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Amberton University is the most ideal college any working adult can trust and depends on. The classes are scheduled to match a crash-course format.
Finally! A university for the working adult (with children like me). I have a wife and three kids, one with special needs. The semesters are little shorter which keeps me motivated to finish. I don't feel like I'll be attending school forever. Apparently, the university has also ensured that the syllabuses of all courses have a consistency. The low-cost tuition makes me feel like I won't be paying on student loans forever. Last, but not least, I researched the backgrounds of the professors I would be registering courses with and could not be more impressed. These are highly educated academics who are flexible, but they will not coddle you. You will be challenged. But I would rather be challenged in the classroom than in the process of paying for and attending school.
I've attended Amberton for many years, just picking away at my degree and I thoroughly enjoy the professors and courses. The administration and online experience is organized and professional.
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The professors I have had possess doctorate degrees. Thus, it says a lot about their in-depth knowledge, and I have learned so much from each one of them.
Of course, I studied extensively, and although I had some difficulties in some areas, I was never intimidated to ask "dumb" questions. I am glad I persevered and did not quit when I was close to doing so. Lastly, the tuition is manageable (debt-free) when I earned my Master in Human Relations and Business in 2017.
Thank you....
I chose Amberton University first because they had the degree I was looking for not to mention the ability to complete my Masters online at a very affordable cost. I also found the registration and transfer process very simple. One key factor I was pleased with the capability to research professor ratings at Amberton on the classes I am needing to take. This was very beneficial in my choosing my instructor. I was pleased that I could also access the instructor's syllabus to know what to expect in the class; which also assisted my choosing the instructor. I had a question about the course and wished to know what the professor's response was and not only did he willingly answer my questions and eased my concern, he responded very quickly. This is very important to students. Since my registering, I have recommended Amberton University to several individuals.
The return on investment is incredible - you won't be in debt for thousands for a higher education. You can accomplish a lot with Amberton University. They have online as well on campus. And all their professors earn their doctorate or phd's which have notoriety.
Taking online classes at Amberton has been a good experience for me. I understand the work and the professors respond in a timely manner. The faculty in the office are helpful, as well.
It is relatively inexpensive compared to other Universities and maintains accredidation. Typical classrooms. I attended Lamar University for my Bachelor degree and Amberton University for my Master degree and I hope that you are doing good.
I recently decided to go back to school after 5 years of work. Amberton has helped me through the process with ease and I am now a college student again!
There are many students in my online classes from other countries.
The classes are very good; the workload can be quite heavy.
The quality of the classes I have taken have been very good.
I chose this school because of the diverse courses they had available that interested me.
It's a great school with online classes and programs all of which are specifically tailored for the working professional. Making it more convenient to complete your degree and learn the information on your limited free time away from work.
My classes are mainly online, however the location in Garland is surrounded by fast food, Starbucks, chain restaurants.
Some aspects are good, while others leaves something to be desired; overall adequate
The University is extremely diverse with multiple ethnic groups and backgrounds
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Currently enrolled in their Master's program, its proven to be convenient and I think Ive learned whats needed.
So far the curriculum is adequate for the major that I have selected.
The guys/girls are mature, older since it is geared toward the adult learner.
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