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Really nice to start off at a two year school, isn't overwhelming and the staff are always ready to help.
I love Allen County, the instructors were great and the online courses were easy to navigate! I earned my associates degree in the appropriate time frame. I took online classes and onsite classes and enjoyed every minute. My other classmates as well as the staff were all pleasant and really helpful. I also liked the fact that the books were included!
I really enjoyed how simple and relaxed the courses online were because it made going to school and working much easier. I would like to see the school have their staff a little more organized at Burlingame. I always ran into issues with them not being able to answer my questions or sending me through 3 or 4 people before I got the answers.
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I really enjoy the small class sizes at Allen. Also, their class schedule works really well with a full time job because they take a 3 credit hour class and have those 3 hour on one day of the week instead of a 1 hour class spread out over 3 days of the week. Their online classes are typically well-organized. On campus classes are obviously the most hands on and those professors offer prompt feedback.
Allen CC is without a doubt the cheapest accredited school in Kansas. I love the flexibility of my classes and most of the teachers actually care about your success. I love the small classes and the money I get to keep in my pocket compared to other schools in the area.
Things are very convenient at Allen. Staff members and advisors are extremely helpful and are always willing to communicate with you about things that may be happening. Courses are flexible, as some of the courses can be taken on multiples campuses as well as in classrooms.
Online courses at Allen are easy to navigate and you will have a good person to person relationship with your online professor by the end of the class. You participate in online discussion boards through the college with other students that are taking the class online and you will get to know those students as well as the semester goes on.
Transferring classes and credits to another college or university is easy! The staff in the business offices as well as your advisor work well with each other and with those from other universities. Allen has one of the best alumni networks I have been exposed to.
There are work studies available on campus as well as jobs that are available throughout town. The alumni are very involved in activities with current students.
Each professor really puts forth an effort to get to know you on a personal level. The courses are only as hard as you make them with the exception of the science classes which are more difficult. Class sizes range from 10-20 students depending on the class.
There are several advisors who specialize in my major and I really enjoy how the advisor you're put with strives to have a personal relationship with you.
I love Allen! Your professors truly want to get to know you as a person. They are deeply intrigued by who you are and what interests you, and they want to help you succeed. Allen is unique because it is difficult to find a group of peers that you really mesh with, but at Allen everyone is close. It's such a comfortable experience and I would do it all over again!
Since I have two jobs, I have been able to work my schedule around my classes because most classes are in the mornings. Especially being able to take classes online, I was able to work my work schedule, soccer schedule, and class schedule around each other.
It is nice to be able to take online courses with the teachers also being available on campus if I need them. These online classes help me work at a pace I set for myself and, with everything I am involved in, lets me do the work when I can as long as it is before the deadline. Also, teachers are very understanding and are willing to give you extra time if you have a valid reason to need an extension.
Our alumni program has a bunch of wonderful people that continue to come back and support the college in any way it can.
Professors are really understanding. I play a sport and they understand I can't always make it to class and they are very forgiving of that and willing to help me catch up.
Since this is a Community College, I will be getting my Associates degree which will take away my pre-requisites for the next step and push me closer to my degree in Secondary Education
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I am a secondary education major with an emphasis in mathematics. The program here has given me an insight to what teaching is all about at an early state. The advisor is great and really finds the best fit for your interests.
This school really gave me that home away from home environment. It is easy to be involved in many different activities and the time flies by so fast. This school has prepared me for my future education and has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people that I can call my friends and my school family.
Class scheduling was a bit difficult because of the limited availability of classes (for example, I couldn't take a writing class I wanted to take because it was only offered at 1 time, and that was the same time as my biology lab).
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