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I would like their curriculum to go back to being a 12 week program instead of 6. A longer curriculum was better to work with instead of the short curriculum that they currently have. I would also changed the fact that you have to check in every two week with an advisor even though you are getting excellent grades.
Currently just enrolled with Everest university Tampa. I have had nothing but positivity and politeness from the administration group I have been handed to help me throughput my journey. I highly recommend you to give Everest a shot if you're looking for decent treatment at a reasonable price.
So far, my experience with Everest University has been very good. I am taking online classes, so I'm not actively involved on campus. The Professors have been very nice. I've met a few classmates through Discussions and they seem very sweet as well. The way that the site is set up sort of confuses me from time to time, but I have started learning a lot about it.
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I have always struggled in an actual classroom, I failed my first year of college at a community college. I have really bad anxiety so I didnt talk to anyone or like going to class because of it. online school has helped in so many ways, I interact with other students, I talk to my professors, and I get really good grades.
I have kept in contact with my professors since my first week. I didn't submit my assignment on time one week, and my professor emailed me to make sure I was okay! It was very sweet.
I dont really know anything about the alumni network or the recruiting on campus, but the service center is great. They have helped me on numerous occasions when my computer wasnt working.
I was majoring in business. I feel like the workload was reasonable as well as the curriculum. They based the curriculum on what program you were going for.
So far, I have had no problems with the schooling. The way the website is set up is a little difficult, but all in all its a good school and the classes are very well put together.
Everest University online is the is best college because your class are on your time and when you want to go class The staff is always willing to help too.
The staff and the motivation do I receive every day
We have no more than 15 student per class, we start he class with different thing to do to be graded
The people on my college are greater people on the county very helpful and ongoing people.
The most groups are latinos, hindu,
Yes and I always receive and explanation on how the financial aid works.
We have a career advisor and the person help us with our resume and with new work posting.
When the students are ready to pick up the schedule we discuss everything about the class and the hours.
The instrocturs always ask if the student understood the lesson of the day.
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The attention to the students is very helpful and always have a solution to the students situation.
I don't get to choose my classes, they are chosen for me.
I feel like its a little too easy for how much I am paying.
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