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Amarillo College is one of the best two-year colleges out there. I just wish the campus is not near a lot of other buildings.
I started attending Amarillo College last fall (August 2016) and so far I have loved my experience. I am currently a full time student and take courses online and on the campus. I love this diversity because being a mother of four boys all under the age of 15 it would be hard to have to take all my courses on the campus. After about 18 years of not being in school Amarillo College has made learning fun, easy and interesting. Lord willing, I want to get in to the Nursing program this fall. I am attending the campus in Hereford Tx, but once I get into the Nursing program I will have to drive to Amarillo, as the Hereford campus does not offer all the classes. If one thing could change I would love to be able to take all my courses at the Hereford campus. Another change I'd like to see is coffee made available to all students.
Great school, easy to get your associates in just about anything. Easy to get to the campus. Not real expensive either. I'm able to go at my own pace since I'm a mother of two children. Hold child care if needed for parents so they can go to class as well.
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I took a classes for a semester at AC. The professors were awesome, and they care about you personally. I liked how I could choose to take exams even on a Saturday.
Fairly good college, haven't had many problems overall so far with my experience with AC. Although, I did have one with an online course. Trying to come in contact with my professor over something important that needed to get fixed as soon as possible was very difficult. So that's the only thing I could complain about.
Amarillo College is a public community college dedicated to providing students affordable, flexible pathways to success. This great community college allows you to get a jump start on your career. Once you get ready to transfer to a bigger college to continue your education, your credits are easily transferred. The student support services staff are very friendly and helpful.
A very interactive school with lots of assistance in tuition and acadamia. The campus is easy to get around, well organized and extremely neat and clean. I enjoy the Writer's Corner and fellowship and camaraderie with the students. The classes are abundant and varying, giving for a good selection of courses. I would like to see a small fresh food cafeteria installed. Right now, there's only vending and a food truck. During bad weather, a sit down restaurant-style eatery would be especially appreciated.
I like that they have many different campuses to serve better their students. I would like to see more classes being offered off their main campuses, so students that don't live in Amarillo can get these classes.
It's been great being here, my adviser is amazing and the staff is equally just as great and helpful
I have had nothing but great experiences here. All of my professors have been amazing and I am always pointed in the right direction when I have questions.
Again there are plenty of opportunities with Amarillo college and at times the peers and tutors can feel like a second family to those around.
With the ability to do both online or in class education it makes it really easy to find a class that'll fit your schedule no

Matter how crazy
I have taken several online and hybrid classes, and they go really good with the flow of a standard class, this is helpful for those like me who can learn easier online than having to sit in class for long amounts of time
I have had very involved instructors, who just want their students to do the best. They are reasonable, but don't let the students act lazy which is good.
There are a bunch of organizations for students to be involved with, and job opportunities in the math and science labs for those that are passionate about individual subjects.
I have learned a lot about many different things during my time here.
This is one of the best community colleges I have heard of. The instructors are very passionate about what they teach and therefor are very engaged with the students.
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I am a transfer. Therefore one of my worries was that some the classes I had taken outside my major were not going to be applicable on transferring, however, Amarillo College made my transition headache free and easy. All my credits transferred with no problems.
One of the scariest parts of online courses is the thought of not being able to have that teacher-student right away assistance. However, at Amarillo College the professor are easy to reach and quick to respond with any questions. The registration process is simple and completely understanding.
One of the many great qualities Amarillo College faculty offers is options with job listings not only around the city of Amarillo but also all over Texas. They really care for the success of their students. Even after graduation they keep in touch and check in to see how things are going with each student individually.
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