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We have a career center that is fabulous, they personally help you one on one with finding ways to make your resume appealing, and apply for many of jobs. they have job fairs and include everyone to join. they really are dedicated to helping each individual student.
My school has a lab set up for students to do homework, find a job, research and anthing you could possibly think of
I do not take online courses
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overall my experience has be great so far. I would do it all the same if i could do it all over again. the faculty is great and the instructors seem to care about me as a person not just a studend. I love how i get one on one time with my teacher and i like how small my class size is .
My school is very convienent. The school is set up for people who have different schedules.
I have only been in school about a week , but a typical student at my school seems to be dedicated and enthuiastic about learning. they all seem to want to be there and want to learn the cirriculum. Most students are determined to graduate with good attendance, great grades and some go above and beyond
I think its great , the classes are small so there is alot of one on one with the instructor. The workload is typical of a college student, not anything unexpected. The curriculum is fast paced and there is alot of wonderful educational material included, very easy to understand. the facilitie is cleand and there is lots of space. Internship and job opportunities are of abundunce, they have a career center to help in any aspect needed.
The instructors at everest are very caring and seem to love their job! They make it a point to provide you with the best education possible. My instructor is absolutely wonderful, she is very dedicated and trys her best to motivate each student.
Financial aide is only a loan, am i excited about having to pay back loans, no. but will i yes. I am very appreative of the loan availability, i wish i would have a loan that provided extra beyond my tuition so i could pay for books, and costs during school.
Its not a typical College campus where there are dorms and such, this is only a 4 hour a day class and i take the class, then lab and leave for the day .
The professors at Everest are great they interact with each and every student making sure each student is on the same page. The class sizes are roughly 15-20 students so it makes it easier for the teacher to attend to them all where no one is getting left out. The curriculum is awesome they break down modules by month so we are working on that one module all month so we understand what we are doing. Registration process the administrators sit down with you and help with classes and financial aid.
I am attending Everest Institute to get my certification in dental assisting the classes that I have attended so far are what I expected. the teacher is one on one with every student and she also makes sure everyone is understanding what she is teaching. The workload is what a typical college student would have.
I chose Everest Institute-Gahanna because they have an awesome staff that has worked with me since day 1 of me wanting to go back to school. Everest has flexible class schedules that work around my work and my sons schedule.
I haven't started yet, but the tour that I was given was fantastic!! I am very excited to begin my journey!!
Nichole Tucker was so nice and helpful! She answered all of my questions and I know I can call her if I have anymore!!
Everyone was so incredibly friendly and extremely helpful! I know when I'm ready for my new career, they will find me the perfect job!! I'm really excited!!
They have a job board. The career advisors are very helpful and encouraging. They offer placement assistance for life and in various locations should I move.
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you should always have to study hard and make your study seriously because this will give you the future.thats why you get a's!
everything is hands on and they are really very hospitable and friendly and helping you pursue your dreams and get a high grades.
I Learned Alot – I chose this school because I could graduate in 8 months, at first it was hard but now I have a 4.0 and everything is great. It is sometimes hard to get the one on one attention you need, I don't think there are enough employees to help students with things such as externship placement, verification forms and financial aid problems. Also, the tuituon was $16,798, which is WAY too much. Overall it is a good school though.
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