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I love Alvernia because everything and everyone us very personable. You can always get help directly from your teachers because they are here to help you succeed.
friendly and warm atmosphere, great writing tutors, professors who truly care about non-traditional students like me
Overall great experience! Staff and incredibly helpful and caring. They prepare you for real life experiences the best they can in a controlled setting. The school tuition although is costly.
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My experience so far at Alvernia University has been very good. I have met a lot of new people that I know I'll still connect with once everyone has graduated. I also played basketball and connected with coaches and my teammates. I've traveled places that I've never been just off of playing basketball. Some changes that I wanted to see, that are now starting to come to existence is a football program and another gym that students can get some extracurricular time in. Also, another change that I hope happens is that they continue to add more parking spaces for students that have vehicles. That's a main problem that students usually run into. Other than that, I love my University.
A beautiful, tiny university! All of the professors have been very helpful so far. There is always something to do on campus, and the food is pretty good!
I love the adult education program! Everyone works together, both staff and students, to assist with having the best educational experience possible. I also like the intimate size of the class population! I recommend Alvernia highly. Excellent experience! Wishing I could have my Masters experience there as well!!! My only complaints is that I wish the Philadelphia Campus had more activities for students and more interaction with the main campus.
I am a current college student at Alvernia University and I have to say, the experience is like no other. Teachers and students are welcoming and helpful from day one. From your connection day to your first day of class to your last day of class, they are there to help you succeed and feel welcome. You can go to anyone with any problem and they will listen and help you through it. The programs are rigorous and fast but not so much as to overwhelm the students. This college's programs challenges its students as well as keeps them involved.
good small school with very good sports programs. Small classes provide for good learning and better contact with teachers. Nice campus but small.
Alvernia University is a great place to go to school. I have never met teachers who care so much about their students and are willing to spend the time it takes to make the students as successful as possible.
I have never had a problem with safety while at school. We always have two security guards on duty and students must buzz themselves in using ID badges.
I love my school because it is an adult accelerated program designed for working adults with families. Most of the students here have been working in the behavioral health field for many years, which is an overall enriching experience in itself. I enjoy being surrounded with such knowledge, especially since I will be entering this field for the first time after graduation.
health and safety has been great
it has been an awesome experience
  • 8 months ago
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i am not living on campus
I have not been around greek life.
Teachers and facilities are fantastic!
Very easy process and the university provides support along the way.
  • 8 months ago
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My university has the same opportunities as many of the other local D3 schools.
My masters courses are all online so it is very convenient for a working adult to continue furthering their education without stepping into an actual classroom setting.
crime, safety and security are not a problem
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