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I absolutley love it at Alverno! Ever since the first day I stepped into that school I instantlly felt like home. Everyone at school is really friendly! You will right away fit in and make lots of friends! Professors are amazing too! They all have positive attitudes and are always available when you need anything. I recommend alterno very much and believe you will be very successful here!
Alverno is a wonderful college, the teachers are pretty good they are always there to help in anyway they can. I love how their grading system, and all the effort Alverno makes to make every student better. The college life is average, Alverno has mostly a calm and serious atmosphere so if you are looking for the big parties Alverno is not the place. Otherwise Alverno is a very good school overall, but something that I wish they would change would be how high their tuition is and make it more affordable for many more women to gain their education at Alverno.
I haven't attended the college yet, but it seems very fitting to my needs as a student and looks to be a lot of help along my road to success!
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Alverno is an amazing school! The diversity is incredible. I come from a small town so when I started at Alverno, it certainly opened my eyes to how different the world really is. The course selection is tremendous. There is something for everyone and everyone's voice is heard. Even though the school is expensive I couldn't have chosen a better college to invest in.
Going to Alverno College has been an amazing journey. I came into this college as a shy person. However, as I progress my courses through the years, I met wonderful instructors and peers that provided me feedback as well as guidance towards improving myself and my skills within my major. The only thing that I believe the college should improve on is the communication about grade equivalency. Alverno College does not evaluate students according to a letter grade system. The college evaluate students based on performances in each course to which the student meet or exceeds standards and criteria. Grade equivalency is converted based on the instructors feedback and can be provided if you want to pursue further in your education. The communication for grade equivalency is really difficult if you are a Science major who is planning to go to Graduate School afterwards. Fortunately, it is possible to do so. However, the process sometimes is long and tedious.
Alverno has been great so far! Although it took sometime getting used to not being around boys, I feel like I've made great friends and I'm doing better academically (comparing myself to how I was in high school). Although, I don't have the chance to go to many of the events they put up during campus, many events sound super fun.
Love attending Alverno College. Not only is this University supportive in its academic programs, but we also support each other as a community of women. Unlike many other larger Universities, Alverno has a close net community that makes you feel at home. Another great part of this College is the fact that you never feel like just a number, because you will have the opportunity to get to know your classmates and professors on a personal level.
Unlike your typical University, Alverno is community based. What I mean by that is although we have a huge variety of majors all us students are supportive of one another. Our campus community has an annual Community Day, which we get involved with volunteer services in our local community of Milwaukee. Alverno College really focuses on supporting their students and faculty, as well as helping us prepare for our futures.
There are many activities throughout the year. Also, the professors are here to help students and make sure we succeed. The grading is different from other schools: it's either pass or fail at the end of a semester. Some students aren't used to this type of grading, however I believe this will help my education because I'm not worried about a letter grade and the professors give feedback and help to make sure you pass.
My experience at Alverno College has been like no other. I feel welcomed all the time and love the environment and classes it has to offer. Alverno believes not only in success from their students but for them to reach their full potential and change the world. The professors are helpful and really want you to do well in any assignment that is given to you. I also love how it is not only a college but a community. A community where women at this college support one another instead of competing with each other. I love Alverno College because of the support I receive from my classmates and professors and would not want to change anything for any reason.
I'm a sophomore in college and i just love the school everyone is so friendly and helpful. Honesty the best college in Milwaukee. I've become more social while attending this school.
Alverno has changed my life in the most positive way possible. I have never felt so supported in my life until now. I never thought university like this existed, I'm excited to be here, and would recommend this school to anybody. The one thing that I would like to have more of is, more options for classes in the summer.
I've loved it so far I'm a sophomore here and I've had the best experience. Everyone is so welcoming and so helpful. Everyone cares about your wellbeing and educations
I love alverno's nursing program. I think is one of the best out there. They put you in similar situations that would most likely happen in a hospital so when it comes to real life interactions you will be ready for them.
I am still new to Alverno and am just starting my 2nd semester but I love it. The teachers really seem to care and they have a number of resources available to help students succeed.
Alverno has a very family like feel. Everyone is so willing to help you when you need it. You don't feel like a small fish in a big pond, because every where go on campus you have someone saying 'hi' and asking how you are.
My experience with Alverno College is simply amazing and exciting. There are lots of opportunities and organizations to join within the alverno community. The teachers are very understanding, they help you with everything and work with you to catch up on assignments. I like alverno college because it's bigger, has smaller classes, reasonable staff members, and they helping me feel better about myself.
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I do not have an issue with safety on campus.
I haven't had any negative experiences thus far.
I don't know much about the school's athletics.