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The Counselors are very friendly and helpful. Tuition is affordable and cost of living is low. It has many resources for tutoring. Easy parking and access to campus. Only problem so far has been communication from the financial aid department.
Good school, most proffesors are amazing, great atmosphere, great accomodations for students. Administration is always very helpful and truly care about every student
Technically, I am a student at Alvin Community College; however, I do not take classes on campus. I am a high school student who is enrolled in the Dual Credit program at my school. Alvin Community College has given me tools necessary to be successful at a university. It is great preparation and practice. So far, all of the professors that I have had the privilege to meet have done outstanding jobs teaching and connecting with the students. Overall, taking class from Alvin Community College has be a great experience.
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I did not physically go to Alvin Community College, I am a dual credit student via Robert Turner College and Career High School. Through their relationship I was able to begin taking college courses as a freshman in high school. I have never had a problem with any of my professors, they all have their quirks. Some do not mind if students doze off or leave early, while others do not all cell phones out and have note checks. Though as long as you do well in your courses and study it is a breeze. The only thing I do not really like is the lack of having the teacher for multiple terms, there is the possibility after the first semester that the second semester course will be taught by another professor which makes the bond between the students and faculty a bit difficult to attain, especially with dual credit students not being on the campus to go and meet the professors outside of class time.
I liked how the teachers and staff greet you when you first come throught the doors. Everyone is very respectful and kind.
Alvin Community College is a great school to attend. I've been attending this college for about two years and within the school you can meet a lot of educated people with resources. Numerous people who attended this college were offered internships right after graduating.
I love the environment this college has!!! I love my classmates and the professors! It is very easy to navigate through Black Board and the teachers respond rather quickly to e-mails. I like that the class size is not as large as a university. It allows every student to have their questions answered.
Alvin Community College is a great place. They have the best computer networking degree in the area. When you leave you will be set up to get certifications in COMPTIA and Microsoft.
Had no problem with getting the schedule that I needed, they worked with me and helped me get the classes that i needed as well as getting into the EMT program
The online classes are great, they help you and they know that your busy and they try to work with your schedule.
They transfer your credits to certain colleges and they do their best to make sure you get in to the college of your choice.
My teachers are very smart, and used to or currently work in the EMS field so we get real life examples and help.
there was some hidden fees with the EMT program that you didn't know till you got in the class, but they help you with them.
The programs offered help you get a job after your degree
Alvin is a small college, which gives it a great student to teacher ratio and helps a lot when you need it.
I would like to see more effort in the Financial Aid Office, I have been having issues with my Fafsa for a couple of months now. Since I study only theirs no way I can walk-in and fix my issues if I live thousands of miles away from the college, so I've been trying to fix these issues via email but they are really bad at getting back to you, especially to help you out.
It's very well organized schedule makes it easy not to miss your classes. However it does not offer many classes after 2 p.m. In fact not any core ones. However, I'm sure this was calculated to suit the convenience and popularity of most students schedules as most will be free in the morning.
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Courses for these use blackboard as the base for learning. It's not so easy to use and does not offer much of a tutorial. Nor does it add an appeal to want to learn through its online learning system.
They have a career services center that assist in job finding and do transfer credits.
The quality of courses of this school is one that is little to no different from the setting recieved in highschool. It should be something you are used to. It also correlates very well to what you payed for.
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