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Altierus Career College - Tacoma Reviews

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I love how they have a lot of different class schedules.
Everest College has a lot of resources within the medical field.
They help you find a clinic for your externship and if not hired after extern then they work with you to find a job.
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Most of the faculty are very genuine and nice. Courses are helpful as well.
You get use to the work load after the first couple of weeks.
So far Everest College has been a great experience!
This school is very flexible. There is day and night classes which makes it easier to students who needs flexible time for me I love my schedule.
What I like about the online courses is that it applicable to the real world. You learn, do new things everyday. You don't get bored.
They are there to help you. They are with you they will never leave you alone. Always checking up on you monthly. Telling you experiences, making sure that you'll know what to do when expected to.
Classes are little about 10 to 20 and the best thing is that you have time to practice your skills and learn one from another. Instructors will teach you and be there when you need them to be. They will get at a level that they will be understandable.
Many students when they go on their externship will come back satisfy and also already hired. All students at Everest College are positive and are happy that they chose the correct path.
Going everyday to my school feels like working at a job. I am proud to go somewhere that I feel comfortable, open minded to learn new things. Exteenships are the best. My program is being a medical assisting. I feel like I am already one. The school is joyful and very caring. The instructors makes sure that you feel like you have pressure and to think of situations you'll one day might have and to teach that whenever a situation is to come up hat you'll be ready to handle it.
When i started my first month there it was scary, but later on you get to tough up and learn new things, learn new techniques and making your fears into strength. My best experience is when I first got my blood draw. I felt excitement and that Medical Asssisting was made for me. I love my career, I will never change my thoughts on it.
Hands on class you learn a lot for you to get ready for your new caree. Teachers are 100% with you always willing to help whenever needed. Teachers acutely really help and care for you not to just push you a side and not care. They are willing to go 50% 50% with you The rest it up to you.
I was able to choose from both morning or night classes and it made it so I didn't have to shuffle my personal and professional life completely around
So far everyone has made me feel as comfortable as they possibly can. They treat you like family. They want to know whats going on in your life, not just while your at the school but once your out and achieving your dreams as well
In Massage Therapy, Everest has a high demand of employers looking for students. They are constantly asking for graduates to higher.
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The Financial Aid Adviser was amazing. She walked me through all my different options and made sure I understood everything before I signed anything. I feel like I am definitely getting my moneys worth. I have wanted to do this for so long and now i am finally able to.
As i stated earlier they have a fantastic Career Center that I am able to utilize for years after i graduate. i can also use the Career Center at any other Everest College anywhere within the U.S. Which is incredibly helpful if I choose to move to a new city or even a new state
They offer a wide range of business and medical certificate programs all are less then 2 years. The staff at the school make registration and becoming a student incredibly easy. In my specific area the curriculum is very broad and touches on many different aspects of Massage Therapy
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