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There are many students in my online classes from other countries.
The classes are very good; the workload can be quite heavy.
The quality of the classes I have taken have been very good.
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I chose this school because of the diverse courses they had available that interested me.
It's a great school with online classes and programs all of which are specifically tailored for the working professional. Making it more convenient to complete your degree and learn the information on your limited free time away from work.
My classes are mainly online, however the location in Garland is surrounded by fast food, Starbucks, chain restaurants.
Some aspects are good, while others leaves something to be desired; overall adequate
The University is extremely diverse with multiple ethnic groups and backgrounds
Currently enrolled in their Master's program, its proven to be convenient and I think Ive learned whats needed.
So far the curriculum is adequate for the major that I have selected.
The guys/girls are mature, older since it is geared toward the adult learner.
As a off campus student in an adult-learning centered University, very little applies to my experience with Amberton University. My classes are mainly online or Saturdays.
We do not have any of these
Doesnt effect it at all.
Wish they would have more possible avenues for financial aid
Its a good school for working people.
The diversity on this campus is great, because there are many different people that goes here.
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There is no nightlife at our school. Once you finish your class, then you drive home.
I have not seen any one do drugs at this school so far.
There is no activities at all because this is a small school.
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