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Altierus Career College - Arlington TX Reviews

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The student body at my school is great .They help out whenever they can for example they do carpools, help with daycare issues,any help you need as far as getting to school they strive to help you out. They also help with tutoring . They try to do what it takes for everyone to succeed as a family. The student body is always there when you need them.Even if you might need a place to stay for the night for whatever reason or maybe even help you with gas money to get back and forth.
My thoughts on my school would be its a great school alot of hands on . Everything is easy to understand in classroom lectures are excellent. I love the school I go to because the teachers wont let you fall behind they do what they have to so you can understant everything.The price of the school tuition is fair because of the equipment thats provided for you to work on inside the classroom. the books are a little too expensive in my opinion but I feel that its worth it.The financial aid office personnel are excellent at explaining everything to you before you just start signing over paperwork.
It is understandable because wat they can offer
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The fact that they help you find a job
Its a great school very helpful. I like the fact that they work with you and give you the tools you need to strive.
Honestly I thought that the fees were going to be higher than what they so the only thing is to pay my balance.
This college is very flexible a few hours a day and help me get job while Im attending the school which is very helpful. There is a tutor at any time i need help with work if i happen to have any problems.
Im currently still enrolled into the college but so far it has been a great experience.
This college is really nice. All Representatives are friendly and nice to you. They also have transportation service for students which is excellent. professors are very nice and helpful.
The main reason I choose this college was because it is located in the city that I live in so distance was perfect for me. Also the options that they had in regards to class hours worked perfect with me because it didn't interfere with my work schedule as well as my family time. So I guess the convenience of Everest outweigh the nontransferrable credits.
I am in a program that gives me hands on experience in becoming an electrician. I am impressed with what i have learned so far and i am continuing to learn more than i thought would be provided. The teachers have real life experience that they share with the students making the learning process that much better.
The professors at Everest College, as far as the electrical program goes, are there to help the student. They are at school early and leave late. All the professors make it easy for students to ask questions when they are having trouble.
The resources on the campus such as work areas where labs can be done, and tools to do the projects are excellent. As far as electrical goes, they have a variety of tools and equipment to be used. The teachers explain and even let the students try out tools giving every student hands on experience before they even get into their field.
The convenience of the scheduling makes it easy for me to work and still get the things that i need to get done taken care of without any stress or extra fuss.
Can You Say Diversity? There are students from all walks of life at Everest. Students from 18 to 60 years old. Single moms, single dads, people with out children. All kids off ethnic backgrounds. It is truly a melting pot.
For People in the Real World – If you are an adult student with a full time job and kids everest is perfect for you. The is not really much of a campus life most students just come to class and go home. For me that is great, just what I was looking for.
Lizzie 13 – The career center is great always keeps postings updated
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The campus is pretty good it has an student lounge, and student center for study groups or tutoring, a nice library with computer for students use.
My experience has been great, i couldnt have picked a better school. Theres tutoring availiable to me if need it. the teachers are very good at making sure you understand. Classes very flexible so that you are able to take day or night classes.
Career services are great they will go above and beyond to help you find a career after school. They also have survival jobs they can help you with while you are in school. Really great women work there super nice!!
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