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Although I have not started my career in college yet. I start in Febuary 2018 and the administration are very welcoming and they help you step by step through getting you situated and help you recieve any federal aid thatll help you through your time at AMDA.
The experience I had cannot be rated on a five star scale. It was incredible. I moved from Minnesota to go to a school where the teachers are true artists who wants you to understand what the craft is and the amount of work it takes to be great at it. They push you beyond what you think you can go, they encourage, you, they will not lie to you. Come for an experience, come to develop yourself as a being, and come to hone in on what you desire.
I thought the school was amazing! The campus was inspiring. The academics, professors, and overall campus feel should recieve five stars.
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it's not awful, I just wish I actually knew what I was doing.
I dislike admin and tolerate staff. Love the counseling services and all they do for kids who don't fit in.
I wanted to go there to work on my craft and be accepted by everyone and instead I was just met with favoritism, bias, and people shutting doors in my face whenever I wanted to do art.
Amazing classes and the teachers are AMAZING.
From what I know people from this school are always getting work and if you look at the list of alumni you can tell what this school teaches works.
Hard to get to school because of housing, I don't have a job but those who do have a tough time with keeping school work and work balanced.
Career development isn't part of the first year curriculum but the second half of second year.
Facilities could be updated but the school is very bent on making sure everyone is challenged and accommodated at the same time.
Coming to this school was the best decision I have ever made. Some rules are old fashioned and the curriculum isn't perfect - they definitely need more singing classes and camera classes - but the staff truly care about each and every student and spend a remarkable amount of time tailoring to each individual's learning style. I have learnt a lot and I can't wait to go back.
there is no online courses simply hands on
theres no post grad services other than the Company which for a year if accepted you can earn a great deal of experince starring and being a part of several theater productions.
everything is great and top notch from skilled and educated experienced in the entertainment business. The class sizes are small so its great attention and feedback from instructors.
Its a school you have to focus and work hard towards
they have no online courses its a theater school its hands on
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the alumni tells of the great networking the school has plus its in the heart of LA
The focus is simply on the craft of theater and acting, yet everything from dancing to vocal preparation and singing are all meddled together to bring out a natural and elegant actor. One that is confident in working on stage and in film .
Its a Great School with great and knowledgeable staff. The audition process was intimate and challenging. I felt as though the staff really look to find passion in the students and bring out the best in them. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a legendary school with some of hollywoods promising actors as alumni.
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