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Just starting out so nothing at this time. So far the process has been wonderful. They really care convenient location. I dont like how the brand name is changing. The only school that fits my needs. Accelerated. Very fast
computer labs

-very easy to use

-computers are old but still working


-very slow
I rated the resources on campus a 5 out of 5 because they deserve it better than the other schools here in Nevada. Lets start off with the student center, Everest College does not have a student center itself but we have a cafeteria where every student spend their time doing their assigned tasks in their specific classes. Cafeteria is just not about food and where we buy our school stuffs and all that, we treat out cafeteria as a student hall or corner as well because there is enough tables to let everyone study and give time to do their school works. It is very comfortable for us students to study in that specific area because the chairs are pretty comfortable and everyone is everybody's friend. I've never been to any campus activities but they seem so fun to be in it and everyone in the specific clubs are very generous and helpful to other students. The general campus aesthetics is well deserved to be rated as a perfect 5 as well because everyone is doing their job and the school itself is very clean, and the students are very friendly.
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There's so many good things about my school. My Instructors motivates me in every type of way, they are ready to help me any time in and out of school time. I never hear any gossips from the students to the other one. Faculty members are very nice, they are very diligent to help the students in the best way that they can. The deans make sure every student is on track and nobody is left behind. The campus life is very private and everyone likes it because it is not that overwhelming, and it is for sure that you would not get lost or anything because every faculty member is ready to help. Every school staff make sure everybody is in their class on time. I Believe that sooner or later I will excel in my chosen major because I picked the right school to attend. I never had a problem in academic programs, campus life, faculty members, and the instructors in my major as well. I rated my school 5 out of 5 because they well deserved it. They are doing their jobs and everything seems so perfect and legitimate.
i have not taken online courses at this college, however i took an online course in high school. I did not like that experience, i rather be in a classroom with a teacher in front of the classroom. I find it difficult to take online classes!
The tuition and financial aid process was easy to complete. The person who helped us was very patient and freindly during the process. During the whole process i had to translate what sthe lady tod me to my parents. At some points, i do feel that the tuition i am paying is worth the education i am receiving but sometimes i get classes that I have already taken my senior year. I feel that the class is a review to me personally.
The professors havea lot of knowledge on the subject they are teaching. I think that class registration is pretty easy at my school. Each class has minimal work. Everything is done in class and we students, have small amounts of homework. There are many study sessions and tutoring sessions for different programs held each week or two.
My major is business and at my school not many students are persuing this degree. This program does give a lot to learn from. i would say that there is not a lot of work to do outside of class. The classes in general are somewhat challenging but at times they are easy. The facilities are available to anyone at any time. I consider the career center to be very helpful because they help us look for a job or an internship on our area.
They explain the programs the have and display all the options that are best for one. The personal is very friendly in the career center and they help one find a job in the area, as well as prepare one for it.
The open door policy, u can just enter any door and ask questions for help.
Everest college is a great school from what I have seen so far. I cant wait to start going to Everest !!!
They offer the criminal justice degree and that is what drew my interest.
I learn all areas of becoming a medical assistant. I can do anything to giving shots to patients to working in the front office, medical coding, or management. We also do a month of intership which will make it alot easier when we enter the field of our choice.
The curriculum deals with a lecture then course work and finally dealing with real life situations. We get to work in the lab our last two hours of our day. The curriculum is great because it gives you alot of on hands experience.
I have met some of the students that will be attending classes with me and there is alot of diversity. They all are determined to finish and to study hard. All of us have different backrounds and different stories to tell.
Everest College offers placement in alot of states. I plan on moving back to California and they have plenty of facilities there that would help me. They also offer tutoring which is of great benefit to the students. They have real life experiences in the field that you chose to study. You also do an internship.
I thought because I was going back to school, I would be offered alot more in terms of scholarships and financial aid. I am alittle worried about being able to pay back the fees. School starts on December 27, 2013 and in February I need to start making payments of $50.00 a month. This is very difficult because I am not working. That is why any financial aid that would bring down the amount that I owe in total would be a blessing.
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I haven't yet started school but I did alot of research. Everest college offers the most benefits after and before you graduate.
Everest college offers many options. They offer on-campus placement once you graduate. That is very helpful. They also have post-grad alumni parties. These parties are to boast your confidence and give you a chance to make connections with other people in your field. After I graduate from Everest College, I plan on pursuing a career in Nursing. They also have a program for that which I am looking forward to attending. They offer tutoring if you need it which I probably will utilize. I am 47 years old and I don't have a career. I was a housewife for most of my life and I went through a divorce. Everest college is giving me a chance to be able to take care of myself and giving me a sense of self-worth. My classes start December 27, 2013 and I could use any financial aid that is available. I hope you give me a chance to make my future alot easier in the future.
They don't accept Millennium, yet I still love it
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