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I absolutely love this college. Even if I had the option to choose another college, I wouldn't. They make you feel right at home and they are willing to go out of their way to help you. It is an expensive college, but it is worth it. I would definitely recommend this college to everyone.
It is very expensive but has great programs for traveling abroad and being involved in seeing the world. I would like to see less liberal in liberal arts and focus more on the students needs.
My experience here at Alma College is roughly average for what I thought it would be like before coming here. The school does emphasize academics and requires you to spend more time outside of class to learn and study material than at other colleges.
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Alma College looks good on paper, however is mainly focused other incoming students rather than their students currently attending. Academic wise its a very good, socially it is very non-thrilling.
I am a freshman at Alma, and I have had a wonderful experience so far. I absolutely love the small college feeling. The class sizes are small enough so you get to know all of your professors, and they get to know you as well. This personal atmosphere creates a healthy learning environment. Even though the college is small, there are plenty of things to do and I am never bored.
I really enjoy being able to form strong and close relationships with my professors, adviser, and classmates through Alma College. I also really enjoy the many opportunities that I am able to be a part of though Alma and the courses I take here.
Although I've only been here a semester, I've found that Alma College is the place for me. The faculty here really do care about not only your success as a student but your success and growth as a person. I'm only into my second semester here but I cannot wait to see what more Alma has to offer for me.
Coming here is a great choice but its not said that tuition goes up yearly. When applying I think be honest about the pricing of school is rather very important I am sure that that is a major deciding factor for students, as it is for me.
Alma is a great place to come to school! Although it is small in size, there is a truly unique communal energy on campus, while still getting the college experience. The administration and faculty really care about your education, and because of the small class sizes, your professors honestly notice and appreciate your hard work. There are SO many on-campus clubs and organizations to choose from, it is easy to make Alma feel like home!
Alma college is an amazing 4 year university. It’s a beautiful campus in a beautiful city. It may be small but it’s a very welcoming and kind campus with a happy atmosphere!
I love it! I'm having a lot of fun, and the community is great. You get to know the people in your hall, and in your classes even if you're a bit reclusive. There's a lot of activism, on both sides of a few issues, and it's all constructive. I love it here.
The campus is in the middle of no where, but with all the activities on campus you won't even notice. Their opportunities for travel are unbelievable, the offer so many things that you can never be bored.
I recently just graduated from Alma College with my Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training! I transferred to Alma my sophomore year and I could not have a made a better choice. I was able to become close to my professors who truly cared about me as a person as well as meet my best friends and love of my life. Go Scots!
Alma is a liberal arts private college that truly cares for its students. The campus welcomes diversity and makes the comfort of students one of it's top priorities. Dorm dimensions are bigger than a lot of other Michigan colleges. The town of Alma is a bit small but perfect for those looking for a home-town feel. The professors are well qualified (however, a bit underpaid) and every professor I have had has dropped what they were doing to help me if I ever needed it. The environment is strikingly utopian-like (for a college campus), and I will always strongly enthuse about this college.
The professors and students at Alma really do make you feel as if Alma is your home away from home. They always seem to have a smile on their face and the sporting coaches are friendly and can easily be talked to. professors offer you many opportunities for your life and help you through anything that you have trouble in or even help you through the college process. The people there are absolutely amazing.
Go Scots! I absolutely adore this college. The majority of the faculty all wonderful and extremely helpful. They truly want to see you achieve something in life and push students into functioning and helpful members of society. The only complaint I have with Alma is that they do not offer enough majors. Other than that, I have truly enjoyed this college and all of the wonderful people I have met within it.
The students and people on campus are what make Alma so inviting. Small class sizes make it easy to make connections with peers and professors, paving the way to your future.
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Alma College has given me everything that I would have ever wanted in a school. The biggest thing is the amount of opportunities it has provided me. Right away, I had the chance to compete for a collegiate sports team, get involved in a variety of student organizations and take high leadership roles in many of them, travel across the world (China) with the spring term courses that are offered, as well as other on campus connection opportunities through speakers (Dr. Ben Carson came to campus my junior year), alumni engagement, real-world networking, and the chance to participate in forums that enhanced my learning. I cannot speak highly enough to my experience of being an Alma College student.
Alma is small school in a quiet town. The professors are typically available to help students on an individual basis and can easily be reached. The food is pretty good, there's a Starbucks, and most of the people are friendly.
I like the opportunities that this small school has to offer--smaller classes, many travel opportunities, and the large amount of financial support that make going to this college comparable to public colleges and universities.
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