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Amarillo college is great! I love the classroom settings, I get the one on one with teacher instructions when needed! There are plenty of resources at the school that are free to use for college students! I love the friendly environment from the students and staff here at Amarillo College!
Amarillo College is a great community college. Everybody knows you and helps you with anything your having problems.
I love how all the advisers and teachers assist students with all aspects of their education. The other students are friendly and open to forming study groups for each class. The tutoring center is open each day of the week for access to study materials and assistance with classes.
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I put athletics low and the dorms low because we don't have dorms or any athletic teams on campus. But everything else about the college is great and it's a great time knowing the professors and getting all the class work done.
I think its a great college. I have not started yet but, I am planning on attending this college soon.
The times and locations of the classes are very convenient for my commuting needs. The professors actually care.
So far in this LVN program I have had a great experience! The teachers work collectively with one another and are able to convey information to me and my fellow classmates in a understandable way. The one thing I would change would have to be the bookstore operations. There were absolutely no organization this year, and it took weeks after school had began to get our books in and to us.
I like how helpful the employees are there it was very easy to enroll in my classes and get the help I needed.
Amarillo College is a wonderful school to attend! The teachers genuinely care about the students and their success. The teachers actually teach their material, rather than saying "go read the book". A reasonable price for a genuinly excellent education is right at Amarillo Collge.
They Have Had Understanding With Difficulties Of Being A Single Parent, And I Am Thank To Them For Helping Me Be Better For My Children.
Amarillo College is a great Junior College to get your foot in the door of college life for those who cannot afford a four year university right after high school. All staff is friendly and committed to help students succeed.
I love the campus set up and how easy it is to get from one building to another. The instructors are very helpful and forgiving. The classes are challenging but at the end of the day you always feel that you learned something important.
I took dual credit classes online at AC, and it was a fairly good experience overall. The professors were helpful and understanding, and I felt as if they truly wanted to see me succeed.
Amarillo College is a great place to start. The staff are friendly and I do love the smaller classroom size. I like how all my professors have been available to speak with and contact outside of class time.
Amarillo College is one of the best two-year colleges out there. I just wish the campus is not near a lot of other buildings.
I started attending Amarillo College last fall (August 2016) and so far I have loved my experience. I am currently a full time student and take courses online and on the campus. I love this diversity because being a mother of four boys all under the age of 15 it would be hard to have to take all my courses on the campus. After about 18 years of not being in school Amarillo College has made learning fun, easy and interesting. Lord willing, I want to get in to the Nursing program this fall. I am attending the campus in Hereford Tx, but once I get into the Nursing program I will have to drive to Amarillo, as the Hereford campus does not offer all the classes. If one thing could change I would love to be able to take all my courses at the Hereford campus. Another change I'd like to see is coffee made available to all students.
Great school, easy to get your associates in just about anything. Easy to get to the campus. Not real expensive either. I'm able to go at my own pace since I'm a mother of two children. Hold child care if needed for parents so they can go to class as well.
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I took a classes for a semester at AC. The professors were awesome, and they care about you personally. I liked how I could choose to take exams even on a Saturday.
Fairly good college, haven't had many problems overall so far with my experience with AC. Although, I did have one with an online course. Trying to come in contact with my professor over something important that needed to get fixed as soon as possible was very difficult. So that's the only thing I could complain about.
Amarillo College is a public community college dedicated to providing students affordable, flexible pathways to success. This great community college allows you to get a jump start on your career. Once you get ready to transfer to a bigger college to continue your education, your credits are easily transferred. The student support services staff are very friendly and helpful.
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