costs and availabile funding.
Everyone there are SO INCREDIBLY helpful and friendly .. the joining process was flawless .. no information was left out .. scheduled appointments were very easy to do as well. Phone questions were answered right away - and the return phone calls are always within the day ..
American career college is wonderful very welcoming , helping and the staff wants nothing but the best for you
Great college and nice instructors and love the school. Instructors are nice and school is clean and well put together. Courses are challenging but works out Great!
I Love American Career College. They are all professional and always willing to help if I have any questions.
My experience with American Career College has been a very good and positive learning experience. They inspire success and motivate you to believing even in tough times you can over come and triumph. One thing that I would like to see change would be the amount of classes offered, but I hear that will change in the future as well..
American Career College's staff is so helpful. They make sure they cater to the students and ensure that everyone who attends has a pleasant experience. The instructors are so helpful and knowledgeable, always willing to go above and beyond for the students.
They are very organized and very helpful. They motivate you to stay in school and remain focused. I would like to see nothing change everything they do, they do right.
I like the school, the only thing wrong is they are constantly changing instructors and staff. LVN/LPN program is amazing if you have Mrs. O as a skills instructor.
I love ACC. Instructors are great!!! Stafff is amazing. Everything we do is a new learning experience. From theory and skills to clinicals could not have picked a better school
Even though this is a trade school, I've received more help than anywhere else I have gone. You're assigned to an admission representative who will be there your entire academic career here, and you will also receive help after graduating to find a job
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just started at this college everything is great there. small campus but great atmosphere . the professors are nice
Optical technician course.
Don't recommend. I began ACC thinking it was absolutely amazing and my teacher was BUT As soon as I got into my externship portion everything went down hill. They were so unorganized and inconsiderate. I had gained a full time management position in the field before beginning my extern and when it came down to it, they refused to let me do my extern where i worked. They told me I had to step down in positions and only do part time at my job and finish my extern in order to graduate. I couldn't give up the opportunity my job had given me so they just told me I had no other option which led to me dropping out and missing my COLLEGE GRADUATION. Very disappointed that that's what I paid all that money for, even my family was upset, they all looked forward to attending my graduation. I expected more.
There are wide arrangments of class time we can pick making it flexible to go here.
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