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This school has been very helpful when it comes to giving you choices in the medical field. When I applied for FAFSA they were very patient and explaining every question with the loans. They also introduce you to the director of the program you are attending and they will talk to you 1 on 1 and get to know you. Im very grateful for this school for putting their student first priority.
Easy to apply and a very helpful staff that understands what we need and how to help us. The campus is small but has a good vibe. Overall really good.
I started back in July 2018. I decided to go into the Medical Billing and Coding Program there since it seemed very interesting to me after I researched it. Over the past five months, I've learned quite a bit from the program and I feel very confident in myself that I will succeed in life with it.
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Its a trade school. There's no athletics, no fancy dorm rooms or frat houses, but it's for the dedicated student that knows what they want. It's too expensive to not know and not to be dedicated enough.
The labs are excellent, I love the hands on experience.
This school is very dedicated to their students and their needs, giving reliable resources to successfully complete the program.
Students are actually there to learn and not waste time
Learning new things very day since I started
Very helpful and the teachers are very caring and helpful.
I go to community college and work and this school and they have helped me to plan my schedule around everything.
They help you to find a job while in school and after you finish school.
They help you with any difficulties that you may have in school.
They help you to find a job and internships if needed.
It is great in teaching you about specific problems that your teachers have faced in the field.
It teaches you what you need to learn in the field.
I only attend school two times a week. Although they include the uniform, the books and the laptop ( that sucks balls) it is not what I expected studying for my career to be more labor intensive. However, it's not.
In the short time that I have been attending ACC; I have really enjoyed it. The instructors really want you to do your best to pass. In addition to that they want to see their students succeed
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The online courses don't help as much as peer-to-peer interaction but you still get great information and knowledge.
After we finish the program they help to get us into an internship,following that a place that will hire us.
The courses are short and straight to the point so you have to keep up with the work but its great because in such a short time you learn so much. The teachers are always there to help out. Classes are small and interactive so you all help each other.
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