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They have security everywhere on campus. they guys dorm has a live in campus security to be able to reach 24/7. i woyuld say that it is a very safe campus from what i have seen and heard.
they make sure that everything stays clean and works properly.
honestly I really haven't gotten the good feel on them and how everything works over there.
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They take athletics very seriously
From visiting the college ,Ive seen that their really into what they do and the teacher will try to help strive to your greatest potential and do whatever it takes to help their students get there.
It the staff here is not so organized when it comes down to the school
The female greeks except for zetas say they stand for sisterhood but they just trash each other behind each others backs. The guys are I guess okay. They all seem to have bad attitudes once they cross and they don't do anything positive on campus.
Need a job and good income to stay off campus or your parents are helping one. No one stays off long unless there are a few of them living together but they come back at some point.
Dancing and drinking plus smoking for those who enjoy it.
They have all kinds of things, but you have to have a vehicle to get to most of them.
The policies are strict on most of them but I answered the questions from what I see. It depends on the student and if they want to help the students rather than drop them, depending on the person because we have personal relationships here between people. Pros and Cons.
I returned a few semesters ago and my financial aid did not get completed until that following semester and they are still working on my financial aid for Fall 2015, because they could find some of my paper work in the archives.
It depends on the cook. During the summer the students get the good cook but during the regular semester not the same story but it great when you fine what you want to eat and the right taste for the individual.
Well, the new residence hall last time I checked had cracks in the foundation on the higher floors and it scared me when I leaved there. I rooms are okay but you have a few rooms in different buildings that are not suppose to have two people in them and then there in one building that got shut down, but it didn't stop them, but anyway that's life. Amenities are most times you get to choose your roommate and social atmosphere depends on who you are. They believe in everyone being closer to similar or doing the same thing if not you will catch the devil because you are different, but if you blend in you are good. Cost is great. It's affordable. Residence halls are convenient because they are only a few steps away from the buildings the classes are in. housing process in fine. Just fill out an application and show up on time and get in before the rush it will be simple for you, but over all the housing is okay to be here.
Living on campus is fair. I got to room with the people I listed on my housing application and the social atmosphere is good.
Greek Life plays somewhat a big role on campus during certain activities.
I didn't have any difficulties with getting into my program.
Review Allen University
My major is Biology. The work is easy but other than that, I don't really do or hear about any outside activities that has to deal with it.
The academics offered at my school are great. The registration process is fast and easy and the guidance that goes along with it tops it off.
We have on campus socials about once a month on Thursdays and there are still other parties throughout the month.
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