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American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service Reviews

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So far I have had an amazing online experience. The work requires discipline but the teachers are helpful when needed!
AAMI is a great school for people that need a flexible schedule. The program is set up specifically for the state test and the advisers are very hands on in helping you establish a timeline that will work for you.
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The place is a fraud-ridden hell hole. DO NOT GO HERE. The current director is a scam artist who enlisted students to cheat for other students. The facilities are horrible, like a cut rate insurance office in midtown. You do not receive the training you would at another school and there is no placement to speak of. In short: a nightmare, stay away.
i am hika gebisa i am from ethiopia and i am grade 10 student and i love education and i love american academy to educate their please give me scholar please
The teachers here are really experienced. The academics are informative but challenging. You definitely do not have time to be bored here at the school. Administration is very supportive, they do all they can to help you succeed, you just need to do your part. If you're lazy and you think you can skate by then this program is not for you. One more thing. The school expects you to dress business casual every day. I think it's a great start to a career! I would recommend this program to anyone I know that is interested in funeral service .
Since this is my first semester I love the topics so far except for microbiology and business as a funeral director. Even though I want to be a funeral director the curriculum is monotone and rather boring. I would never think that history of funeral science would interest me but it does and my professsor makes it fun. My registration process was a nightmare. I was actually suppose to start my classes during the fall but apparently I was never notified that the onlince classes were filled. I had to constantly keep harassing the scool administration to explain to me what happened. What made it worse was the fact that apparently they did notify me because they had the wrong email address on file. It did not make any sense to me because one of the faculty members read my email address to me correctly but they were still sending my information to the wrong email address. My advisor was the one that cleared the discrepancy when I was able to finally register for the summer semester.
Iam a funeral service major. Everytin tat I expected tus far as been awesome. My time and overall knowledge of the material as been great. Iam hoping to get a internsip after this semester so i can finally do what I want is work in a funeral home. That is my dream goal at this very moment. I want to become a funeral director and Iam actually getting into my major in my first semster whic is terrific. The business aspects of it is extremely tough. But with ard work and dedication I will succeed. If I need any extra help the faculty is very welcoming in allowing me to come to the school to use the computers and any other added additional material I need. They also have tutoring programs as well.
It is a bit nerve racking taking online courses because sometimes I get locked out of blackboard. Plus when my instructors send me important emails I get a bit nervous as well because of the due dates. It is entirely different from a regular class. But I rather deal with a online course. The material is great. Its alot of material to cover in a one week span especially when you are a full time student and working.
Not to happy with AAMI ... I have been an online student since january 2011.... The last three semester 2012-2013 they have overlooked me and scheduling my classes. Now I am at a setback and they have yet to return calls and emails. Their credits aren't accepted at other colleges and now I feel like I wasted 2.5 yrs of my life and education career.

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Everything was pretty much easy from my expierence you have to do a little foot work yourself, but once you get all appropriate documentation in, everything else falls into place. You don't have to travel. Again, all is done by the stroke of a key and internet. The online course is they way to go if you have tough business hours, children or can't make it into the city. Credits were easily transferred and you take as many classes as you can afford or concentrate on.
Online courses are great for a motivated person like myself. They differ from the average in class expierence by being able to make your own schedule versus having to commute on a timed basis. Everything is at a click of the keyboard.
There are always job opportunities in this field of work. As a student coming into the world of Mortuary Science you have to show compassion, devotion and integrity. That alone will land you in a good position.
Very Clean and Organized – A pleasnt place to be. Its a very clean school. You can actually tell that try are a very organized school because they want us to dress a certain way. They want us to dress formal which is great because it teaches students cleanliness also.
Work Hard and at the End You Will Be Able to Pay Loans Off. Thr education is worth the money that i am paying for. I just feel like it was a hard time with the financial aid department in the school and understanding what to do. I gave in my moms SSI benefits mom
Tax papers and i still have to pay an amazing fee. Its going to be hard paying it off but at the end i will be succesful and hardworking to try and pay everything back. Financial aid and tap did help alot and i appreciate it.
My overall experience with AAMI has been positive. The instructors have been very helpful in a sometimes difficult learning environment.
AAMI Curriculum – Most of the courses presented by AAMI are specific to the degree offered in funeral service.
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The Online Culture of AAMI – The AAMI online culture is very diverse. Students range in age from 19 to 50+ and come from numerous social backgrounds. Some have funeral service experience while others are looking to make a career change upon completion of the program.
Alot of Alumni have jobs working at the school. Some have there own funeral homes and businesses going on. The career center helps you look but don't really place you with a job.
We come to school going class. The classes are very intense and self learned. You have to have great study habits and really pay attention. There are test every Friday. The atmosphere is very diverse male and female, Caucasian, African american, Hispanic etc.Everyone have there own religious back ground and it kinda helps with certain assignments for classes.
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