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Altierus Career College - Tigard Reviews

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Everything has been great so far. All staff have been supportive and are really great at checking back in with you to make sure you are prepared.
I start school on Monday but the interactions I've had with the professors during sit ins and orientation have been great! You can tell they truly care about their students.
The career services group seem to have quite a few networking prospects and have helped place graduating students in jobs even before their graduation dates.
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The LMT, program is a curriculum that is taught hands on. So you get constant feedback and hands on training so that when you do go "out into the real world", you are employable and have that under your belt. Not just books smarts.
The faculty is very friendly and have an open door policy. They are very involved and/or try to be in each students school life and outside life to ensure they get the best school experience
So far my school is every flexible with my schedule I have time to spend with my family and my friends I have time to go to the movies I have extra time to do my homework the school is amazing
So far my class is amazing. Everyone gets along like we are family. And everyone makes sure that everyone passes and if one person needs help with homework we are gonna help them. We will not leave someone behind no matter what
I lobe the career center in my school because they always do whatever they can to help u get ur career ideal job u have always wanted
I lobe my class size. I love that their is only 6 students in my class and that means the teacher has more time for me because there isn't a big class and I love the one on one we get. And I know if I need help with anything teacher, students are here for u no matter what because they want everyone to pass
From what I heard it's amazing to have people from the work force come and see students because the students get pumped up for getting a job.
I haven't done much at this school but so far I love it and they help u with everything and the tech u everything u need to know before u go out in to the real world.
This is the best because it is easy to read
I wish the school would help with finding a a job or placing into to a job. Thankfully I have a teacher who cares and would help out
Morning classes and having two choices in the morning
Its what kept me going on my low days
I would of like to get more lecture time teacher was not focus on teaching
I feel the various instructors we have that are practicing therapist is a huge asset to us students. Our clinic time gives us hands on experience and general public feedback to improve and build our skills.
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I chose this school because I'm able to work during the day and attend at night. The first day I went to see the campus and met the people i was sold. I looked at other schools and was not near as comfortable. Tigard campus was like home and the people so friendly. I met the director the first day just to say hi.
Most of my classmates are just out of school or quite a bit younger than myself so our school expectations are different and their career needs differ greatly.
Post-Grad Love – About every three weeks our post-grad career person is there now for us to let us know whats going on as far as new trends and the real world. They are unbelievable with a compassion for me and what I will be doing after graduation right now. This makes me feel very comfortable knowing I made the best choice in a collage. Our career center rocks.
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