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My professors are always helpful and available when needed. Since I take my classes online, I rely on email responses to keep in touch and sometimes it seems that I receive emails late. There seems to always be a glitch with Blackboard but is typically fixed within a reasonable amount of time. I would reccomend Alvernia to others, especially online learning.
Very friendly environment and feels like home with such a small campus. Highly recommend coming here!
I love that Alvernia University, Philadelphia campus is designed for working adults continuing their education. The classes they offer are seven week courses, available online, during the evening and Saturdays. The staff are very helpful and are always on top of things.
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I chose to attend Alvernia University because I was told by others who had attended that they had on of the best behavioral health programs in the United states
Class advisors work hard to meet the needs of online students. So far it’s been a great experience since I’ve been out of school for almost 10 years.
As of right now, I am a freshman at Alvernia University. So far, my first year here has been pleasant, though it lacks in some departments. There is not a lot to do on campus, and the city surrounding the university is not as exciting as I would hope. For the most part, the professors are helpful, some have either tough classes, and some have introductory level courses. The diversity here is alright, and the majority of my other classmates are good. I have not seen any bullying on campus that I was aware of. The cafeteria has standard food, nothing too special about it. Overall, my first year here has been great, and I am excited to come back in the Fall.
I have been taken classes at Alvernia for a little over a yesr now and have absolutely had the best experience. I do distant learning and everyone has always been so helpful.
Horrible counselin staff!! If you have to keep calling them after you provided documents and they say we still need said documents there is a problem
And staff waits until you reach out to mention missing info. To many schools to worry about chasing this one sets a bad example when this is the first impression.
So far the people and staff at Alvernia are great. I personally have no complaints other than Instructors keeping their students aware of their academic standings
Alvernia has a very close community. The classes are not big, so you can really connect with the teachers. I would like to see the tuition go down. It is very high at the moment.
Alvernia University has a beautiful campus and many activities to get involved in. It is a relatively new school and is always improving. However, I have not had the best personal experience with the school regarding academics and athletics. I did not have a great experience as a starting freshman on my athletic team. My teammates were all nice, but the coaching staff was less than stellar. Also, my major is Education and contrary to my beliefs when I was researching the school as a high school student, the Ed department is not the strongest. Many classes are not very focused and I do not feel as though I will be prepared to enter a classroom and teach students effectively.
I am currently a junior at Alvernia University. I am on the cheer squad there. I am a PreK-4 Education Major. My professors are very nice and they help me when I need it. Whenever I need help, I always go to my education professors or my advisor. They are great listeners as well. At Alvernia, the big thing there is basketball in the winter and lacrosse in the spring. The library always has what you need and the librarians there are always willing to help you whether you need a book, or need help using one of the computers there or a printer, they will help you. The campus is beautiful. It's a little on the small side but I love it because it is easy to get around. I love going here.
I have mer some wonderful people over the past two years. Both students and professors have assisted in broadening my life skills and future aspirations. I've grown personally and have learned to appreciate others and not take things for granted. I enjoy attending Alvernia.
I graduated from Alvernia in 2001, and I received a top notch education there. There were many opportunities to be a part of campus life, the campus is beautiful and growing, and you have excellent professors who care and develop relationships with their students.
I love that the professors at this University truly care about the students and that they succeed. This University supports their students in their career choice and is very strong in their health care majors. There is an ample amount of support from professors and from different on-campus resources that you are able to access. This University is setting me up to be successful in my field.
I had a fantastic experience at Alvernia. Everyone is so friendly and their campus is ever expanding. There is a friendly face everywhere you go, and all members of faculty and staff are looking out for your success.
Alvernia University is a place undergoing many changed. Recently, they just became the Golden Wolves after being the Crusaders for many years. They just built a brand new stadium, and added a football team. I play soccer, so I started my first year a week earlier than regular students. My team and I formed a brotherhood and share a bond like no other. We had a great season which featured playoff appearances as a team, and individually, I started every game and scored two game winning goals as a freshman. My coach put lots of faith in me. In the classroom, professors were very involved and seemed to care a lot more than typical college professors. I finished with a 3.6 GPA. The campus is beautiful and small. I know probably half of the student body. There are only two negatives about Alvernia Alvernia is the #1 school in Pennsylvania and #4 in the nation for student debt. The general cafeteria food is generally very poor as well with limited options and sometimes bad quality.
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I didn’t get to experience the college life because I am a commuter. I liked a few of the professors on campus.
What I like about Alvernia University is the teaching and the learning curriculum. The small classes and getting to know your Professors on a more personal exchange is great. What I would love to see changed is more of the main campus-getting involved more into the Philadelphia campus.
This school is small and very pretty. No matter where you live on campus you can get to class in 5 minutes top. Also the campus activities board puts on the best programs like free trips to the movies, New York City, Baltamore, DC, various zoo, bingo nights where you can win TV, go pro, $50+ gift cards, fridges, etc,. Its pretty cool.
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