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A difficult workload and study options are available for certain classes. Generally the classes that are more difficult on average will offer special study options.
They offer alumni networks and encourage students to come back and visit after they get done with college.
The courses are difficult and need major effort to get good grades but good study habits will definitely help. Yes, variety of classes offered and class size varies.
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Special security is available if one feels the need for it.
I live off campus with three roommates to save money from the expensive dorms they offer.
Do not pay attention much with the social atmosphere on campus involving Greek housing.
Just starting up at this college
There are no athletics at my school for Allen College. It is a private college for students looking to go into a health field.
Haven't spent much time there
Allen College is somewhere I feel safe and healthy.
Most students choose to live in Cedar Falls or around the transition area into Waterloo. This provides a safer housing opportunity and the commute between cities isn't a hassle.
Allen has a partnership with the University of Northern Iowa. This partnership and closeness makes the use of their night life and activities very easy and accessible.
Computer access is not necessary but the wireless internet availability is very excellent when using your smart phone in between classes.
Options offer variety and cost isn't outrageous.
Allen College is very small. It doesn't have much of a "campus-life." It is very welcoming and close knit though.
Allen College is a great school to further your career in nursing. They truly care about your success and want to do anything they can to aid in your success.
The weather somewhat makes travel difficult to school.
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Allen College has a hassle free application that is fairly standard. You apply for all of the general scholarships and then they use your information to narrow it down from there.
Since I do not live on campus, and most students don't, strictness doesn't really impact social lives. However academically is it the normal standards.
I feel safe at Allen. I haven't ever had a problem.
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