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Allen county has been a good place to receive my associates degree at a affordable price. They also offer good transfer programs allowing students to pursue higher education.
Online classwork was overwhelming in the amount of daily homework needed to complete each class with very little help from teachers.
Allen is a good school to start at if you're low on money and want to start your education off cheap. The school is adverage and they're good at sports. Other than that it's a pretty boring place, with a boring set up. Hopefully as time goes on they get more for the school and town.
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Small class sizes and student diversity. Very great instructors and would totally recommend Allen County Community College, it’s a great place to get your education.
Great for online learning. Professors get back to you pretty quick with emails. One on One student connections with faculty.
I love ACC! I am currently enrolled as an online student, but I live relatively close to the Iola campus and go quite frequently. ACC is a great school for high school students starting to pursue their degree before they graduate high school or for those simply wanting to further their education.
Dorm rooms are very small. Office staff nice and try to help you out but admissions process is very trying at times.
Every time I have been in contact with someone at Allen they are always very friendly and helpful. They like to work with you to make sure that you succeed in all your endeavors. The campus is very clean and well taken care of as well.
ACC is a great Ju-Co to attend. I attended for two years and made many great friends, had lots of life experiences, and earned an associate's degree at a decent price. There are lots of extra curricular activities to be apart of from writing clubs to science clubs to athletics.
The teachers at Allen are great. They do all they can for you to make sure you succeed! One change that they could make would be gaining better knowledge on credit transfers to other universities.
They are really easy to work with. Instructors, financial aid and the councilors. They are willing to work with you, no matter what the circumstances. They listen to you and try to help you in anyway they can such as moving you in classes that they know are going to work for you.
Excellent school overall, they work with you on any information you need. Definitely recommend this juco!
I love how small the classes are at Allen, because you get a lot of benefit from interactions with your classmates and professor. I also enjoy Allen because of how cheap it is. It's a very friendly college!
I had a great experience! Personally, I went to the satellite campus in Burlingame, KS and was taking dual credit classes. The teachers have been great and easy to work with. I recommend taking psychology from Tracey Sypher!
I go to the burlingame campus which mostly consists of local students and people who commute from Topeka to attend. It is a great investment if you plan on going to a 4 year college afterward. It saved me a lot of money as I got a scholarship from them and paid very little. The teachers are very hit and miss. Some are great and care about what they are doing and some have their own agenda (one phsycology teacher only cared to talk about religion/Jesus ect). The campus at burlingame is very bare-bones. There are only 8 or 9 classrooms and a small commons area, people do not go here to be part of a scene, then go to do their classes and then go home. Not much of a community.
I'm a student athlete at Allen Community College and I really enjoyed my first year. The teachers are very flexible with working with student athletes. It's a very close community and you are always busy doing something.
I take the online classes and my teacher is always willing to answer questions that I may have and help me.
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They are fast at replying and answering your questions clearly. Their online classes were clear to understand thanks to the help of the teachers and the resources.
Allen county is a good college for either if you are planning only for 2 years or moving on to a 4 year college. The campus is clean and well taken care of. There are several different types of dorms on campus and many places on campus that allows you to study in quiet. The library is outstanding! The teachers and staff are wonderful and go the extra mile to help all students.
Really nice to start off at a two year school, isn't overwhelming and the staff are always ready to help.
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