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There is no real-time support from the instructor, the systems used are saturated and send error messages, the Blackboard is obsolete
Online classes were very easy as they were done on your own time. Professors were able to get in contact with you if you ever needed them via email.
People do not have great enthusiasm when attending community college; however, Alvin Community College was able to provide a great experience for me. I am an alumni who graduated Fall 2019. Attending smaller classes gave the professors an opportunity to help students if needed, as well as building a relationship with students and even just knowing the names. There were also fun activities in the fall to get the student body together as well as numerous clubs to find interest in. Academic advisors helped me throughout the enrollment process for classes as well as making sure I am on the right path for success in my career.
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This is a tiny school. Yeah, it's cheap but not cheap enough. The professors are okay at their job but if you need something from the admin... you'd be better off going to a new college. They try to look like they are good at what they are doing (eg: neat-ish website, semi-updated furniture, etc.) but it is all an act. They also suck when it comes to maintenance. The columns holding up the school are broken, the bathrooms are gross, and the sidewalks are cracked. You're better off going somewhere else.
Professors just use Pearson so their job is already done for them. Everything's automatically graded, assigned, and taught.
the online learning is okay every teacher is different once you figure out what kind of teacher you have your usually okay.
I wish ACC offered a night nursing program so those of us who can't afford to leave there jobs to attend school could still go. It has taken me this long to complete pre-recs because of the ridiculous financial aid system we have to go through I struggle to pay for classes and my bills because I can't qualify for financial aid due to the fact I must provide parental information even though I live on my own and no one helps me witch school in any way. I can't even qualify for scholarships with ACC because I don't qualify for FASFA and that is crazy just because the government has a screwed up system doesn't mean you have to have one too. And add more visitor parking spots I had to risk getting a ticket to take my TSI because there weren't any open spots and I wasn't a student so I didn't have a pass.
I liked all my professors, they were in between of how a professor and a high school teacher are which was great because I am a dual credit student. And people on campus were always helpful.
This college does work hard to make sure you understand the material. Very personable staff. Campus is regular size, not too big where you could get lost.
The professors are wonderful, and they have an amazing dual credit plan with the Alvin area. I am a Dual Credit student, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a part time high school and part time college student.
Alvin community college is a great college. Easy access, lots of programs, great teachers. There is a strong sense of community in the programs, they look out for each other and there's a "no man left behind" mentality. The facility truly want you to succeed, so as long as you're willing to study and do the best you can do, you will graduate, you will find a job.
Alvin Community College is a wonderful school. The staff is incredibly helpful and polite. I don't have an complaints.
I love Alvin Community College and the professors i have had there so far! It is a great learning environment around people who care about your success!
Great school!!! Diverse community. The teachers are very nice and willing to help the students learn. The simulation lab is awesome, very realistic and prepares you for the real clinical setting
The Admin is very nice in the science building. The students there are very friendly as well as the people in the DCVS program. I had to take the USA exam and the staff inside was helpful on where to go as well as what I had to bring. The campus was kept tidy, as well as the outside parking lot. The neighborhood seems very safe, there are a lot of shops and families around the area to visit. When we toured the campus it seemed spaced out well, the cafeteria and bookstore are nice places to study and find handy materials.
Biggest joke ever. Great school if you're looking for something cheap and easy to pass. The staff acts like there are thousands of students attending and they take forever to get back to you on anything.
I like that the college has a lot of resources to help the students if they need it and it is a very nice college and very helpful to guide the students to reach their goals and achieve what they need to in the college life.
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it is a great junior college to go to and it is small with small Classes. Overall a great school to go to
Big thing on communication. If anything is needed there are resources everywhere to help you. Regularly send out emails and alerts allowing students to know what's going on.
Some professors care a lot about their students and do their best to teach and help their students understand but a few could care less and you need to teach yourself the material. The faculty is friendly and helpful and tuition is low.
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