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the college has an amazing student to teacher ratio that makes learning much easier for students. this college also features an amazing way of grading because it is based on a pass-fail program which is very easy for students to follow. the school also features abilities that are major life skills needed for after college. and finally, this college offers an amazing nursing program with a full-blown simulation lab and a clinical lab which is very helpful to help students to learn
Alverno Is very expensive but the Education is worth every penny. The Nursing Department is the best in the Midwest. The curriculum is very demanding. Don't expect to have a life.
As I visited to Alverno's college campus, I immediately fell in love with the campus. The administrators and the students who introduced the campus tour and giving us a warm welcome into the campus made me feel so comfortable to be around and how included I felt when I went there. I would 100% recommend this school!
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Alverno is a great school for those who want a small private experience. The staff are all very friendly and you truly do feel a sense of community at Alverno. However, while I enjoyed most professors, there is an increasing amount of not great professors coming in. I still believe that I got a good education from Alverno. I also took a lot from the additional activities I participated in, my student job and my time in athletics were vital to my success at Alverno and some of my best memories come from those.
When you are a freshman or sophomore in school, the teachers are helpful and most will be able to help you when you are struggling in your classes, but once you get to more of your upper-level classes as a junior/senior then the teachers lack the ability to help or explain the materials or subject matter that which they are teaching. Also, access to certain events, programs, or opportunities that a student can do is limited unless the student literally has to do the leg work and ask if such things exist, and in most cases they are, but only some of the staff/faculty know about what the student is asking for. A lot of run-a-round, especially for the financial aid or business office with payments or loans.
I love how small classes are and how every teacher in there cares deeply for student success. Their passion reflects on their students.
Something that I liked about Alverno College is the Environment as well as how much the professors want you to succeed as a student.
If you are looking for a small campus with an innovative approach to education, value small classroom sizes and low teacher-student ratio, Alverno College may be a very good fit for you. While I thrived in this small, intimate setting and lived on campus, for me, the only downside was the lack of social connection on campus with the opposite sex. The nursing and education program are highly rated and regarded in Wisconsin & the Midwest, and the business management program is solid. A great value for the money, perfect commuter school, excellent for the non-traditional student with one of the first weekend-college programs founded. Also a good pick for an athlete wanting to continue her high school sports career in a Division III setting. Easy accessibility to downtown Milwaukee via public bus transportation. Safe neighborhood, nestled in a quaint, south side residential area.
My 2 years at Alverno so far have been overall great. I love the school and the people who come with it. I would definitely recommend the school to someone who is looking to live away from home for school but doesn't want to live too far away. Alverno has a very high diverse rate where nobody is left out and everyone is welcome, nobody is turned away because of race and is a strong believer in DACA. If looking for a school with one on one learning, diverse atmosphere, athletics, and of course a great education, Alverno is the place to be!
I am currently in my second year at Alverno, and I love it. I like the teachers and the students. Especially the grading system, because it is more of a pass or fail system and we do not receive grades. Which I believe helps in the long run because in life there are no grades or second chances per say, and by teaching us that early on the better off we will be when we are in the work force.
I like the classes, other students, always things to do on and off campus. I don't like some of the professors
I am going into my senior year at Alverno College as a nursing student. A couple reasons why I chose these school was being it was an all girls college and has small class size. I wanted my teacher to know me by name, which they do. As well as focus on my school work, which I felt being around a lot of strong woman would help me do. The campus is gorgeous from the outside lawn to the inside of the school.
Supportive environment. Instructors accommodate and assist. Unique 8 abilities curriculum. External assessments. Constructive feedback. Annual Community Day. Deicated to lifelong learning.
I love my school. I love the other students, I love the professors, and I sometimes even like doing the homework! The only thing I'd like to see changed is maybe allowing a more open discussion with higher faculty members and students.
Alverno College has a very inclusive and innovative approach to assessing student learning. There are no letter grades. You have to prove that you have mastered the course outcomes by demonstrating that knowledge.
Alverno is a beautiful and large campus for women. The people are genuinely really nice, polite, and patient people. I've had multiple encounters with the people and they are all really vibrant.
I love Alverno! The one thing I really have enjoyed is how involved the staff is in the students lives and academics. The nice thing about going to a smaller college is the fact that you get to know everyone on a personal level. Alverno is not an easy school, but with the support of the staff and peers, succeeding at Alverno is a wonderful feeling.
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Alverno College provides a very structured and diverse academic program. The professors are very helpful and friendly, they offer office hours for students to talk with them for extra review or for any questions that they have. They also challenge the students to do everything academically to the best of their abilities. If a student starts to fall off track, the professor will reach out to that student and offer them extra help outside of class, or if a student reaches out to a professor for extra help, they will receive the help they ask for. Alverno College also provides students with a diverse and friendly community. They offer many clubs/activities to fit each student's interest to hep them feel welcome and a part of the school. Alverno College is a place where its open doors welcome students of all different backgrounds to receive a well rounded education and provides them with a diverse community to create positive experiences.
My experience in Alverno College was first a bit challenging, but when you connect with instructors to help went out like as piece of cake. Instructors, counselors, colleagues, you name it...they support you no matter what.
The educational enviornment is unmatched. Most programs are small enough that you have unlimited access to faculty. The college is very inclusive and they are always offering something to do. Paying the extra money for this private school education is absolutley worth it in the long run. The lessons I learned at Alverno, I will carry for the rest of my life!