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So far, amazing I will be starting on 4/20/2015 I have based everything on my experience so far.
The staff is just out of this world, they have a personality that's amazing, they are not robots that's cool.
The class style is wonderful, I love how the students and the Professors really get involved with everyone , I'm working on graduating at the top of my class.
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Everyone at Allen School are very helpful people, I got everything in just a matter of a week I'm a determined strong-willed person. This means a lot to me to attend a amazing school.
From what I can see the student and professor have excellent communication skills , as well as the students too.
A variety of people is better than dull people I think, I like diversity it's what makes a school different.
Eula was very helpful, she explained everything to a T. But sometimes having these financial tuition and being a single mother well , sometimes it can be rough, but I will have to mange , that's why I'm taking these classes so I can pay the department back.
They are the one of the top schools in the United States, they have been around over 55 years or more. I do believe with this knowledge of what I'm going for will help me in my future.
workload is amazing they really try the best to make sure you have the best . I love this school.
It was very easy getting signed up, they called and I got in that day, I also got to talk to gabreilia she is the most awesome person, very positive and supportive.
I will be taking online courses, and as far as I can see the classroom looks amazing definitely an atmosphere that I can learn in.
I enjoy a full work load because it helps to push me, my classes start next month so I am looking forward to attending
The most I have had in a class was 17 students and the teachers are great
i have never had this much support before in a school. Teachers and students work together
Very Very Very helpful. Willing to help you anytime.
they really they conduct mock interviews, proofread resumes and cover letters, and email you job lists
We work as a team almost like a family. We stick together
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The interaction with the staff at the Allen School has been like no other School that I have had interaction with. They have been there since the day I inquired about the school. They are for me 24/7 I've even been given a personal # just in case i need them.
I had the pleasure of working with two people in the financial aid department at Allen School. They were both very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything was explained to me in a way that I could understand, because financial aid can be very confusing. They did a great job.
Allen School gave me several choices when it came to coosing the time I would attend school. I was able to choose the best one that fit into my life as a mother and a wife. The support system at Allen school is amazing! and everyone seems to love what they are doing there. That's rare and hard to find anywhere.
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