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    Upon Graduation – I am currently working in a Pediatric office as a Office Manager. As graduation is quickly approaching, I hope to be able to work for a bigger facility and find a job as a medical assistant working with children in a children's hospital. Working with children has been so rewarding which is why I decided to return to school and earn my certification. The job prospects for the medical field are quickly growing and there is always need for healthcare workers.
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    • July 12 2011
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    Convenience Is Everything – Attending school online has been the best experience. Everyone says they don't know how I do it and how I stay motivated, but I have never been one for the classroom. The reason I chose to this school was because it was flexible with my schedule and convenient for me to access. I am able to work at home, as well as at work and work around my own schedule. The convenience of working on my own schedule is more convenient for me as opposed to going to on campus and having to switch my work schedule around.
    Medical Assisting First Hand – I am training to be a medical assistant and have had the best experience throughout the entire process. The professors are very friendly and ensure that it is possible to achieve your goals. The instructors motivate you and help you to strive to do better. They are available to be reached around the clock if you ever have any questions or concerns and get back to you efficiently and in a timely manner. I graduated with my Business Degree in 2009 and decided my heart was in healthcare and I can honestly say this has been the best decision I have ever made for myself.
    ONLINE PROGRAM – They have a lot of trouble with there students portal page. No Technical Support available for you to talk to. you have to send them a message and hope they get back to you before the week ends.
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    • Apr 18 2011
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    I Liked Them – They were easy work your way through and still have a family and work life. I enjoyed it very much. Will continue to do online courses to finish my nursing degree.
    sounded good to me too, except when you find out none of the credits transfer. who wants to take every class again when they are ready to step up their education. not me! you need a B to have a credit transfer with you to allied health. if not you retake it! no questions asked. and the class will be a disappointment no doubt. absolute waste of time and money.
    over priced. undereducated. micromanaged. dead-end road. do not attend. you will feel trapped if you experience all the down sides to this school that i have after 8 mths. keep researching, you have more options than going here. school is run by a dictatorship fueled by greed for money and a crappy ego. strictly business here. no intrest in your life, education, school experience, or goals. classes are not small. counselors will lie all day about the day to day experience and leave out any info that may be valuable to you and your family. but hey they need to put food on their tables too. dont blame them. just dont go to this "school" for medical assisting.
    What I Love the Most – Everything at Allied Health Career is Hand's On Training, and only 18months long.
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    • Apr 15 2010
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