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I enjoyed being at Allen School. I loved each class and i enjoyed the Professors. Even the front security Frankie was awesome and a pleasure to see daily. However, on a more professional level with work... I was unable to receive help finding internship opportunities when I moved out of state. Which left me without work in that field for a little over a year now. I have not been able to get the constant practice that i did when i was in NY at the internship i was placed in there and ive tried contacting via email asking if i was able to get help like the other college ive been to in regards to finding help out of state and i have yet to get a reply. It sucks that im not able to do anything where i am living now and it feels like it was all for nothing. Maybe one day ill be able to go back to school and start over where i currently am. it just feels like its been a waste :(
I love this school and the people who wirk here. They have been with me every step ans i am three weeks in to school.
Took some adjustment to get used to online classes and now it's easy
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I haven't started classes yet, but I can tell I won't get bored or frustrated with unwanted classes. It is a streamlined curriculum, that is solely what I'm going back to school for. I work full time and have 2 kids, so the fact that I can be job ready at the end of 9 months is what got me hooked on Allen School.
Most of the students enrolled are hard working, most have full time jobs. All of us though, want to strive for a better future and that attribute really comes out in the discussions. It is easy to see why Allen School is known for their graduates. Their is definitely a readiness to learn and finish the program among the students. We all have lives, but at Allen School they understand that, and make the transition to student that much easier.
The courses were exactly what was explained in the beginning and keeping focused was easier than expected.
This has been a very rewarding experience. The Adviser, and all other personnel have been professional and extremely helpful. Knowing that they are there to help with anything is confidence boosting. I am looking forward to the completion of my classes and the Allen School experience enriching my future.
Awesome Program – They have a lot of academic programs which offer students better with their academic skills and they try really hard for you to sucess.
Network Has Issue and Difficult to Use. Most time the computers has a network problem. Having a lot a problem with it and it frustrate me whether or not lecturer will recieve my work or not.
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