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I’ve attended the academy for 5+ years and I enjoyed it. Very small school which I personally like since I get more one on one time with the professors.
Most of the teachers here are good and care about their students. They push you to try new things and work harder. We go to school in an office building. There are two tiny student lounges and often kids have to eat lunch on the floor in the hallway. We have no food court here, just a few crappy vending machines. Homeless people have gotten into our building before, it's not hard to do. Location is on Michigan Ave and right by the Art Institute museum. You can't pick your own classes lately because there are no choices, you just get put somewhere even if you have no interest in the class. They charge you lab fees which are rediculious and should be built into your tuition.
It's great being taught by people who are already established in the art community. The teachers are really personable and it's not hard to talk to them at all. While there isn't anything like a meal plan and the dorms are quite expensive - which is kind of expected being downtown and all - the classes and how thoroughly subject matter is covered makes up for it
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So far I like all my classes and professors!
Students have much convenience here.
The career services at my school are amazing. Alumni also utilizes them.
I'm looking forward for the several opportunities this college offers it's students.
My major fit perfectly with this school.
I'm so proud to be a part of this very highly rated school!
So far the career planning and help seems like the only reason I'm happy with this school so far
Some professors are very stubborn and act they are better than you at what they do and don't want to help you learn, afterall this is school and not yet my career so I need to learn all I possibly can in a respectable way.
I wish there were better teachings on the program's I'm using in class and I didn't feel like I have to learn them on my own
It's okay I just wish the financial aid office would be more responsible and the teachers be more open and not so intimidating
Some classes are filled, being a freshman. So there isn't a way to transfer to a different class unless someone in that class transfers out
They do everything they can to help you whether it's with cover letters, résumés, or job searching in general
The teachers care about the students, they want them to excel. Class size is small so a lot of one on one time is possible, but some of the physical rooms need to be bigger
Certain teacher doesn't explain well and sometimes will leave class more confused than before they asked for clarification
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There was some that didn't make sense and wasn't made clear until after multiple questions were asked
When I went to the American Academy Of Art it was a nice small art college with new student that had better artist like me and that's why I like the atmospehere it was nice and friendly with new people an new experiences.
A top notch art school. Computer labs with excellent and high tech computers, lots of student activities in and outside of school, library has lots of resources and many places to study.
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