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I enjoy my experience with American Baptist College. The professors are very caring, and concern about the students work hard and give their best. American Baptist College prepares their students to advance to places such as Vanderbilt, Yale, Howard and any other graduate school. The professors are very knowledgeable of their subject they teach.
I completed my degree 1983 my oldest son 2005 , my youngest son 2015 both as gone on to further their education. Thanks to American Baptist College.
I was able to receive little financial aid, and one scholarship from the school
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We do not have athletics
Living on campus, isn't bad, there could be some improvemen but overall great
The college is strict when it comes to school policies and academics, because they want everyone to be successful
We don't have many computer labs, due to the fact that we are a small college of preachers, however it is enough space for what we have and more
The surrounding atmosphere is good, there is always something going on in downtown Nashville.
American Baptist College, is very accepting, we accept all types of students from different backgrounds, sexuality, religion etc.
My favorite experience since first arriving on campus was the way i was warmly greeted and shown to my room. Being an international student, you can very well imagine being "out of place," so to speak. But being at American Baptist College really does make u feel like a special part of the family.
Computers are always available in the lab for student use. It's also a seemingly quiet place to sit and study or conduct research online.
What's best to love about American Baptist College is its extremely small student enrollment, which makes for smaller class sizes. Campus life is quiet for the most part, but there are regular activities planned from time to time for students to take part in.
There are very few students that live on campus. However, the housing accommodations are pretty satisfiable. A brand new dorm facility is presently being renovated for opening in the 2014 Fall Semester
Public Transportation is very reliable and and convenient for on and off-campus students.
There is a strong need for recreational buildings on campus for student and staff use alike.
I do not know of any available housing options outside of the ABC campus. Most students are commuters.
I have never felt threatened on campus. Our security is the best!
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Not TOO Close to Everything – Several food options exist in the surrounding area. The school isnt far from downtown and many other local favs, making it ideal for a short trip up the highway for fancier offerings. The plus is that being outside of these heavily populate ares allows you the comfort room to pass on the culinary explorations during finals.
Real Chef, Real Food – The dining experience at ABC is unlike what is found on most college campuses. Aside from a standard menu of burgers, soups and snacks the Chef (Troy) prepares a fairly elegant meal everyday. From this you have the choice of usually two meats and several vegetables. Wonderful food, good price, simply excellent.
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