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Altierus Career College - Everett Reviews

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So far the staff has been very helpfull and understanding
My first time online was very difficult at first but then I got used to it and I like it
Some of my courses are really good
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Don't know still thinking about it
The first time I ever saw online was interesting I had just had too get used to it
its easy because they help a lot and they help with daycare and you can work around your job
I don't take online classes
I haven't gotten that far yet
my professors are the best they are so nice and want to know how to help you better to succeed I feel like I can ask questions about anything and they will still smile and try to help you as best they can
I feel like teachers at the school really want you to go after your dreams they even set up internships for you and give you so much info and prepare you for the career you have chosen
I'm studying to be a medical assistant and the class are great lots of info on the carrier I have chosen they want you to learn everything and be involved the students all get along and are there if you ever need a hand
teachers care about there students success and are always willing to help with anything that the student may need. that makes students much more willing to ask questions and be involved.
The school is great because it has flexible hours I strategy from 8-12 which is great because I'm still able to work in the afternoons and do my homework and study.
I haven't talked to the career service people yet at our school but in the beginning of our classes they seemed very helpful. They are able to help with resumes, job interviews and job sites which is amazing, and is something I'm looking forward to work with them.
the class is not very big but it's just perfect for our small class, so far I only know my professor as my teacher they are very helpful and responsible.
the career center on here are great, and very helpful which is something I will enjoy working with.
Dental assisting it feels great our program is 7 months to start working at the externship, there are many opportunities for this job program.
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On my first day at everest was great everyone was so kind and nice. This would be my second mode which is my second month and I feel like I learned a lot putting a dental dam on a patient, I've learned the instruments names and there purpose and I learned to communicate with the people around me. To be honest I would recommend this school to anyone! and yes I would like to do it all over even though I been here 2 months.
The advisors help you step by step through the enrolling process.
The open achieve really keys the student choose when it is best for them to study .
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