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American Academy of Dramatic Arts - New York Reviews

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Rip off... 19th century acting. Over rated by themselves... Kinda not taken seriously in the acting community. Lives on ancient reputation. Many graduates deny ever attending.
Overall, AADA was a positive experience. It's a specialty school designed specifically for actors looking to improve their skills, connections and confidence. Being such a small school, administratively and politically, AADA has some room to grow. However, the reputation, instructors and instruction is excellent.
over all my experience at this college was great, the staff really in lighted me on how attending amda college of would further my talents as a vocal major. they showed my other exciting programs such as acting, dance theater, performing arts, music theater ect.
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I love how you can get that on-on-one attention and you don't have professors or teachers being an unknown person you have never seen before (seeing a different side of that person). Lastly, I like I how everyone is friendly and there is no dramatic competition you see in the movies.
I went on a tour of the school and thought of it as something I wanted to do for the next 2-4 years of my life, Musical theatre has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to continue it at an amazing school and be able to do it professionally and/or work in music anyways after graduating from the college if i get accepted in .
I liked how strict the program is. It is designed to set apart the people who are serious and passionate about theater, and the people who aren't. What I would change, however, is the lack of compassion and understanding among the administration there. I believe it is possible to be strict and understanding at the same time.
One of the most amazing and prestigious schools in the industry!
Not only do they have an extensive history and an impressive alumni list, the staff truly believes in their work and it shows. if you want amazing technique and experience about the industry AADA is the way to go!
Terrible worst school I went to .Certain teachers are terrible.I hated every second of this school.I hated having the same people in all my classes.They expect you to pay for everything.You learn nothing at all it’s a waste of time and money.Going to scamda was a mistake
Being that I only had about 7 months of acting under my belt when I first came to this school, I can surely say that I am a totally different person. I never would have thought that I’d be the actor that I am now. Yes, I still have an entire year left, but I feel as though I’ve learned so much already just from this first year of being at this school. This conservatory breaks everything down, they give me all the fundamentals of being an artist. I’m so glad I even took the chance to come out to New York to audition when I did. It changed my life for the better, I can definitely attest to that.
The admissions and finance departments are great at communication and response time. They have made me feel extremely welcome and they offer scholarships... although I was given only a small amount everything helps. The audition process was fast and comfortable: I left my audition smiling and laughing since my auditor was joy to perform for.
The school is really intense but you will be graduating as a trained actor. The teachers are really strict but it is all worth it in the end. I wouldn't recommend anything to change.
The teachers were amazing. The things they taught me about acting and life are indispensable. They're in the middle of a massive curriculum overhaul so there were frustrating transparency issues with the administration. Frequently, there was a shortage of classrooms/rehearsal spaces so they rent off-campus locations. Booking rehearsal rooms as a student was hard and sometimes you would get kicked out because a Company show needed that room and they take precedence. The changes occurring are ambitious and ultimately, it's too much too soon. Students found themselves getting screwed on accident because there are too many students and not enough time and resources. Sometimes it felt that all of my money was burned on renting off-campus and bribing industry to come and see us. However, they worked out most of the kinks on my graduating class. The staff were what made it for me.
the school is located in the heart of Manhattan, the classes are hands on and amazing, diverse student body and a lot to do outside of class
This program is giving me the foundation and skill I will need to pursue a career in the performing arts. I am learning to act from an honest place. I am being pushed every day to work harder and more honestly.
The staff and faculty are very helpful and supportive. I feel like I have an entire team working together with me, to make sure that I am successful in my future career.
The American Academy has such an effective curriculum, with teachers that really care about the students succeeding and prevailing in the acting world.
I have learned more in one year than all other years in high school when it comes to acting and theatre
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Not very diverse ethnically. Everyone I've met here is wonderful and extremely easy to get along with. We're all going through the same studies and we're all eager to make connections.
Everyone here get along so well.
Thy were very great with me personally.
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