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In Amarillo College, every one was very nice to help the students as the best as their ability. I am very grateful because with out the help of people that work at AC. I wouldn't be able to have completed on getting my associates degree.
Amarillo College has been a great place to start off my college experience. The varied schedule allowed me to take an adequate number of hours and continue to work during the semester. The Professors seem motivated to create a good learning experience and wanted me to be successful. Overall this has been a great experience and I believe it has prepared me to move on to a four year university.
Amarillo College is a great place to start at when just getting out of high school. The people on campus are very nice and help you any way they can.
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I love how friendly everybody is, and everybody is willing to help you. The staff is always willing to work around the schedule to help you. They go out of their way to provide you with a good experience.
Amarillo College is a great way to get your needed education and teachers are there to help you throughout all the way! Great college!
They were very friendly and patient with me. They gave me great advise. The campus is beautiful. the professers do everything and anything they can help you with. THey gave me great recomendations for other schools!
Amarillo College is a great place to get a start on any career. They offer a wide selection of courses and degrees.
I love Amarillo college. The online classes are a breeze! However, some professors could get more involved when it comes to interacting with students
Great professors, flexible class schedules that works with your schedule. Good atmosphere. Friendly staff.
Great place to start or a great place to go back and start again. People are friendly and just has that hometown atmosphere.
The teachers are very helpful and kind! The courses are fairly understandable. The only thing I don’t like is that the campus is difficult to navigate!
I like Amarillo college and it is really easy. Classes are fast and clubs are fun to join. They inform students on upcoming events and actives. They will help students in any way that they can. The professors are very understanding and are willing to help you in any way that they can. Classes are fast and fun. They understand how hard it is to be an young adult and they have classes that can help you with stress or anything else. Amarillo college is a great school go get started at and it is really easy to talk to counselors about anything that is happening to you.
The college is great! Proffesors are awesome very helpful the classes are not too crowded wich is a good thing everything seems well i love it!
Amarillo College has always been a very open and friendly campus. The professors are always trying to help and work with students schedules. Amarillo College is willing to help with scholarships, work study, and FASFA. Plus the SSS Center here helps with studying, transfering, and other activities.
Amarillo college offers very enriching classes and life changing allied health programs. I have persued two degrees at amarillo college and I have not been disappointed. The professor want to help you succeed at any level of education, some even take the extra step to make sure nothing gets in the way of your learning such as hunger or transportation. AC is also very affordable for everyone and you get so much out of your money.
They did everything to help me in any way possible I was homeless last year and they helped me get a home and transportation
Amarillo college is great! I love the classroom settings, I get the one on one with teacher instructions when needed! There are plenty of resources at the school that are free to use for college students! I love the friendly environment from the students and staff here at Amarillo College!
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Amarillo College is a great community college. Everybody knows you and helps you with anything your having problems.
I love how all the advisers and teachers assist students with all aspects of their education. The other students are friendly and open to forming study groups for each class. The tutoring center is open each day of the week for access to study materials and assistance with classes.
I put athletics low and the dorms low because we don't have dorms or any athletic teams on campus. But everything else about the college is great and it's a great time knowing the professors and getting all the class work done.
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