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Although I did not directly attend ACC, I was a part of their dual credit classes through Alvin High School. All the professors are very understanding and work well with the students. This was very helpful as a high school student attending college classes because it allowed me to adjust to the fast pace without worrying too much. I would recommend ACC to those wanting a friendly community and friendly professors.
I got my associates degree over a course of four years little to no issues. All of the professors are very nice as well.
Alvin Community College granted an exceptional environment for students of all backgrounds to grow and succeed. This campus has truly taught me more than just the subject matter of my classes. It has taught me skills that are critical to everyday life.
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It's a pretty good school. I just wish there were more evening classes available. Most of the instructors are great, but I have had a couple that aren't so pleasing to work with.
It’s a great school, with great professors, or at least the ones I had. They were very helpful & there for me when I was struggling. The staff went above & beyond to make sure I was good. When I talked to an advicer, they told me their honest opinion on everything & were very straight forward.
The college offers various opportunities to have a jumpstart in our college career and future pathway.
ACC is a great place to start your higher education! It gives you the feel of college without the pressure of large classes, the big price tag, and being to far from home!
I enjoyed taking classes through Alvin to eventually earn my associates at the same time as my high school diploma.
Great place to start your acedemic career. Great local community and helpful staff.
My top choice out of the local choices.
Alvin Community College (ACC) is a great school with outstanding professors & instructors that go the extra mile for students. ACC offers an elite vascular ultrasound program known throughout the country. It places students at some of the best hospitals in the country for clinical rotations. ACC has a great college atmosphere for a small school. 5 out of 5 stars for my experience so far.
The advisors weren't much help when it came to transferring to a four year university. Some of the teachers were great, but some didn't help struggling students and didn't bother explaining anything when someone asked for help.
I moved to Alvin with my husband specifically so I could attend Alvin Community College for their Associate Degree of Nursing program. They have a 95 percent pass rate and are highly respected in the healthcare community here and I wanted the very best education. My experience was absolutely wonderful. The curriculum was great, the professors were awesome and our director truly advocated for us and made sure that we had the very best education. I loved how respectful the professors were and they always put us first. I would do it again in a heart beat.
Excellent deal for any undergraduate -- save money and take core curriculum and transfer to Texas universities.

One of the best ADN Nursing programs in the state of Texas. High NCLEX pass rate, clinical opportunities in the Texas Medical Center as well as local Houston/surrounding area hospitals. Faculty is composed of seasoned nurse educators, currently practicing nurse practioners, and specialists in clinical areas.
I like how helpful the professors and staff are. There is always something going on to get involved with other students.
I am a dual credit student at Robert Turner College and Career High School. There were some classes and professors that I really enjoyed but others that I really struggled with and almost didn't pass because of the way the professor taught.
During my time at ACC it was great! The teachers were awesome and very helpful. The staff are friendly and the campus is clean.
I enjoyed attending Alvin Community College as a freshman and because of the professors and campus, I am attending to achieve my associates in Sonography
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Alvin is a wonderful community college. I started here as a dual credit student and ended transferring to university. From high school up to the point that I was ready to transfer ACC was helpful. The professors have been great, the advisers are always helpful, and the student body is friendly and active.
The professors at Alvin are all really good! They definitely care about each student and help them to succeed. Plus there are tons of events on campus each month and a few different organizations to get involved in. Overall, this was a great place to spend my first year of college.
I love everything about Alvin Community College. From the low teacher to student ratio, to the free tutoring, ACC is dedicated to seeing their students succeed. The professors are all friendly and helpful, and like getting to know their students on a personal basis. I would not have wanted to attend community college anywhere else.
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