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Altierus Career College - Norcross Reviews

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I love being at my school. Everyday I look forward to coming to school and getting the best quality of education there is. My teacher is the best there is and there is no replacing her. Both the staff and administration are the best and nothing less. Whatever you may need or want to know there is always someone there to help you along the way. My school is always engaging with the students and including them in every activity that goes on throughout the school. We are the best school ever in the area and I love what I'm doing. Everything is hands on and I learn so much better that way. I just love each and everything about my school and nothing can change my mind about jt.i would refer everyone I know to my school because of the quality of education there is.
There is alot of diversity in the school. But some people stick with the people in their major classes.
There is a great library that is available to all the students. You can go there during your break or lunch and get work done!
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I just started attending this school so, i haven't really been there enough to experience this just yet. But so far it seems great ! I hope it continues that way!
I absolutely love the academic experience that I have had at Everest. It reminds me of when i went to Maxwell High School of Technology the same time of environment. You never get bored , the sizes of the classes are just right, and the professors are excellent at what they do.
I prefer to be engaged with people and i like hands on more than just lectures all the time.
All my classes are what i needed to start a great life. excellent so far
i belive online classes are a great idea, but i belive you learn more when you physicly go to school. the good thing's about online courses is that you make your own time for homework. dont waist gas.
my school is for people who have full time job's and family's. but it also is great for those who wish to continue education and still have a job. they work with you on the hours of both school and work. its great !
financial aid office will do any thing can to help you get fund for school..
Maintaining an a+ – Ms.Patrice Morris at Everest institute is the admissions rep who registered me for school. She is one of a kind,very pleasant and understanding. Have never of all my time going around in Atlanta searching for the right school met someone as nice as her. One of the reasons why I decided to attend that campus is because of her.
The group that work in the financial aid office work really good with each person
Great Anf Friendly People – Love the attitude of the people and how the encourage you it makes you want to come to school more
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