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I really enjoyed that faculty at Allen College. They really want their students to succeed. The faculty definitely lets the students know what is expected of them and the faculty works hard to make themselves available if questions come up.
There were a couple classes that were set up as hybrid classes. I thoroughly enjoyed these classes cause we did the lectures and learning online and then the professor was available for questions and problem solving in person.
On-line classes were available when I was a student. The program had adequate staff and IT support to help students when needed.
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Small class size. Accredited. Professors were vested in student success. Quality education which prepared me for my future career.
Allen College online learning caused the workload to double. Professors had students listen to lectures prior to class and then attend virtual class periods, which increased the time students spent on lecture material rather than allowing students to work on assignments and studying for exams as they were also expected to do. Students spoke up and addressed this topic with professors; however, professors were too concerned about “getting in trouble” with other faculty rather than providing an experience that would better benefit the students. Along with this, the college thought that online virtual simulations compensated for hands on clinical experiences and continued to charge students the full amount as if they were having clincial experiences in the hospital.
Allen College overall has great education and professors. However, the college costs a lot more than what they portray and does not offer enough financial aid to compensate the costs. Another disappointment is that refunds were not provided for clinical experiences that were not able to have been attended due to COVID-19 as the college felt as if online virtual simulations could compensate for hands on skills that would otherwise have been done in the clinical setting.
Along with this, students are not fully respected by higher up faculty as they are left out of decisions and are not told all of the information about decisions that are made. Faculty make decisions that are the easiest for them, rather than making decisions in the best interest of the students. When students voice their concern about decisions they are shot down and told to “stay in their own lane”.
I am very disappointed in my Allen College experience as I do not feel respected as a student.
1.) Constant ROADBLOCKS to learning. Stop wasting my time with menial task work--give me a textbook, and leave me alone-- I will pass any test you put in front of me. Allen College doesn't seem to be able to just GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the student learn.
2.)Enough with the leg work. The computer systems are terribly designed and poorly integrate with one another. I don't need an 8th password. I don't need new red tape tasks or to readdress the ones I have already completed. And stop using locking people out of their courses on short notice as a method to gain compliance with running your red tape errands.
3. Try answering the phone. I'm talking about the MAIN line. Not exaggerating: try calling the school during normal business hours and you will be lucky to get through 1 time in 20. Not even close to acceptable. I know what I pay in tuition. You can afford to pay someone minimum wage to just pick up the phone.
This program will sure help you pass the test, but so will any other college that is not as extremely overpriced. There are many unnecessary, annoying classes and assignments and teachers have very poor teaching skills. They are nurses, not real teachers. Would not recommend. Save your money, time, and metal health, get your degree elsewhere.
Allen College offers online courses that allow people to work while continuing their education. The instructors are helpful and always available to answer questions.
Allen College is a great place to complete your education. Most all of the professors that I have had have been really good about communicating as well as setting up office hours if any questions arise.
They continually add extra fees such as Typhon or security systems that they take down eventually because no one knows how to run them. The whole experience seemed like the staff could care less about their students and were insanely unorganized. Don't call the school between 11:30 and 1:00 pm because no one will answer. There's better and cheaper schools in the Iowa area.
Allen is a small nursing school, but the professors are all dedicated to helping their students succeed.
I am happy to be a student at Allen, I feel that we learn "more" than what other colleges have to offer (just by working with non-bsn RN's)... The first and second semesters were difficult, but Allen does offer excellent support, and your instructors are more than willing to individually help you out, all you gotta do is reach out and ask!! (push push push that communication!!!) I wish we had some more vending machines, but, Allen does cater for free lunches for us often, and the SNA group and faculty are pretty awesome with setting up snack tables and little activities to relieve stress during mid-terms and finals! Being a private college increases the chance for scholarships, Allen also offers clubs to join which provide scholarships as well. Overall, I love it here at Allen, and I will be proud to add my Allen College BSN-RN degree achievement to my resume soon :)
I think that Allen has some good teachers that know how to set the students up for success in the future. The clinicals are hard to get a lot of different experience out because the bigger problems or situations go to the bigger hospitals. The small class sizes helps you to create good relationships with the students as well as the teachers. This is good because then you can ask them questions as well as use them as references on resumes. There isn't a cafeteria which does suck. There are a few local fast food places in walking distances.
A difficult workload and study options are available for certain classes. Generally the classes that are more difficult on average will offer special study options.
The courses are difficult and need major effort to get good grades but good study habits will definitely help. Yes, variety of classes offered and class size varies.
They offer alumni networks and encourage students to come back and visit after they get done with college.
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Special security is available if one feels the need for it.
I live off campus with three roommates to save money from the expensive dorms they offer.
Do not pay attention much with the social atmosphere on campus involving Greek housing.
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