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My experience at alma college has been more than impeccable the programs offered there are so supportive and the faculty is so good and caring the learning environment is condusive and supportive my time at alma has been a wonderful experience.
My experience at alma college has been more than impeccable the programs offered there are so supportive and the faculty is so good and caring the learning environment is condusive and supportive my time at alma has been a wonderful experience.
It's not a perfect place, but I've been having a great time so far. It might just be the college experience. I like doing random things, if I want to walk to Meijer with my friends, then I will. If I'm feeling like Taco bell at 11 pm, we're going.
It's a religious college, but I'm an atheist and I don't feel out of place. I feel like I'm able to be myself here, and that freedom has helped me to grow and become a better person.
The chicken nuggets aren't as great as they're hyped to be, but the quesadillas are gold.
Regarding local area, there's one too many Trump signs for my comfort, but that doesn't really integrate into the college.
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Recorded lessons have saved my soul. I have an auditory processing disorder and being able to go back in the lesson is great. Plus, no one can tell when I decide to sit in a precarious and bizarre fashion on my chair.
Online learning certainly has its challenges. Personally, I learn better in a classroom setting, so having hybrid classes was a big change. Having professors readily available to you in the classroom is much better than having to schedule Zoom meetings or attend office hours.
Alma College is a very nice liberal arts college. When choosing a college, this school offered me the greatest scholarship offer, which is my main reason for attending. Besides this, the staff and professors are incredibly nice and helpful, and genuinely want their students to succeed. Campus life is pretty good as there are a variety of campus clubs and activities to participate in.
Alma College has been amazing to me. They offer many different opportunities for every student and provide you so much help with deciding your path.
All of the teachers have been great and have been giving their best effort with making this the best experience it can be. Since Alma College is small we are able to hold some in-person classes which are super beneficial.
For the last bit of last year's semester classes had to be taught remotely due to the pandemic. All things considered it went quite well.
Alma is a small close knit campus and community. With less than 2,000 students on campus, your professors know you by name and you get to know many of your fellow students rather than just being surrounded by strangers.
My professors did a great job at offering whatever you need to succeed online. They offered synchronous and asynchronous sessions as well as open office hours for extra help.
I think this is the best place to go if you are looking for a small college that still gives you the full college experience. All the dorms and apartments on campus have recently been renovated and I enjoyed living in them. This school is full of athletes and all the teams support each other. However there’s a spot for everybody, dance, band, art, theater, etc.
I never had online classes besides during Winter 2020 where all classes had to be online due to COVID-19. They weren't the best, but they had to do this in an emergency so its not really fair to judge them harshly on this.
This college creates a fake image of being affordable--after your freshman year it becomes insanely expensive. Meal plan is absolute trash and there is really no way out of it. In addition, you are really only able to get decent housing/an apartment if you have really high grades/number of credits. Realistically, the only thing of value at the school is the professors; they are far better than professors at other schools. If you have good relations with the professors you'll have a solid experience at this school. Some of the faculty (non-professors) in various offices are often rude and don't answer questions. It often seems like student's don't have much of a voice in student life/affairs. The school is great academically, but not really in anything else.
For me, the feeling of Alma is like one big family. I am not a number and Professors remember your name. I love the size of the student body as well as the class sizes (around 15-25). It’s easy to have one on one with a professor when I need help. The campus is small. I can get to one side of campus to the other in 5 minutes. A perk so I don’t have to leave for class as early on other people do in bigger schools. Also don’t let the price scare you. No one really pays that price. There are scholarships that help take care of a big chunk of the cost.
My only online experience is because of the Covid -19 crisis. During the first couple of weeks of online were a bit crazy mainly the professors only had 4 days to figure out how they are going to run class. I took a spring term as well as a summer course which had to be online. Some courses had to change what was going to happen since no traveling to other countries and no big groups were banned for the time being. But the classes were cheaper than they normal would have been. Since I am not living in a dorm and not eating the schools food, the only thing I had to pay for was the class credits. This was helpful my family financially during this pandemic.
I had to take one class online and finish out my semester online. The classes were varied in difficulty and enjoyness depending on the professor.
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Alma College is an open and active campus. Their opportunities and help throughout my time here was amazing and they are very dedicated to their students.
My experience at Alma College was very special and very rewarding. It gave me a quick start in learning with a faculty and staff that was caring and amazing. They were personally there to help me find my correct path and left me more than prepared for my first job which was my goal. The small class sizes allow for personal connections between student to student
and student to professor. It is a beautiful campus and Alma offers many opportunities for internships, jobs and research as well as classes for all types of majors. Alma prepares you for graduate school and beyond. There are many small or large interest groups that you can be involved in, enjoy, have fun and make lasting friendships. Incredible professors, wonderful experiences and caring relationships which lead to an excellent college environment at Alma College.
I am a high school senior who is attending Alma College next year to pursue my dream of nursing, and also play softball. The staff there is very nice and respectful. This campus is always kept up on; it is always very clean.
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