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The staff and faculty members are friendly. The faculty members care about the student's success. You will be pushed to do even better than you had expected yourself to do. The job opportunities after college are amazing. The school prepares you for the world after graduation very well.
Alverno has the tools and resources to make my college experience successful. The great professors and staff help me gather all that I need to be prepared for classes. The environment is well rounded.
I love the atmosphere it gives off and everyone is super friendly. I love the one on one I get with teachers and they're always willing to go out of their way to help a student when needed. The friends I have made are making it a great college experience so far. I am learning and thriving in this environment and becoming the strong woman I know I am. I have grown so much so far this first year and I can't wait to see where the next 3 take me!
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This school is amazing. The teachers interact with every person and it isn't just any college, the professors know your name. If a student is struggling in a class, they will reach out and make sure they get help. We don't get grades in this school, it is a pass or fail but this challenge the students to think more and study to make sure they get it right the first time. Everyone is so kind to one another, the students and the staff. I feel comfortable going to this school and the friends I made are amazing. Going to be getting my masters at Alverno College as well next year!
I find Alverno College to be an excellent place to extend my knowledge and expertise. I love Alverno because it's such a inclusive college, so the staff and students are always so nice and postive.
Alverno college is a college that is outside the box of any other college. Alverno challenges you and enforce working with other women which enhances your work skills in the future.
Alverno College has been really great so far! Sometimes scheduling is hard to figure out and some professors are hard to deal with but for the most part, I love being a part of the Alverno family. The small class sizes are awesome and there are always opportunities to get involved in the community and connect with others. It's been a really great experience so far and I can't wait to see what the rest of my education will bring!
I love everything about this school, it's so different from other schools, which is really good for me. Everyone here is so nice and care about how our schooling is going. They really want to make sure you reach every goal you have. I wouldn't change anything, I love my school the way it is.
There will be a lot of self assessing, but helps you reflect on your choices in life. Student events are always incorporated throughout the semester. The environment feels very open, diverse, and comfortable. Some may even bring their kids to classes and this is not something that is frowned upon. Staff is always supportive and it is important to make connections with them.
I like that Alverno has very small class sizes. The smallest class I've ever been in had 6 people, the largest had 30. In my opinion smaller classes allow students to get to know one and other as well as get more attention from the teacher. I love that Alverno doesn't have standard grades or a GPA. Instead you are graded on skills which is applicable to any job field.
I like all Of my professors. For the most part, my classes are great. However, this school makes you take a lot of prerequisites before you can even think about taking classes that have to do with your major. Most classes are in a 2hour time frame, and the whole school is on a “break” from 12-1 pm. Which is nice because it gives everyone the chance to take a break during the day. The campus overall is really nice and clean, and everyone is really friendly. They make you feel welcome, but a lot of the advisors can be really pushy about what classes you choose to take and when.
Best women's college out there! It made me be an independent woman who now has a successful career and confidence that shines!!
It's an amazing school with a real passion for its students. The curriculum is meaningful and the teachers are committed to helping you excel. The only thing I'd personally change is the food services, they need a little bit of help.
This is not a party school, but you can find people to go out with if you are looking for it.
I absolutley love it at Alverno! Ever since the first day I stepped into that school I instantlly felt like home. Everyone at school is really friendly! You will right away fit in and make lots of friends! Professors are amazing too! They all have positive attitudes and are always available when you need anything. I recommend alterno very much and believe you will be very successful here!
Alverno is a wonderful college, the teachers are pretty good they are always there to help in anyway they can. I love how their grading system, and all the effort Alverno makes to make every student better. The college life is average, Alverno has mostly a calm and serious atmosphere so if you are looking for the big parties Alverno is not the place. Otherwise Alverno is a very good school overall, but something that I wish they would change would be how high their tuition is and make it more affordable for many more women to gain their education at Alverno.
I haven't attended the college yet, but it seems very fitting to my needs as a student and looks to be a lot of help along my road to success!
Alverno is an amazing school! The diversity is incredible. I come from a small town so when I started at Alverno, it certainly opened my eyes to how different the world really is. The course selection is tremendous. There is something for everyone and everyone's voice is heard. Even though the school is expensive I couldn't have chosen a better college to invest in.
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Going to Alverno College has been an amazing journey. I came into this college as a shy person. However, as I progress my courses through the years, I met wonderful instructors and peers that provided me feedback as well as guidance towards improving myself and my skills within my major. The only thing that I believe the college should improve on is the communication about grade equivalency. Alverno College does not evaluate students according to a letter grade system. The college evaluate students based on performances in each course to which the student meet or exceeds standards and criteria. Grade equivalency is converted based on the instructors feedback and can be provided if you want to pursue further in your education. The communication for grade equivalency is really difficult if you are a Science major who is planning to go to Graduate School afterwards. Fortunately, it is possible to do so. However, the process sometimes is long and tedious.
Alverno has been great so far! Although it took sometime getting used to not being around boys, I feel like I've made great friends and I'm doing better academically (comparing myself to how I was in high school). Although, I don't have the chance to go to many of the events they put up during campus, many events sound super fun.
Love attending Alverno College. Not only is this University supportive in its academic programs, but we also support each other as a community of women. Unlike many other larger Universities, Alverno has a close net community that makes you feel at home. Another great part of this College is the fact that you never feel like just a number, because you will have the opportunity to get to know your classmates and professors on a personal level.