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career center, that helps you get placed in the field once you complete your course
I had a lot of information given to me when dealing with financial aid. They did everything they could to help me figure ways to pay for school, every single question I had was answered.
medical administrative assistant, that is what i am erolled in and it is a very hands on program that you can take alot from.
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medical assistant, medical administrative assistant, heat and air, electrical, billing and coding
The career center in our campus is a very helpful place, they help everyone fill out their resumes as well as helping us find a location to do our externships.
I love my MAA program, there is so much to learn and I love that MAAs can work in the front and back of a medical office.
There are many important programs here in the campus; I know that there is Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assitant, Dental Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, HVAC....
careers,thats helps you get placed in a job once you finish the program, but there are many diffrent programs on campus that are very useful to the students.
I love everything about this school. Especially my MAA instructor; she is a great instructor and I love all of her lectures. She knows how to keep my attention and I love that she helps me out a lot.
They have required externship and if not hired from graduation they help with mock interviews and applications.
Everything very convient, and close by in one building.
A new module starts each month and registration for new students is at the end of every month. It is very convinent.
I just started at the school. My major is in medical assisting and they are really helpful with the after care of graduating.
I just started at the institute.They were very helpful with admissions and motivation.
The facilities activities are wonderful. The campus just had a raffle for a Thanksgiving basket and 4 people from the MIBC program won the baskets. They also had a raffle for a prize for perfect attendence. I know there is alot more activities that happen on this campus and can't wait for more.
I chose Everest at Austin because I wanted to have a career and not just a job. Plus I wanted something that wouldn't take years to complete. I love that it is an 8 month certificate program and I will be working in the field very soon. It is alot of work and it is going really quick. The MIBC teachers are the best. I have attended other schools and I only had 1 more term left to graduate with my associate's degree. But when I lost my job and was looking for another one in that field the job description wanted you to know all sorts of things to be able to get the job, and I was not prepared and on top of that I knew I wasn't going to learn that information in my last term. So I made a change.
Nothing Big – I like my school. I'm currently a Junior at Cedar Ridge High School. I'm only involved in dance 3 is ok nothing exciting. As long as i get my Diploma and graduate that's all that matter right now.
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Computer Network – Computers are readily available and easy to gain access to. Everest's goal is to leave their students with no excuse so there are many services available to help on homework and such. Not just computers, however, faxes, printers, and even a flash drive given individually to everyone!
My Future – All my life I have been a failure, this is my last attempt to do something better with my life. Everest has a wonderful support system and I feel valued as a student here, not lost in the crowd as I did at Austin Community College. Have learned so much and greatly enjoy coming to school everyday. The only thing that has me stressed are the loans, will I be in debt up to my eye balls when I leave? Even with the worry on that issue, I feel that I made the right decision to attend Everest. I entered through a pair of doors with a mild interest in being an assistant, the school helped uncover a passion for dentistry and a thirst for learning everything I can while I'm here.
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