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Alpena Community College is an amazing college. They are very personable when it comes to the classroom. The smaller size classes makes it a better learning environment because it makes it easier for the teachers to make one on one time with their students
I liked attending Alpena Community College because of the smaller class sizes, which enabled students to have more one on one time with the professors. The faculty at Alpena Community College is extremely intelligent and helpful! My only complaint about Alpena Community College would be the ever-rising tuition rates. Part of the campus is located right on the river, so the surrounding area is certainly beautiful!
Alpena Community College offers extremely professional educational services. For a small town college they offer a wide range of courses and degrees. Every professor I have met is helpful, caring and kind. Administrative representatives go out of their way to ensure everything runs smooth.
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The professors and staff are extremely helpful in providing a successful learning environment. The college provides a wide variety of classes that can be transferred to many different universities. Also, they have a great nursing program. The science department at this community college is great, and offers some high level courses.
Alpena community college is small in size but love the individual attention you get during and after class. The area of Alpena community college is beautiful and there are a lot of things s to do. Alpena community college has a hockey team, basketball team(boys and girls). Those sports students get to go see the games for free.
After a 13 year break from college, I returned to school figuring Id have to pay my summer semester. To my suprise they offered financial aid to me, i was overjoyed. I passed my two summer classes both with an A. Had fall classes lined up, books ordered and the Friday before online classes start I get a nice letter saying Im sol theyre pulling my financial aid. Why? Because of grades 13 years ago. How much did i miss the 2.0 by? .07 yep. Guess the 4.0 semester didnt matter, just enough to lure me back to pull the rug last minute after proving my dedication. Nice move, so not only are you out federal funding, but also my book money. Good job, really got one on me. Furthermore, I can transfer and guess what get financial aid! So guess I should thank you, you lost a student and more money (which from what Ive seen online you really cant afford). So way to hold a grudge for over a decade ago and you're the one that lost out.
I have been going to ACC for my whole college experience and although its located in a small town is has a certified program through detroit mercy and one of the best concrete tech programs in the world. It has a very clean and friendly campus but the food is pretty bland and winters are rough.
ACC is a great college! Great professors and coaches! The teachers are very willing to answer questions and help during their office hours. Administration is active, out and about on campus, accessible.
This is a great place to dual enroll while still in high school. Ahead in your high school credits? Then you should definitely consider using your time wisely and instead of wasting it on a useless high school elective, attending ACC to get that jump start on college.
Many credits do not transfer to other schools, I know this because many of my classmates were complaining about this. The school was not very flexible, they stated you should not even work if you attend nursing classes, they said it was a full time job, and it was because of all the busy work, I have thrown away a ton of homework after graduating, literally 3 big totes full of notebooks, handouts, concept maps, ect. My experience at ACC has not been convenient in any way whatsoever.
I did take online courses at ACC, only a couple though, Humanities. They were a lot of work but from what I understand most online classes are more work than a classroom held class. I never met face to face with my instructor. I am really indifferent to the online courses at ACC. It was a lot of busy work from what I can remember.
Maybe ACC has other degrees where they supply job info to grads but not in the nursing program. I did network a little during my first few years but when finishing up my RN I was so pissed off to just be at the college I was not in the mood to network or even converse with my classmates for that matter.
I still cannot believe some of the things that happened at ACC while I attended. The couple good instructors are overshadowed by the overwhelmingly arrogant yet pretty much useless instructors. If you sent an email or left a voicemail it was all in vain because you were not going to get any type of answer. Basically you were stuck dealing with the problem at the next class when you would physically see the instructor. Sometimes this did not work out for the best obviously. My classmates dealt with this as well of course. Some instructors were also very vague with their assignments, I failed one of my psych exams because I was wasting time working on a paper where the instructor drastically changed what he wanted the paper to cover and how he wanted it layed out There was no way to change what I had already done I had to start from scratch, and this was not an unusual occurrence. My classmates all had to deal with it too and many were not happy. Class size was small in the nursing program was prerequisites had more students, but this is relative, still small classes really. In my opinion the class size does not matter if the quality of the instructors and programs suck. Most instructors 95% would read off power points for lecture, not exciting or dynamic by any means. The vast amount of negative overshadows the few positive things so much I could not possibly recommend ACC to anyone and in fact that I why I am here typing this review. If it was a good experience I am sure I would not be doing this. Its not just the instructors who make this a negative experience, its the whole college, from the registrars office to the deans, I had no problem with the janitors. Besides them everyone else made the experience negative in one way or another. To the point where I truly believe some of these people are sick. To the point they enjoyed messing up other peoples lives. I've dealt with passive aggressive people before but ACC is bursting at the seems with them.
No employers recruited the campus for nurses, students were invited to the local hospital where clinical were held for recruiting but I have no interest in working at ARMC. Value of the degree earned is not good considering how much time I have invested in this degree. I am disgusted with ACC and how they were so quick to say the nursing program was a 2 year degree but I spent over 2 years taking prerequisites and over 2 years waiting to get into classes was overcharged in the process. With all the time I have spent there are many other fields I would have chosen if I would have known I would spend this much time towards an associates degree. With the time I have invested in school I should be looking at a possible six figure income but that will not happen in nursing, I can guarantee that. I could have easily gone for a speech pathologists degree and be making six figures. I feel ACC let me down in so many ways it is unforgivable. I did not even attend the pinning ceremony for my RN degree. I will never step foot on that campus again for anything! I really don't have anything good to say unfortunately.
The workload at ACC was intense, much of it busy work. It varied from class to class though, there was fluff classes mixed in with the nursing classes, like Nursing Management, fluff compared to the meat and potatoes of nursing. In my last semester the psych instructor decided for whatever reason to make the class extremely hard and two students including myself failed. I failed by 1.23%, coincidently there was a student who had failed the previous semester as well. This was the only class to my knowledge students failed out of. Another negative about ACC is if you fail a class you end up in a remediation type of program in which you must meet with a committee and show them work you have done to get ready to retake the class. The committee denied me my first time, adding over another year to the length of time it would take me to get my degree. They would not let me take psych until I made a new appointment with them the following year. The psych instructor told me the committee wanted to see you did a lot of work over the break, I had an awesome 60 page study guide I had made for the meeting. Right from the start all the instructors were attacking me and my study guide, saying I just copied out of the book, ect.. I still find it hard to believe they actually think they were helping me by holding me back for another year, not a year another year on top of the years they had already cost me. I could write a book about all the negative things that happened, there is so much detail I am not able to write in here because I am limited space for each section. There were a couple good instructors but that doesn't matter, the bad apples spoil the whole bunch and believe me ACC is rotten to the core. If you decide to attend there is a good chance you will experience some of the same tragedies as me, I would bet my life on it. I believe the majority of the faculty at ACC are not out to help students but are out to help themselves and improve profits.
I cannot think of much more that could have gone wrong for me at ACC. I was overcharged (wrongfully charged as non resident when I was resident) for 3 semesters costing me thousands in tuition I should not have payed and of course they would not give a refund. The wording on the registration was misleading, I believe intentionally and I was told multiple times by registrars office I was getting charged the rate for a resident. They cost me extra money by having me and my classmates take classes that were not needed for our degree by saying they would be needed by the time we graduated, they were not needed in the long run though so more time and money wasted. Some instructors literally refuse to answer emails, voicemails or even hand you back your work. My portfolio was missing a large portion of the work I did because my instructor never gave our work back to us or even met with like she was supposed to to review our clinical performance. I never signed the paperwork for my clinical evaluation because I never had one. Simply pathetic. The instructors at this college think they can do whatever they want and apparently they are right because to my knowledge there have been no ramifications yet.

I was held up over a year at the beginning of my nursing program because of misinformation the college gave me. Add another year on at the end because of misinformation a instructor gave me. I have nothing but bad things to say about ACC. If I could go back I would have not chose ACC, but once you start a nursing program you must finish it there, so they got ya. The student is stuck putting up with their B.S. and jumping through their hoops if they want their degree which I finally have after almost 7 years. I could have gotten a degree for speech pathology in this time and be making much much more than nurses make. The worst part is I still want to pursue my bachelors but I am burned out on school. My negative experience at ACC has taken much of my drive away.
The area that i am perusing allows me to readily access the job market straight out of college.
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Normal but with the small town feel as well as the encouraging staff.
My experience for my Freshman year was decent.
There was some difficulty in scheduling my classes this semester, but other than that scheduling for classes is very simple!
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