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I really like Amarillo College. Staff are very nice and helpful. Very good environment. Amarillo College is my very good choice.
I really like Amarillo College. Staff are very nice and helpful. Very good environment. Amarillo College is my very good choice.
I am a very in-person learner, learning online is a struggle for me. Amarillo college makes it easy to learn online. My instructors record videos in the beginning of the week and do google meet during our "class time" which is helpful because i am able to see the assignments before class and ask my questions during the google meet.
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In my opinion its the teachers that either make or break your college experience. Amarillo college is the definition of a unforgettable college. The teachers in the Drafting degree are worth more than gold. I struggled with laptops and money for text books and my teachers is the one who helped me get one. This school has so much to offer and the people here are so willing to help you with anything that you need.
Great college! Amazing staff that really want to help you in succeeding your goals! I love the teachers so much they really helped me through some of the toughest classes offered on campus. They however did loose one star due to the communication in the financial aid department side. The scholarship process is easy and got awarded fast though!
I had to take anatomy And physiology online this semester due to COVID-19 and I was terrified. I had taken anatomy and physiology before at another college and failed so badly I was extremely discouraged. I took it and received an A! My professor was extremely helpful with everything online and I really enjoyed the experience!
My experience has been pretty easygoing. Amarillo College is a very calm institution and made my transfer from high school to college very non-overwhelming. I was worried about how different college would be compared to high school and it stressed me out but this college has eased my fears. It provides for a nice experience for someone barely coming into the college scene. Not to mention it’s super welcoming and a very close knit community that allows for students to interact with professors easier than they would in big universities.
Professors are very organized when it comes to online learning. They stay on top of differing assignments, stay on top of answering any questions students may have, and make the transfer from in person learning to online learning very simple. Even for those who do not interact with the internet very often they’ve made it a easy experience.
I enjoyed the way Amarillo College approached the Coronavirus crisis with continuation of classes. My professors were all very accommodating and helpful, however we as students still learned everything that we needed to so that we could be prepared for future classes and university. Student life also remained active in the lives of the students which was very helpful in ways that still maintained social distancing rules. School officials also tried to update students as much as possible with any new information that became available; I would however reccomend that in future events like this Amarillo College provides information a little quicker and accurately to all students so that information is distributed consistently and some people are not calling to speak to individuals in the hopes of getting information about financial aid, books, or future classes from people that cannot be reached because they are outside of their office.
I took Chemistry online due to the Coronavirus crisis which was difficult but manageable with the help of professors. I also took Art 1301 and Intro to Humanities online which were perfect online classes.
I was still able to get the learning from my professors, but it was better when I was able to experience the fun and knowledge in person.
Everything about Amarillo College was exceptional, it was some of the most joyful times in my life. From the excellent professors, as well as kind, to the fun and knowledgeable times I had during all my classes. Amarillo College helped me pave a way for what is to come in the near future when I transfer. I want to thank everyone at Amarillo College from my professors, to my advisors, to the people who gave me a scholarship because they believed in what I could accomplish, and to the people who allowed me to attend this amazing college. Although I was only able to spend a short, but meaningful, time at this college, I want to thank you all once again.
I take online courses already so for me the online learning was not as complicated for me as i am sure it was for others!
Amazing president of the school very prompt when needing a response to any questions i must say it is a must go to college!
Amarillo College is a wonderful college to attend for those who are thinking about going to a Community college. Amarillo College is very affordable, the professors is wonderful and so is the campus.
It is fantastic!! Super chill and a no stress school. The teachers are amazing and really go out of their way to make sure you are doing your best and feeling their support.
It's an excellent place to go to school at. The faculty is always nice and reassuring. I just received an email from my next Teacher for speech class and she has me feel reassured that she's going to do her very best to teach classes remotely instead of being in class due to COVID-19. So far I'm stoic to keep going to class and keep attending AC. The place is easy to navigate and the attitude there is very easy going and keeps us all hyped up and motivated.
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Amarillo College is 100% there for YOU! They have many fun things for all students to be a part of like Yoga on Tuesdays or movies on Fridays. They supply heath groups too, for example they have a Stress Management "course" to visit during lunch to help better yourself and your success. They are so helpful and all professors want to see you succeed! I wish they had more 4 year options so I didn't have to transfer as well as dorms or apartments.
I really loved the campus! It was pretty and easy to get around with. All of the professors were very nice and gave good directions to individuals who got lost.
it is a community college so there are no dorms, but there are always events going on at the campus. there are also a lot of clubs that you can join though.
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