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I love the vibe in the campus, the way that we all get along with each other even if we may not even know each other. I also love the way that the professors get along with each other and with the students.
I liked the campus a lot. The people were very nice and friendly. Something that I already see that it is a small campus but it is already readily increasing through athletics and science buildings.
You better not have anything to do after school.they won’t accept my unused item saying it’s late on the third week of school because you ordered it ahead of school starting and technically past drop/add deadline. I have work immediately after school every day As well as the bookstore again messed up my order sending one book instead of two after already being 2 weeks late. Can I not accept the book like you won’t accept mine? I’ve ordered a book prior that was supposedly required for a class that this new book needs and they refuse to accept that back either which only is ordered due to their own error. .I had to walk all the way back to the car because of an application not telling you that you needed a picture of your license plate.Overall, the bookstore could not be any worse and cause any more problems.
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BA in CJ, forget about finding a job I had many teachers tell their students get out know if you can because you will not find a job or make any money boy was she correct about that. Stay away. Thanks alvernia I'm not jobless and bankrupt! I now have to start all over again with an education and a degree that I can actually put to use!
Alvernia University, is a one of a kind place. During orientation, you get connect with your first year seminar class and start the year with more confidence than any other student. This school is geared toward, the students as a community, while having Catholic values. Each student has to have forty hours of community service before they graduate, but this allows students to feel connected to the community and the joy of helping others.
Alvernia university makes you feel safe and makes you feel like you’re at home away from home. The professors are connected with their students and want to see everyone succeed. The campus is not too big and the diversity is great.
A beautiful campus with a family-like atmosphere! Everyone is friendly and welcoming and there are many chances to get involved with the school, the community, and many other areas.
As I haven't finished my Bachelors at Alvernia yet, it is a great experience and a great University for transfer students from different colleges.
Alvernia University is a college where you get to be yourself, and express your true charachter. Alvernia has a diverse list of majors that will suit anyone applying. From the professors willing to do anything to help you succeed, to the fantastic students helping you through the acaddemic success center. Alvernia is a place to truly suyceed. Life around campus is always thriving. From bingo nights, to school trips, there is always something to do on campus. Alvernia changes lives for the better, it has changed mine.
I really enjoyed going here my first year. The professors were really good. They care about the students and they take the time to help them when needed. The campus isn't big, which for me was what I wanted. I wanted a school that I could get to know alot of people and I did. Everyone treats you like family all the workers and teachers. It's a really good school to attend.
Alvernia University provides excellent programs to young scholars in a plethora of fields and allows each and every student to get hands on experience by doing what they love and overall improving the community around them due to the heavy involvement of community service.
Online courses are ok. Very informative and helpful staff. The school can be expensive as far as tuition.
Alvernia University is a great private college. I enjoy living on campus, getting the full college experience. I am involved by doing community service and being a manager for the football team. The professors I have had so far are great. However, there are some tough professors here. I love being in the mountains/hills however, the beach seems nice sometimes. The student body is awesome and growing by the year. For an example, my freshman class grew a huge percentage than the previous years because we are in the process of building a football team. I think it is great though. Alvernia is also in the process of growing and adding more buildings for more classes and dorms. I am looking forward to expanding my connections, involvement and education here.
Everyone on campus is welcoming to whoever walks by. Whether you are a student or someone just passing through, you feel a warm welcome as soon as you walk on campus.
Teachers are very understanding and academic forgiveness is a big key factor.Staff in certain offices are so kind and always there to talk or help you figure out what to do with your life.Its very difficult to find certain parts on campus considering it’s a small campus.
It is an okay experience. I do enjoy the amount of clubs and activities, yet there seems to be other colleges with more involvement in hobbies and activities than Alvernia.
Alvernia is an amazing university with amazing professors. Everybody who works at Alvernia wants the best for all their students and will help push them to accomplish their best. During my experience so far at Alvernia I haven’t had the chance to interact with a lot of the students. I am a commuter, most commuters don’t interact with anybody other than computers. There are definitely cliques and it’s get to know them if you weren’t there from the start.
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When visiting the campus for the first time I couldn’t help but really enjoy the short stay and the realizing my love for the college when seeing students in their classes.
My professors are always helpful and available when needed. Since I take my classes online, I rely on email responses to keep in touch and sometimes it seems that I receive emails late. There seems to always be a glitch with Blackboard but is typically fixed within a reasonable amount of time. I would reccomend Alvernia to others, especially online learning.
Very friendly environment and feels like home with such a small campus. Highly recommend coming here!
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