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I am currently in my second year at Alverno, and I love it. I like the teachers and the students. Especially the grading system, because it is more of a pass or fail system and we do not receive grades. Which I believe helps in the long run because in life there are no grades or second chances per say, and by teaching us that early on the better off we will be when we are in the work force.
I like the classes, other students, always things to do on and off campus. I don't like some of the professors
I am going into my senior year at Alverno College as a nursing student. A couple reasons why I chose these school was being it was an all girls college and has small class size. I wanted my teacher to know me by name, which they do. As well as focus on my school work, which I felt being around a lot of strong woman would help me do. The campus is gorgeous from the outside lawn to the inside of the school.
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Supportive environment. Instructors accommodate and assist. Unique 8 abilities curriculum. External assessments. Constructive feedback. Annual Community Day. Deicated to lifelong learning.
I love my school. I love the other students, I love the professors, and I sometimes even like doing the homework! The only thing I'd like to see changed is maybe allowing a more open discussion with higher faculty members and students.
Alverno College has a very inclusive and innovative approach to assessing student learning. There are no letter grades. You have to prove that you have mastered the course outcomes by demonstrating that knowledge.
Alverno is a beautiful and large campus for women. The people are genuinely really nice, polite, and patient people. I've had multiple encounters with the people and they are all really vibrant.
I love Alverno! The one thing I really have enjoyed is how involved the staff is in the students lives and academics. The nice thing about going to a smaller college is the fact that you get to know everyone on a personal level. Alverno is not an easy school, but with the support of the staff and peers, succeeding at Alverno is a wonderful feeling.
Alverno College provides a very structured and diverse academic program. The professors are very helpful and friendly, they offer office hours for students to talk with them for extra review or for any questions that they have. They also challenge the students to do everything academically to the best of their abilities. If a student starts to fall off track, the professor will reach out to that student and offer them extra help outside of class, or if a student reaches out to a professor for extra help, they will receive the help they ask for. Alverno College also provides students with a diverse and friendly community. They offer many clubs/activities to fit each student's interest to hep them feel welcome and a part of the school. Alverno College is a place where its open doors welcome students of all different backgrounds to receive a well rounded education and provides them with a diverse community to create positive experiences.
My experience in Alverno College was first a bit challenging, but when you connect with instructors to help went out like as piece of cake. Instructors, counselors, colleagues, you name it...they support you no matter what.
The educational enviornment is unmatched. Most programs are small enough that you have unlimited access to faculty. The college is very inclusive and they are always offering something to do. Paying the extra money for this private school education is absolutley worth it in the long run. The lessons I learned at Alverno, I will carry for the rest of my life!
They make sure every students needs are met and are very personal. You are not just a number there. There is so much to do on campus and so many great people.
My first year attending Alverno College was a great experience. I did not encounter any problems with my professors or any other faculty. I found everyone I interacted with to be very helpful and encouraging. However, my second year attending Alverno College was the exact opposite, this is also the reason why I am transferring schools. What I experienced my second year at Alverno College was awful and I would not recommend this school to anyone because of this. The professors I had were completely rude and discouraging. This simply through you in with the wolves and did not offer much help. Also, if you asked for help, they would make you feel completely stupid in front of the whole class. I even had one of my professors tell my adviser I was not smart enough to pursue the major that I was and that I should change it. Definitely a very discouraging school that really does not care about your future at all.
I came to Alverno as a transfer student. My first overall impression was that it was only for crazy outgoing people. However, now going into my third semester, I love it! The community around Alverno, along with the staff and women who attend this school are amazing and supportive. Alverno does not have grades, we have a pass or fail system. At first it was scary with that grading system,however, I really like it because the professors provide lengthy feedback on every assignment. The feedback tells us what we did well on and how we can improve our skills. With the professors giving indivial feedback, it provides us with a chance to form a better relationship with them rather then being defined by a grade.
My expirence at Alverno College has been nothing but amazing. The professors are there to help you every step of the way and support you to become a successful women!
I am currently a freshman and so far I am enjoying my experiences at Alverno college. I like how the class sizes are small and the grading system is not as overwhelming as the A, B, C system was for me in high school. A change that I would like to see is that there is more authority towards residents in the dorms especially towards the end of the year when girls start to get loud.
What I like about Alverno is that they don't have a grading system and the students and faculty are very welcoming. What I would like to see change here is more food options especially for vegetarians.
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The staff and faculty members are friendly. The faculty members care about the student's success. You will be pushed to do even better than you had expected yourself to do. The job opportunities after college are amazing. The school prepares you for the world after graduation very well.
Alverno has the tools and resources to make my college experience successful. The great professors and staff help me gather all that I need to be prepared for classes. The environment is well rounded.
I love the atmosphere it gives off and everyone is super friendly. I love the one on one I get with teachers and they're always willing to go out of their way to help a student when needed. The friends I have made are making it a great college experience so far. I am learning and thriving in this environment and becoming the strong woman I know I am. I have grown so much so far this first year and I can't wait to see where the next 3 take me!