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Even though this is a trade school, I've received more help than anywhere else I have gone. You're assigned to an admission representative who will be there your entire academic career here, and you will also receive help after graduating to find a job
just started at this college everything is great there. small campus but great atmosphere . the professors are nice
Optical technician course.
Don't recommend. I began ACC thinking it was absolutely amazing and my teacher was BUT As soon as I got into my externship portion everything went down hill. They were so unorganized and inconsiderate. I had gained a full time management position in the field before beginning my extern and when it came down to it, they refused to let me do my extern where i worked. They told me I had to step down in positions and only do part time at my job and finish my extern in order to graduate. I couldn't give up the opportunity my job had given me so they just told me I had no other option which led to me dropping out and missing my COLLEGE GRADUATION. Very disappointed that that's what I paid all that money for, even my family was upset, they all looked forward to attending my graduation. I expected more.
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There are wide arrangments of class time we can pick making it flexible to go here.
Its good, but there been a few isues in the past. The good thing is it doesn't happen that often.
The teachers let you know what else you can do if you want to expand from there.
Work load is heavy but since its a fast track class its understandable.
Great school to go too if you want to start a career in the health field.
I haven't taken any online courses. I believe you learn the same way in campus.
Everything went well. I was able to set a time to go to school and able to take care of my kids.
This campus has a good percentage in job placement. I am really happy to see I have a good chance of getting placed in a job after externship.
Im berly starting my semester at this campus. The professors look really good. Seems like they know what they are teaching. Really professional.
As a students you want the best of help as possible. As I walked in this campus, I felt very welcomed. Every student wants to feel welcomed,comfortable,and also have great teacher who love their job and want to teach their students the best for their future in the medical field or any other field. I am happy in this Campus. And ready to learn as much as I can.
Im going for Medical Assistant and I know I will learn a lot. I am so excited for this coming semester.
The Staff and Counselors are great . This is an amazing school.
This school works around your schedule. offers day time class as well as night time classes.
This doesnt have any online classes
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All the instructors are still working in the field and all want you to succeed
The staff who work in the career services are so helpful in finding yoi a job after you graduate. They go above and beyond jusy for you.
All the instructors are still working nurses and they all want you succeed.
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