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I enjoyed attending Allied American University. I was studying business, even though I have changed my major now, I thought the classes were very helpful. The only bad thing about Allied American University has they closed down not too long ago. I would have loved to continued to go there.
It was all online, and the campus is in California, so I wouldn't know.
I studied general studies, so I have no opinion on that, they have a pretty good program for business as well.
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Semesters were short, which meant faster credits. There was just enough class work assigned for me to be able to learn the topic but not have to skim through everything to get all my work turned in.
My lifestyle requires this flexibility to be able to attend class and complete the course assignments. Without this flexibility, I would not be able to complete everything required of me in a timely manner.
Online courses are great for those that want to get a degree, but the traditional classroom setting doesn't work for the responsibilities and flexible schedule needed to be able to attend class. Some of the students are active military; some are spouses of active military. This requires a lot of juggling of time, and in some cases, being able to continue classes while deployed. I am married to a retired, 100% disabled veteran, so I need flexible hours to be able to care for him, get him to his appointments, etc. It is constant planning and scheduling of my time to tend all that is required of me.
I have no knowledge of post-grad services that are at the school.
The class sizes are small. The instructors are cooperative and helpful.
This is online studies and therefore, I do not see campus recruiters, and there is no face to face interaction with other students.
It is probably more difficult to do this work on line then in the physical classroom, because there is no direct interaction with the teacher. Students have to be able interpret what the teacher is really asking without the benefit of being in a lecture hall for clarification. Teacher's are available by email, but it is a slower process than just asking the question in the lecture.
I have gotten comfortable with the way this school is set up, and it works in respect to my schedule and responsibilities. I am sorry that I will need to change schools at the end of this semester. Allied is no longer offering an accounting degree, so I will be transferring to another school.
it is very nice
it is best that is why this college is an outstanding college in our country
it is very very good
The ease of application and the constant contact with the admission 's department has been a lifesaver during what could be a stressful time. They go over every aspect of financial aid, making sure you understand everything and ask every question.
First semester so far okay, as long as paper work and commitment on both future student and school official are commited to your progress.
They give you alot of time
Review Allied American University
I love how they call ever week for a progress report
Good class size the professors are very helpful
I love how I can go st my own pace
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