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I love it. I made lifelong friends fast. When people say "college is fun", they know what they are talking about. You get to work closer with the professors and they can help you with what ever you're struggling with.
Easy to enroll and great selection of courses! I am a returning student from an out of state college and they made my enrollment easy and hassle free. The advisor helped me plan my courses in a way that would benefit me and my future goals.
I love Amarillo College ! The teachers really care about your success, and it is just a great atmosphere to pursue your education in!
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The #1 thing I love about Amarillo College is the people. When it comes to being warm and welcoming to new students, they are 2nd to none. I have enjoyed my time at AC greatly and I will miss all the friends and mentors that have helped me succeed along the way through my academic career. More than anything, the instructors and faculty want to see the students succeed and they will always help you reach your goals.
I am currently enrolled in the nursing program and it is a blasted. I love the instructors some may be tough a nails but it is a great learning experience. I love how everyone can come together and push through academically. Times can be tough in the nursing program but going through make new friends and having instructors that will help you with any issue can make the experience way less stressful.
I enjoyed having 8 week courses along with the classroom sizes were not huge so it kept it comfortable. I wish they had better seats and desks. Their teaching methods are starting to resemble tasks of a high school student so I haven’t appreciated that.
I am finishing my last year of college at Amarillo College and so far the experience has been wonderful. I am taking online classes and the professors have made that incredibly easy.
Amarillo college was a fascinating community college experience for me simply because it looked, and felt like a college, yet it was more affordable. I was able to take the classes I wanted to and pick my exact schedule without having to attend a university that was out of my price range. There was always some club activity or fundraiser or music festival going on in the commons that allowed passing periods to be unique and showed others what amarillo college had to offer other than taking classes. It showed that a person could get an education and become involved in the community. The only downside I ever saw about Amarillo college was that during the three years that I attended there was construction around the entire campus. However, the camput was beautifully put together. I was only sad to see the outcome of the work after I had graduated.
If you are going into a CIS program Dewayne Higgs is a really great professor. The campus is in alright shape, nothing special, sometimes parking sucks but it isn't a nightmare. Night classes are a really helpful part of the school for students that have full time jobs.
I love Amarillo college because the classroom sizes are smaller and you get to know your professor really well and also your classmates. Every professor I’ve had really cared about my success in the class and college in general.
It’s extremely cheap and the classes are small the professors can actually get to know you and give you hands on help. It’s definitely worth get all the class you can here befor finishing your bachelors or masters degree at your finishing college.
Amarillo College has a very good nursing program that really caught my eye. It is close to home and it is a good size college that it takes very good care of it's students.
Awesome College, the professors and staff genuinely want to see students succeed. They work hard to meet needs of students and help anyway they can. Awesome school !
Amarillo college is a great place for first year college students and has tons of really nice and helpful people. Amarillo college also has great activities such as volleyball and basketball and anyone and everyone is welcome. the environment is so great.
My first year at Amarillo College was great! I met a lot of new people and I felt comfortable with the environment of the campus. The student government held many events to get students to join together have have fun. I can’t wait to start my second year!
I really like it here. It is a competitive school. The staff care about you passing. It is also very cost effective to go here. I have been going here for a while and should be finished in December.
Right off the bat college is much better than high school, in basically every aspect. The professors genuinely care about you and always have reliable and fair office hours.
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I absolutely love AC! This school has really taught me that college isn't so scary and that anybody can succeed if hard work is put in!
In Amarillo College, every one was very nice to help the students as the best as their ability. I am very grateful because with out the help of people that work at AC. I wouldn't be able to have completed on getting my associates degree.
Amarillo College has been a great place to start off my college experience. The varied schedule allowed me to take an adequate number of hours and continue to work during the semester. The Professors seem motivated to create a good learning experience and wanted me to be successful. Overall this has been a great experience and I believe it has prepared me to move on to a four year university.
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