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Alvernia is overall a great school, it has a lot of majors and minors that you can choose from.The sports are good they have almost every sport that you can choose from. I do not live on campus, but I heard that the food was not great.
I took classes online because of covid-19 and it was not a good experience. It did not have the same feel as in person teaching and it was harder to concentrate in while in zoom.
I enjoy Alvernia University very much. The professors are helpful and so are the staff members. I enjoy that their class. sizes are smaller. It is costly to attend. I would recommend planning your finances in advance.
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My professors tried to do the best they could due to the last minute switch to Zoom. Alvernia was kind enough to try and provide training to the professors as best they could the weeks leading up to the transition. Alvernia's IT support was greatly appreciated during this transition.
The welcome luncheon for scholarship recipients was amazing. It was nice to see how well they organized the event. Receiving the scholarships went quickly and smoothly. Speakers were very knowledgeable and for all who attended received an additional for CollegeTown.
This was my first experience with on-line learning. The professors were amazing and the zoom worked great! I would highly recommend on-line classes during COVID-19.
Freshman year, I learned quickly that Alvernia wasn't the place to party. Not that I minded much. As a student in the Eng/Com department, I can say that I have not encountered a professor that was inherently bad. Though, I must say the language department is lacking. I feel like, on the whole, Alvernia is a relatively average campus, with average problems (the dining hall food isn't the greatest, nor are some parts of on-campus life - like housing). But, it is what it is - I probably would have transferred to a cheaper school, if it weren't for the wonderful profs. in the Eng/Com department and the handful of good friends that I made. It's also a little late, in my opinion, to transfer out as a senior. Definatly consider all of your options when choosing a college - and visit the campuses.
The online classes were, for me, rather easy. There wasn't anything really hard about them - though some professors did try to have scheduled zoom meetings, which got in the way of my day-to-day life. It wouldn't have been a problem if attendance wasn't mandatory. Some profs. are better at facilitating online classes than others, so there's that as well. Overall, though, it's isn't terrible.
Since Covid-19 hit and we all moved to virtual learning, my classes online were good overall. My professors put a lot of effort into making the class as informative and interesting as possible. My professors included videos to watch and assignments along the way so that helped me learn the material.
I absolutely love Alvernia! The campus is beautiful and as soon as I walked onto campus it felt like home. Everyone is so nice and friendly. The professors are so helpful too! They care so much about the students and really want them to succeed. Most of my professors make the material interesting and explain it in a way that helps the students understand/remember it. Also, extracurricular activities at Alvernia are really good. They always have events going on such as movie trips, trip to NYC & D.C, Bingo, exercise classes, and more! You just need to push yourself to get involved. Dorms are amazing here too. This school has the best housing options out of all the schools I looked at. The food is okay here. Not amazing, but not horrible. There are a lot of options, just not super healthy. Lastly, campus is very safe. Public Safety doesn't do too much, but I have never felt unsafe walking around campus.
The learning experience is very great. The software provide step by step detail on how to login and how to do your work. The instructor are always available to assist if there are any difficulties.
Everyone is very dedicated in helping you succeed in your classes. I love the small classrooms. The teacher are always available to help with any need.
I have a great support system that have been guiding me towards my goal. The professors and staff members have been wonderful in guiding my to learn to my potential and explain the material in a productive manner.
The Professor and staff members have guided me to excel to my potential and they have been a wonderful support system.
Alvernia is a small school but I feel that there could be things better about the school overall like the food more options of dorms.
Does not prepare you well for the real world. Professors test memory not application. If you want to be prepared for the work force do not go here.
So far I have had a wonderful time attending alvernia! With the smaller class sizes I am able to have more one on one help from my professors and they are all very dedicated to my education. The administration is very kind and helpful as well.
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Alvernia provides a small classroom setting and leadership opportunities. The teachers know your name and truly care about your success. The campus itself is beautiful and the perfect size for walking distance. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering, work-study, and leadership positions.
My experience at Alvernia University has been awesome. The professors and staff are so welcoming and makes education worth coming there. There honestly hasn’t been one bad thing there that I didn’t like. It’s always clean and they always make sure they greet you either with words or snacks
Currently I am a nursing student at Alvernia University and I love it. Despite the program being very challenging, most of the teachers make it a good learning experience. If I had to make any changes it would be for some of the teachers to try and readjust some of their teaching methods for students to have a better understanding and also to have grades in blackboard on time so you’re not wondering if you’re passing or failing by the end of the semester. Other than that my overall experience is pretty great.
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