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I have had an amazing experience thus far at Alliant! The staff are amazing and always helpful. I enjoy that they use their own clinical experience to help students understand the material. The only thing i would change is the price, but it is still worth the great education!
I love the schedule for an online education. I would like it to be a little more personable for an older person like myself.
Awesome response from the help desk and the rest of the policy makers of Alliant university. The online application form submission process is thoroughly international. This is recommended for all international students and teachers.
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I have POSITIVE comments about Alliant. I graduated with a PsyD from this school when it was formerly known as USIU, back in the 1990s. My professors were excellent and I completed my required pre-doctoral practicum/post-doc supervised hours with well-qualified PhDs. I might add: the comprehensive exam at that time was very thorough, detailed and challenging. If you didnt know the material, you did not pass the comp exam. Since passing the EPPP, I have been employed as a practicing clinician with a large hospital for many years, and also supervise PhD and PsyD Clinical Psychology students. Everyone has to pass the EPPP no matter where you go to school. Every psych program has its pros-and-cons. I was very happy with my education and training at USIU.
Run down dorm buildings that are abandoned and neglected. Unlocked windows and doors into empty and dirty dormitory rooms. Pools are filled up with dirt to avoid maintenance costs. Terrible Roads left unrepaired that make it impossible for cars to drive on. No road or building improvements for a few decades. Ghostly and eerie environment on campus as you rarely see students or people. Lack of security staff and safety of students living on campus extremely dangerous and high in risk of being a victim of a crime. The problems are visible on a self tour of the campus making it difficult to not to think of negative comments about the unhealthy school site.
I enjoyed all of my classes and my professors were approachable and accessible when needed. However, communication is lacking when it comes to things students need to know throughout our time here.
The professors in the MFT Master's program are very diverse and highly experienced in their field with a genuine interest in the students' success. Administration and staff are friendly, helpful, and always available within a timely manner.
No career development, no help, no student organizations, no nothing. Under Alliant, San Francisco law school is on is last leg!
No career development. Very little student resourses
It was relatively okay compared to other experiences i have had.
This school is very professional and caters to individual needs of their students.
Love that then staff provides guidance along the way.
Like the small class size. Professors and material is appropriate for career path.
They really help you find placements.
Professors are very experienced and intelligent
great public safety team there
I haven't had housing but they are old and I've heard bad things
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Could be A LOT more affordable. The workload is insane...almost impossible at times. Although no one seems to listen about this. The facilities are subpar. The quality of education is great though.
Enjoy the small class size allows for a better learning experience.
The school should be considered with UC San Diego and USD, because the faculty are very professional. The teachers are former Ivy League graduates, and posses extensive experience in their field, both practical application and scholarly research of information. The school does need to update it's campus, but from an education perspective. Theirs small class sizes, you get individual attention, which you don't get at USD or UC San Diego, the professors know you by your name. The school is an international university, which means it's exposed to people from every country in the world. So basically, the only difference between USD or UC San Diego and Alliant. Is the name recognition and the classrooms need to be updated.
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